甲方:航空航天公司 地址: 电话: 传真: Party A:Aerospace Division Address: Tel: Fax: 乙方:北京广告有限责任公司 地址: 电话: 传真: Party B: Address: Tel: Fax: 第一条:委托内容: Article I: Service of commission: 项目名称 :航空公司机载娱
甲方:  航空航天公司
Party A:  Aerospace Division
乙方: 北京   广告有限责任公司
Party B:
Article I: Service of commission:
Name of project: Creative Design of Customized Interface of Airborne Entertainment System for Air
Project details: refer Attachment I
Article II: Work process of the project
1. 甲方确认乙方的费用及服务项目内容,并签订合同;
Party A confirms Party B’s costs and the contents of service items and the parties make and enter into this agreement;
2. 甲方将合同款项的80%支付给乙方,乙方在收到预付款后开始启动项目;
Party A should pay 80% of contract price hereunder to Party B, and Party B starts the project upon receiving down payment from Party A;
3. 甲方确认乙方的全部设计后,甲方将剩余的20%款项支付给乙方,乙方将设计文件提交甲方。
After Party A confirms the complete design of Party B, Party A shall pay the remaining 20% of contract price to Party B, and Party B shall deliver the design documentation to Party A.
Article III: Performance term of agreement, contract price and payment term
 The total amount of this project price is: US$6752 dollars (capital letters: six thousand seven hundred and fifty-two US dollars)
1.      预付款:US5400(大写:伍仟肆佰美元)
Down payment: US$5400 dollars (capital letters: five thousand four hundred US dollars)
2.      尾  款:US1352(大写:壹仟叁佰伍拾贰美元)
Final payment: US$1352 dollars (capital letters: one thousand three hundred and fifty-two US dollars)
3.      支付方式:电汇
Payment method: wire transfer
4.      合同期限:2010年5月10日——7月10日,为期两个月。如项目顺延,双方将根据工作内容协商新的工作时间。
Contract period: two full months from May 10 to July 10, 2010. If the project should be postponed, then the parties hereto shall negotiate and determine a new work period based on the work contents.
5.      甲方将所有款项支付乙方以下帐户:
Party A shall remit all payments to the following bank account of the Party B:
帐户名称:北京   广告有限责任公司
 Account name:
Account number:
Bank name:
Bank number:
Article IV: Party A’s rights and obligations
1.        甲方需以书面的形式提供其代理公司(航空公司)已确认的关于“用户界面的栏目规划”及“文字内容”;
Party A shall be required to provide in writing the “sectional planning of user interface” and “text contents” that has been confirmed by its agency company ;
2.        甲方需以书面的形式确认乙方现已提供的创意方向;以便后续的设计工作;
Party A shall be required to confirm in written the creative idea that Party B has already provided to make it easier for the subsequent design work;
3.        甲方承诺向乙方提供的内容、资料等不会侵犯任何第三方的权利;若发生侵犯第三方的权利的情形,由甲方承担全部责任。因甲方在使用本合同标的时给第三人造成损害的,由甲方自行承担责任;
Party A hereto promises that the contents and materials provide to Party B by Party A will not infringe any third party's rights; and that Party A shall bear all liabilities should any third party’s rights be infringed. Party A shall bear own responsibilities should any third party be harmed due to Party A’s use of the subject matter of this agreement;
4.        甲方不能按时支付合同费用而导致的工期延误,其责任由甲方承担,乙方不承担违约责任;甲方每延迟一天支付合同费用,除应支付合同费用外,将以合同总额的3‰作为日滞纳金向乙方赔付;Party A shall bear all liabilities should project delay be resulted in Party A’s failure to pay the contract price on time, where Party B shall not bear any liability for such project delay; Party A shall, for each day of delayed payment of the contract costs, pay a daily overdue fine in an amount equivalent to 3‰ of the total contract price as the compensation to Party B in addition to the payable contract price;
5.        工作过程中由于甲方的代理公司(国际航空公司)的原因,需要提供新的创意工作,甲方应按原报价的标准重新支付新的费用给乙方;
Should any new creative work need to be provided during the working process due to the reasons of Party A’s agency company (Air), then Party A shall re-pay the new costs to Party B by the price of original offer;
6.        甲方可以修改乙方提供的设计文件。
Party A can modify the design documentation provided by Party B.
