PURCHASE CONTRACT FOR ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE FOR CONSTRUCTION 签署日期 Date of Signature 甲方 (买方): 某建筑装饰工程公司 Party A(purchaser):CURTAIN WALL CO., LTD 乙方(卖方)某:建筑材料销售公司 Party B (seller) CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL CO. LTD
                                                 签署日期   Date of Signature
甲方 (买方): 某建筑装饰工程公司  Party A(purchaser):CURTAIN WALL CO., LTD
乙方(卖方)某:建筑材料销售公司  Party B (seller) CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL CO. LTD
经甲乙双方友好协商,就     项目从乙方订购进口下列产品达成如下协议。本合同以中英文写就,两种语言如有歧义则以中文为准:
The agreement on the supply of aluminum composite for the project has been reached between the Party A and the Party B as follows: This contract is written in both Chinese English, where there is conflict, Chinese is preferred.
材料名称:工程铝塑板   Name of Commodity: Aluminium Composite for Construction
铝合金厚度:Thickness of Aluminum Alloy: 0. 5 mm
数 量(立方米)        Quantity (m3)
单 价 (美元/ 每立方米)  Unit Price (USD/m3)
1.1    此单价为到中国广州主要港口的CIP价(按照2000通则)
The price shall be the CIP Guangzhou port, Incoterms 2000 (the main port of China).
 1.2 铝塑板的宽度应为 965—1575毫米,长度为2000—60000毫米(最终数量以购买确认单为准);
The width of the Aluminium composite shall be  965—1575 mm, the length 2000—60000 mm, and the final size shall take the Sales Confirmation as standard.
 1.3 因工程需要,甲方要求增加购货量,乙方应按照本合同价格及时供货。
If supplementary products will be required by party A for the reason of the demand of project, party B bear the responsibility to provide the products in time according to the contract unit price.
 2.1 产品所用原料要求:两面各为0. 5 毫米厚的铝箔并符合标准的防锈铝,正面涂饰为鲁米树脂,外覆保护膜;背面为聚酯漆;中间为3毫米厚的阻燃无机化合物,防火等级为B1;铝塑板色号为RAL9006;
The requirements on raw material: Anti-rust aluminum with 0.5 mm thick aluminum alloy, complying with the TDC standard; baking varnish on the outside surface and covered with protective film; polyester paint coating on the inner side surface; 3 mm thick white fire-proof sandwich layer in the inter-space; fire rate reaches Class B1; and the color ID of the aluminum plastic panel shall be RAL9006.
2.2 板材化学稳定性及物理力学性能都要符合ALPOLIC/FR 铝塑复合板标准,详见附件,其中剥离强度采用90度滚筒剥离法;
The standards of ALPOLIC/FR composite panes (refer to the attachments) shall be exccuted on the panel chemical stability and physical mechanic performance, and delaminating strength shall take the 90℃ rolling delamination.
2.3 铝塑板外观整洁,涂层不得有漏涂、穿透涂层厚度的损伤,铝塑板装饰面不得有明显印痕和凹凸等残迹。
The appearance of the aluminum plastic panel shall be tidy. Any holiday coating or damage through the coating shall be not allowed, and there shall be no obvious imprint or spot on the decorative surface.
2.4 质保年限:10年 Period of Warranty: Ten Years
3.1 交货时间及周期 Time and term for Delivery
3.1.1 合同签订后,乙方收到甲方预付款及订购订单并确认后下单生产,标准宽度的产品交货时间为56天;非标准宽度产品交货时间为70天到中国主要港口;
The production lead time shall be 6 weeks (standard width) or 8 weeks (custom width) 3x-factory Japan the, 2weeks shipment time upon confirmation of order and receipt of L/C.
3.1.2 不可抗力因素除外  Excluding Force Mfeure factors.
3.2 交货地点:中国广州主要港口:其他地区运费另议;
Place of Delivery: Goods shall be delivered to the CIP Guangzhou Port, Incoterms 2000 (the main port of China); freight to other places to be arranged.
