CONTRACT OF EXHIBITION PLACE LEASE 合同编号: Contract Number: 出租方(甲方):Lessor (Party A): 承租方(乙方)Lessee (Party B): 根据《中华人民共和国合同法》及其他法律法规的规定,甲乙双方在自愿、平等、公平、诚实信用的基础上,就会展场地租赁
合同编号: Contract Number:                                                                                                               
出租方(甲方):Lessor (Party A):    
承租方(乙方)Lessee (Party B):     
In accordance with “Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other relevant laws and regulations, the Parties have, based on the principles of equality, willingness, fairness, honest and credit, entered into the Contract concerning issues related to lease of exhibition place and agreed as follows:
第一条 租赁场地及用途 Article 1 Lease Place and Purpose
1.具体位置:   Location:                                                             
2.用途:用于乙方举办        活动。
Purpose: to use for the activities of          by Party B.
第二条 租赁期限 Article 2 Term of Lease
1.租赁期限为:     至     ;
. The term of lease shall start from       and end on       ;
第三条 使用时限 Article 3 Time Limited of Use
1.乙方使用租赁区域的时限为     时至      时。在租赁期限内,乙方应在约定的时限内使用租赁区域;如乙方需在约定时限之外使用租赁区域的,应提前征得甲方同意并向甲方支付超时使用费,超时费用按照       方式计算。
Party B will use the lease area from       ’clock to      ’clock. Within the term of lease, Party B shall use the lease area within the stipulated time, and shall obtain Party A’s approval in prior and pay overtime use fee to Party A in case Party B uses the lease area beyond the stipulated time.
第四条 租金支付 Article 4 Rental Payment
1.租金的计算按照以下标准计算:  The rental shall be calculated as:                                               
2.租金预付 Prepayment of Rental
3.定金:甲方在     前向乙方支付定金        元(最高不得超过总价款 (20%)。
 Earnest money: Party A shall pay Party B the earnest money of        (not more than 20% of the total contract price at most) before       .
 预付款:甲方在     前向乙方支付预付款     元。
 Advance payment: Party A shall pay Party B the advance payment of       before   
4 余款支付:  Payment of remaining money:                                                     
5 支付方式:    Payment method: 
第五条 甲方提供的基本服务 Article 5 Basic Services Provided by Party A
 Party A will provide Party B with the following basic services within the term of lease:
  Lighting of the original buildings in the lease area and public area;
(2)15-20名服务人员。 15-20 waiter;
(3)音响系统及灯光系统 Acoustic system and Lighting system;
(4)其他:提供DJ一名  Other stipulations: Supply a DJ for Lessee;
A supplement agreement shall be entered into between the Parties in case Party B needs other services provided by Party A in addition to basic services.
第六条 设施的使用 Article 6 Use of Facilities
Party A shall provide true information regarding situation of the lease area to Party B before signing the Contract, together with written materials including on-site facilities and technical data. Party B shall provide true information of the exhibition to Party A, and to judge if the place could meet the exhibition requirements in accordance with the data materials provided by Party A.
In case Party A fails to provide true information of the place and facilities, which causes Party B a failure in the exhibition, Party A shall compensate Party B for any loss incurred; Party B shall bear the loss if Party B fails to state clearly the situation of exhibits so that the site facilities could not meet the needs, and shall undertake the liability of compensation in case of damage to Party A’s facilities.
Party A may assist Party B with building, installation, dismantling, removing of the booth and after- treatment at its own cost, which shall not interfere with other exhibitions and activities inside Party A’s place.
Within the term of lease, the Parties shall together keep the lease area and public area clean and unobstructed.
The following articles shall not be allowed into Party A’s place without Party A’s special permission in writing:
 Dangerous articles including but not limited to any weapon, gun, knife, sword, cartridge, explosive flammable articles, radioactive articles or other dangerous articles.
(2)未经海关同意的进口物品。  Imported goods without the Customs’ permission.
 Any article affecting normal operation of Party A or forbidden by relevant authorities.
第七条 甲方权利义务 Article 7 Rights and Obligations of Party A
Party A shall be entitled to monitor Party B’s act to conform with stipulations contained herein and relevant rules and regulations of Party A within the term of lease, and prohibit any Party B’s act against relevant stipulations.
Party A shall provide the place and relevant supporting facilities and operation conditions as stipulated to ensure the normal operation of exhibition by Party B.
Except as otherwise clearly stipulated, Party A shall not interfere with Party B’s normal exhibition activities.