Article V: Party B's rights and obligations
1.        乙方依据甲方的代理公司(国际航空公司)提供的“用户界面的栏目规划”及“文字内容”进行设计修改;如内容有变化,甲方应在2个工作日内以书面形式通知乙方;
Party B shall perform design and modifications according to the “sectional planning of user interface” and “text contents” provided by Party A’s agency company (Air ); should such contents change, Party A shall notify Party B in written within 2 business days;
2.        乙方需及时并积极配合甲方的代理公司(航空公司)的修改工作,以确保项目顺利进展;
Party B shall assist timely and actively Party A’s agency company (Air ) in the modification work so as to ensure successful progression of the project;
3.        乙方承诺向甲方提供的设计不会侵犯任何第三方的权利;若发生侵犯第三方的权利的情形,由乙方承担全部责任;
Party B hereto promises that the design  provide to Party A will not infringe any third party's rights; and that Party B shall bear all liabilities should any third party’s rights be infringed;
4.        乙方不得将有关资料给于未经许可的第三方;
Party B shall not give related files or documents to unauthorized third parties;
5.        乙方原因造成的项目返工而导致的工期延误,每延误一天,将以合同总额的3‰作为日滞纳金向甲方赔付。
In case of any delay of duration resulted in rework of this project which caused due to Party B’s reasons, Party B shall, for each such day of delay, pay a daily overdue fine in an amount equivalent to 3‰ of the total contract price as the compensation to Party A.
6.        “国际航空公司机载娱乐系统客户化界面创意设计”设计版权最终归属甲方的代理公司(国际航空公司),并仅限于在国际航空公司用于机载娱乐系统客户化界面项目使用,乙方可以做非营利性的展示。
The design copyright of “Creative Design of Customized Interface of Airborne Entertainment System for Air China” shall ultimately belong to Party A’s agency company (Air ) and can only be used for the Customized Interface of Airborne Entertainment System project at Air China; Party B can use it for not-for-profit demonstrations.
Article VI: Confidential information
1. 保密信息是指乙方从甲方接收该信息之前或之后,尚未由甲方对外公开的信息,或由甲方指定为保密或专有的信息。
Confidential information means such information that Party A has not disclosed to the public before or after Party B receives it from Party A or such other information that has been designated by Party A as confidential or proprietary.
2. 乙方接受甲方之托,应确保保密信息处于保密之中。为了进一步发展本协议规定的合作关系,或为执行本协议所必需之外,未经甲方书面授权,乙方不得公开使用该保密信息。
Party B shall, as entrusted by Party A, ensure that confidential information being kept secrecy. In order to further develop the partnership relationship as specified herein or except as required for the purpose of executing this agreement, Party B shall not use publicly the said confidential information without the prior written authorization from Party A.
3. 未经甲方书面授权,乙方不得复印、出版或披露给任何其他第三方该保密信息。
Without the prior written authorization from Party A, Party B shall not photocopy, publish or disclose such confidential information to any other third party.
Article VII: Force majeure
1. 不可抗力是指本协议签署后发生的任何地震、台风、火灾、水灾、战争以及其他由于自然或人为灾害所导致之不可预知(或,即使可以预知,在合理的情形下仍无法避免)的意外事故、情况、事件等。它超出任何一方所能控制的范围,并妨碍、延误、限制或阻碍任何一方无法履行本协议之全部或部分。
Force majeure means any earthquake, typhoon, fire, flood, war and other unforeseeable (or unavoidable in reasonable circumstances even if foreseeable) contingent incident, situation and event etc caused due to natural or human disasters that might arise after this agreement is signed. It exceeds the scope controllable by any party and hampers, delays, restricts or prevents any party from being able to perform all or part of this agreement.