3.3 装卸: 甲方负责卸货;Loading and unloading: the Party A’s responsibility.
3.4 验收方式:Inspection:
3.4.1 甲方根据合同规定的数量和规格进行验收,并在24小时内将验收结果通知乙方,其他质量方面的异议,需在15日内将验收结果通知乙方,逾期乙方将视该批货物合格;
The Party A shall inspect the goods according to the quantity and descriptions said in the contract, and inform the Party B of the inspection result within TWENTY-FOUR hours: other objections shall be noted to the Party B within FIFTEEN days, or the Party B will regard the goods accepted.
3.4.2 甲方保留将材料取样送至国家材料建筑测试中心进行检验的权利(检验出是乙方铝塑板质量问题由乙方承担检验费用,不属于乙方的铝塑板质量问题的检测费用由甲方承担)。
The Party A reserves the right to sample the goods and take a test in the National Construction Materials Test Center (The test charge shall be paid the Party B if the quality issues due to the Party B found, or, the charge shall be paid by the Party A).
四、资料的约定 Documentations
4.1 乙方应提供以下质量保证资料
The following warranty documents shall be offered by the Party B:
4.1.1 本批次产品的原产地证书、质量证书、装箱单、加盖乙方公章的10年质保书、产品合格证、检测报告和海运提单。
The batch certificate of origin, quality certificates, packing list, Certificate of Origin  and Ten-Year Warranty stamped by the Party B, product Certification and testing report and B/L.
5.1 包装运输方式: 由乙方确定  Transportation: to be decided by the Party B.
5.2 包装方式:木箱包装  Packaging: in wood case.
5.3 运输及包装的费用: 由乙方承担运输及包装费用;
   Transportation and Packaging Fee:   to be on the Party B
六、结算及付款方式  Payment
6.1 甲方付款形式为信用证,按批次全额出具信用证;
The payment shall be by irrevocable L/.C of sight. Open L./C consistent with the amount of every batch.
七、 不可抗力 Force Majeure
7.1  不可抗力包括因战争、动乱、空中飞行物体坠落或者其他非甲乙双方责任造成的爆炸、火灾、发生风暴、暴雨、暴雪、洪涝和地震等自然灾害以及政府关于产品强制性的规定;
Either party shall not be held responsible for failure or delay to perform all or any part of this agreement due to explosion, flood, fire, earthquake, snow break, war or any other events which could not be predicted, controlled, avoided or overcome by the relative party and coercive policy and law.
7.1 任何一方由于不可抗力原因不能履行合同时,应在不可抗力发生后1日内向对方通报,以减轻可能给对方造成的损失,在取得有关机构的不可抗力证明后,允许延期履行或修订合同,并根据情况可部分或全部免于承担违约责任。
However, the party affected by the event of Force Majeure shall inform the other party of its occurrence in writing within one day to ease the loss of the other party; and delayed performance or revisioin of the contract shall be allowed the party affected by the event of Force Majeure may be partially or wholly free of responsibility of liability for breach of contract after obtaining a certificate of the event issued by the relevant authorities.
八、双方责任和义务 LIABILITY
8.1 甲方责任 Liability of the Party A
8.1.1 负责对进场材料进行规格、数量和质量的验收;
Responsibility for inspection on descriptions, quantity and quality of entering materials.
8.1.2 甲方有权拒付不符合合同规定的该批材料的货款;
The Party A is entitled with the right to refuse to pay for products that does not conform to the contract.
8.1.3 甲方负责按时支付乙方货款,否则乙方有权停止供货;
The Party A shall pay the Party B on time, or the Party B has the right to suspend the supply.
8.1.4 甲方严格按照乙方的《铝塑板产品使用手册》加工安装乙方产品;
The Party A shall fabricate and install the panel with strict compliance to the ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE MATERIAL APPLICATION MANUAL of the Party B.