Party A shall conduct property management to the market, and take charge of security inside the place and construction and maintenance of operation facilities, including management, repair and maintenance of buildings (including those in public area and lease area), inspecting and monitoring Party B’s decoration, management, repair and maintenance of equipment, pipelines, lines, facilities and system such as water, power, gas, air conditioning, escalators, and etc., cleaning management, security management and public security of the market, fire protection management, and management of all passageways, roads and parking lots inside and outside.
第八条 乙方权利义务 Article 8 Rights and Obligations of Party B
Party B shall use Party B’s place for the purpose as stipulated and observe Party A’s rules and regulations established in accordance with laws and accept Party A’s supervision.
Party B shall pay the rental to Party A in time as stipulated herein.
3. 乙方有责任维护租赁区域和公共区域的整洁。租赁期限届满,乙方应按时把自己及参展商的所有物品(展台、展架、遗弃物以及垃圾)移出租赁区域。有关物品未能按时移出的,甲方将视为遗弃物进行处理。乙方也可以委托甲方对上述物品进行清理,所需费用由乙方承担。
 Party B shall have the liability to maintain the lease area and public area in a clean status. Upon expiration of the term of lease, Party B shall remove all its or the participating exhibitors’ articles for exhibition (booth, display, derelicts and garbage) out of the lease area. Any article that has not been removed out in time shall be treated as derelicts. Party B may also entrust Party A to treat the above articles at Party B’s cost.
Party B shall use facilities inside the area in a reasonable way, and shall obtain Party A’s prior permission in case of need for equipment installation, exhibits display and publicizing advertisement setup, and shall undertake the liability for repair or compensation to any damage.
Party B shall pledge that it or its customers will not have any unfair competition acts such as attack, damage or interference against Party A or other exhibitions at Party A’s place.
Party B shall properly keep its own properties, and ensure its exhibits or other articles would not occupy or pile up at the non-lease area (including outdoor field); otherwise Party A shall be entitled to handle such exhibits and articles at Party B’s cost.
Party B shall obtain Party A’s prior approval in case of needs of using Party A’s name, trademark and logo for publicizing the exhibition; otherwise Party B shall undertake the legal liabilities incurred hereby.
第九条 违约责任 Article 9 Default Liabilities
1.甲方未按约定提供场地或用水、用电等市场内的经营设施或条件致使乙方不能正常经营 的,应减收相应租金,乙方有权要求甲方继续履行合同或解除合同,并要求甲方赔偿相应的损失。
In case Party A fails to provide the place or water, power and other operation facilities or conditions in the market, which causes Party B a failure in normal operation, Party A shall reduce the amount of rental, and Party B shall be entitled to request Party A to continue to perform the Contract or terminate the Contract, and to compensate for relevant loss.
2.乙方未按照约定支付租金及其他费用的,应每日向甲方支付迟延金额的     %的违约金。
In case Party B fails to pay the rental and other expenses as stipulated, it shall pay Party A the liquidated damages as per      % of the amount not duly paid for each day overdue.
第十条 争议解决  Article 10 Settlement of Disputes
本合同项下发生的争议,由双方当事人协商解决,或向有关部门申请调解解决;协商或调解解决不成的,按下列第     种方式解决。
Any dispute arising from or in connection with the Contract shall be settled by the Parties through consultation, or may be submitted to relevant department for mediation; failing the same,      
of the following ways shall be adopted.
(一)依法向人民法院起诉; File a lawsuit to People’s Court in accordance with laws;
(二)提交仲裁委员会仲裁。 Submit the dispute to Arbitration Committee for arbitration.
第十一条 不可抗力 Article 11 Force Majeure
In case of any force majeure or emergency such as natural disasters and key epidemic situations, liabilities may, upon verification, be exempted wholly or partly; however, it shall be notifyed to the other party in time and effective certify shall be provided within a reasonable time.
第十二条 其他约定 Article 12 Miscellaneous
The Contract shall become effective upon signing and sealing of the Parties.
The Contract shall be served in two originals, Party A holding one originals and Party B holding one.
 The Contract shall be made in both Chinese and English, and two versions shall have the same legal force. In case of any discrepancy between the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail. Any modification thereto shall be made in writing and signed by the Parties for permission.
Issues not settled in the Contract may be supplemented in the appendix hereof, which, upon signing of the Parties, shall have the same legal force with the Contract.
甲方(签章):Party A (Seal):                    乙方(签章):Party A (Seal): 
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