2. 如发生“不可抗力”,而使一方未能履行协议时,遭受“不可抗力”事件的一方应在不可抗力发生后的两(2)个工作日内,以书面的形式通知另一方不能履行协议的情况和理由,由双方协商,根据不可抗力影响的程度全部或部分免除本协议项下的责任。
In the circumstances of any “force majeure” that might make either party unable to perform this agreement, the party involved in such “force majeure” event shall, within two (2) business days of the force majeure, notify in writing the other party of the situation and reasons about the inability to perform this agreement, and the two parties shall negotiate based on the extent of impact of such force majeure to completely or partly relieve the liabilities pursuant to this agreement.
3. 如果“不可抗力”持续三十(30)天以上,任何一方可向另一方发出书面通知终止本协议。在此情况下,甲方已支付的费用,乙方不予退还;已提供服务但尚未支付或者未完全支付的,甲方应向乙方支付在不可抗力发生之日之前乙方已实际履行的工作所发生的服务费以及实际的成本费用,在完成上述付款后甲方对乙方的义务将完全解除。
Should the “force majeure” last for more than thirty (30) days, either party can terminate this agreement by sending a written notice to the other party. In such case, Party B shall not return any payment that Party A has already paid; for those services already provided but whose payments have not yet been made or not yet been completely made, Party A shall pay to the Party B the service fee and actual costs incurred for the work that Party B has already completed actually before the date of occurrence of such force majeure, and Party A’s obligations for the Party B shall be entirely relieved once the said payments are made.
Article VIII: General Provisions
1.        完整的协议Entire agreement
The parties hereto made and conclude this entire agreement, which shall supersede any other statements and commitments relating the matters specified herein made by parties hereto previously. Modifications can be made to this agreement only being signed by the duly authorized representatives of the parties hereto, and shall constitute a part of this agreement.
2.        附件Annexes
Annexes shall be deemed as a valid component of this agreement; if any annex should be inconsistent with the terms and conditions of this agreement, then the related contents in such annex shall prevail.
3.        双方的关系Relationship between the parties hereto
This agreement shall not be construed as any party becoming the other party’s legal representative or agent, and neither party can claim being responsible for the other party’s acts or being restrained by the other party’s acts. The relationship between the  parties shall not be construed or represented as a business partnership of the form of joint venture or other form with substantial equity joint venture, but shall be a relationship between two separate and independent business entities.
4.        签字权Power to sign
The signatories of this agreement herein state that they have duly power and authorization to sign this agreement on behalf of either party and hold their authorizing party to be bound by this agreement.
5.        协议的语言Language of agreement
This agreement shall be executed in the languages of Chinese and English. In case of any dispute as to the interpretation, the Chinese version shall prevail. Where any party is unclear about any expression in texts, should be requested to notify in writing within 15 days of signing of this agreement.
This agreement shall be made in four (4) originals, either party holding two(2) copies respectively.
6.        管辖法律Governing law
The execution, interpretation and performance of this agreement (and its annexes) shall be governed by the law of the People’s Republic of China.
7.        仲裁Arbitration
All disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement shall be resolved through friendly negotiations by and between the two parties. The parties hereto agree that any dispute unsolvable by and between the parties hereto within sixty (60) days of their occurrence shall be submitted to China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for arbitration and resolution.
8.        生效Take effect
本协议由甲乙双方正式授权代表于2010年  5月 10  日于正式签署。
This agreement shall enter into force on and since the date of signature and shall remain effective until the date of completion of performance of the parties hereto 's rights and obligations.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be executed by duly authorized representatives on the 10th day of May 2010.
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Party A: Party B:
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