8.1.5 甲方确保所采购的产品仅用于该项目施工,而不对外直接销售乙方产品;
The Party A shall ensure that all goods procured is applied only in this project and no direct sale to other parties.
8.2 乙方责任 LIABILITY OF THE Party B
8.2.1 乙方有改进产品性能和降低成本的责任;
The Party A shall be responsible for innovation with times and reduction so cost.
8.2.2 乙方所供产品没有任何侵权行为,注册商标合法有效;
The products supplied by the Party B shall be free fo Tort and the registered trademark shall be legal and valid.
8.2.3 乙方应免费提供相应的产品使用培训和维修保养知识;
The Party A shall freely offer relevant application and maintenance training;
8.2.4 如乙方因第七条所述不可抗力原因延迟交货时仍有责任采取必要的措施加速交货;若事故持续超过7天,则甲方有权取消合同;
The Party B shall be liable to take necessary measures accelerate the delivery when affected by the Force Mjeure said in Clause Ⅶ; and the Party A has the right to cancel the contract if the accident endures over seven days.
9.1 在合同履行过程中,一方违约时,应承担给对方造成的相应损失;
The party who breaches the contract shall bear the loss during performance of the contract.
9.2 如果乙方未能按合同约定的交货期交付合同约定数量的货物,乙方应以未按期交付货物金额的5%的比例向甲方支付违约金;
The Party B shall pay the Party A penalty as 5% of the amount of the goods that is not delivered on time if the Party B cannot deliver the goods according to the requirements described in the contract.
9.3 如果乙方所生产的产品未能达到合同规定的质量标准,则甲方有权将质量不符合合同约定的货物退回乙方,并要求乙方承担因退回而发生的费用;
The Party A is entitled with the right to reject the products whose quality dies meet the requirements of the contract and claim for the expense that occurs for the rejection, when the products manufactured by the Party B do not reach the quality standards required in the contract.
All disputes arising from the execution of this agreement shall be settled through friendly consultations. In case no settlement can be reached, the case in dispute shall then be submitted to the International Arbitration Commission of Guangzhou in accordance with its Provisional Rules of Procedure. The decision made by this commission shall be regarded as final and binding upon both parties.
10.1 合同的生效:本合同自双方签字盖章之日起生效;
The contract shall be effective since being signed and sealed by both parties.
10.2 双方协商一致,或本合同其他条款中约定的可解除合同的情况出现,可以解除合同;
The contract may be cancelled with agreement of both parties or when other accidents described in other clauses of this contract that may cancel the contract occur.
10.3 合同终止:甲乙双方履行合同全部义务后,除有有关产品质量的条款外,其他即告终止。产品质量保质期后,合同即告终止。合同的权利义务终止后,甲乙双方应遵循诚实信用的原则,履行通知、协议、保密等义务。
Termination of Contract: The contract is terminated except the clause on quality warranty after all obligations have been performed by both parties. The contract is wholly terminated when the quality warranty comes due, and afte4r then both parties shall perform the obligations of notice, agreement and non-disclosure by following the principle of honesty and credibility.
11.1 合同盖章传真件同样有效;
The fax copy of the stamped contract shall be regarded as effect.
11.2 甲方如需其他产品,价格另议,其他条款按本合同执行;
The price of other commodities shall be rearranged when bought by the Party A, and other clauses shall be the same with this contract.
11.3 经双方确认的往来函件、传真、电子邮件、图纸等附件,将作为本合同的附件组成部分,具有合同的相同效力;
Letters, facsimiles, e-mails, drawings and other documents confirmed by both parties shall be regarded as part of the contract and with the same effectiveness.
11.4 未尽事宜,双方协商签订补充协议,补充协议与本合同具有同等法律效力。
Other business may be included in a complementary agreement signed by both parties, with equivalent effectiveness.
十二、 合同份数  COPIES
12.1 合同一式四份, 甲乙双方各执两份,具有同等法律效力。
This contract is in four same sets with equivalent effectiveness.
甲方 (Party A):                        乙方 (Party B)