中国 / 斯里兰卡住房项目合作协议书(中英文)

JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT OF HOUSE PROJECT THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into in Colombo on this May Two Thousand and twelve by and between The NATIONAL HOUSING DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (hereinafter called and referred to as the NHDA) a bod
THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into in Colombo on this May Two Thousand and twelve by and between The NATIONAL HOUSING DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (hereinafter called and referred to as the NHDA) a body corporate duly established under the provisions of the National Housing Development Authority Act No: 17 of 1979 as amended by Act No: 5 of 1982 and Act No: 20 of 1988, Act No: 30 of 1999, Act No: 23 of 2002 and Act No: 32 of 2003 having its Head Office at the National Housing Secretariat, Sir Chiththampalam A. Gardiner Mawatha, Colombo 2 (which term or expression shall where the context so requires or admits mean and include the said NHDA and its successors and assignees of the NHDA) as the Party of the FIRST PART
本协议于2012年5月 日由斯里兰卡国家住房发展局,依据国家住房发展局依照1979年第17号、1982年第5号、1988年第20号、1999年第30号、2002年第23号及2003年第32号法令正式成立(以下简称NHDA),总部位于Gardiner Mawatha科伦坡2号国家住房秘书处(上下文要求或认可的术语或表达,包括所说的NHDA以及其继任人与受让人)为甲方 AND与
China Construction Engineering (Group) Corp (hereinafter referred to as CHCEC) , (which term or expression shall where the context so requires or admits mean and include the said CHCEC and its successors and assignees) as the Party of the Second Part.
WHEREAS the Party of the First Part (NHDA) being the legal owner with unencumbered and absolute ownership and title to the land absolutely described in the FIRST SCHEDULE hereto;
AND WHEREAS NHDA in furtherance of its objectives, powers and functions under the said Act and in accordance with the Government Policy to provide affordable housing to the people of Sri Lanka under the Jana Sevana One Million National Housing Program in partnership with private sector called Expression of Interests (EOI) to develop the aforesaid land for construction of housing project;
国家住房发展局依据上述法令促进其目标、权利、职能,并依照政府政策在Jana Sevana100万套国家住房计划之下与私营部门EOI共同开发上述土地以建设此项目,为斯里兰卡人民提供保障性住房。
AND WHEREAS the Party of the Second Part (CHCEC) submitted a project proposal (which is annexed hereto marked XI as a part and parcel of this Agreement) to the Party of the First Part (NHDA) for a Joint Venture to plan, design, finance and develop the land absolutely described in the FIRST SCHEDULE hereto for the purpose of construction of housing project together with the infrastructure development for the said housing project;
AND WHEREAS the aforesaid Housing Project Proposal being confirmed and approved by the Board of Directors of the NHDA in its Board of Directors Meeting held on      
上述住房计划书已于       日举行的国家住房发展局董事会会议由董事会批准。
AND WHEREAS the Minister of Construction, Engineering Services, Housing and dated (Annexure      ) forwarded this project proposal for consideration by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka;
建设部、工程设施部、住房和公共设施部部长内阁于第    号备忘录(第    号附件)此项目计划书转交至斯里兰卡民主社会主义共和国内阁部长考虑。
AND WHEREAS the Cabinet of Ministers of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on approved the said Cabinet Memorandum (Annexure )and directed the Ministry of Construction, Engineering Services, Housing and Common Amenities to cause the NHDA inter alia to enter into Memorandum Understanding (MOU), Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) and or any other required legal instruments with CHCEC to implement the negotiated project proposal;
斯里兰卡内阁部长于 日批准了上述内阁备忘录( 号附件)并指定建设部、工程设施部、住房和公共设施部及国家住房发展局与中国建筑工程集团总公司进入谅解备忘录,合资企业协议及任何其他要求的法律文件以实施协商项目计划书。
AND KNOWING that the NHDA as the legal owner of the land absolutely described in the FIRST SCHEDULE hereto has the legal right to transfer a part or in its entirety of the said land to any party of its choice together with all right of ways and other servitudes described in the SECOND SCHEDULE hereto;
NOW THEREFORE the Party of the First Part (NHDA) and Party of the Second Part (CHCEC) in keeping with the principles of equality and mutual benefit shall enter into this Joint Venture Agreement in pursuant to the aforesaid Housing Project Proposal for the implementation of the said housing project and shall agree further to the terms and conditions set out below.
1. For the purpose of this joint venture, the parties agree that the land absolutely described in the FIRST SCHEDULE hereto shall be valued by the Chief Valuer of the Government of Sri Lanka and such valuation determined by the Government Chief Valuer shall be paid by CHCEC to NHDA as follows;
i.CHCEC shall pay ten per cent (10%) of the land value to NHDA on or before signing this Joint Venture Agreement.
ii.Another ten per cent (10%) of the balance land value shall be paid to NHDA as and when pre-sales are completed proportionately by CHCEC.
2. The outstanding balance amounting to eighty per cent (80%) after making the payments referred to in (i) and (ii) above shall be paid proportionately by CHCEC to NHDA at the time of issuing the title deeds.
在支付完上述(i) (ii) 条款后,中国建筑工程(集团)总公司应在签发地契时按比例支付剩余的80%余额。
3. NHDA and CHCEC shall sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (Annexure ) whereby the possession and development rights of the land absolutely described in the FIRST SCHEDULE hereto shall be transferred to CHCEC by the NHDA for the purpose of implementation of the aforesaid Housing Project within    months of signing the Memorandum of  which shall be a part and parcel of this Understanding (MOU) (Annexure Joint Venture Agreement.
国家住房发展局与中国建筑工程(集团)总公司应签署谅解备忘录(第 号附件),国家土地发展局在签署谅解备忘录    月之内(第    号附件作为合资企业协议的一部分)将附件一中描述土地的占有、开发权转交至中国建筑工程(集团)总公司以实施上述住房工程。
4. The MOU to be signed by both parties shall be in force six months from the date of signing by both parties and within which period both parties shall make, enter into and sign JVA.
5. Number of housing and commercial units to be constructed shall be determined on the basis of the regulatory requirements enforced by the Civil Aviation Authority which permits building heights only up to 40 meters. However CHCEC agrees to build initially 200 re-location housing units of   sq ft each and the cost of which shall be set off against the land value to be paid to the NHDA by CHCEC.
住房与商业的单位数量应该由民航局执行的监管要求决定,其要求为建筑物高度不超过40米。中国建筑工程(集团)总公司同意最初建设面积为   平方米200套重新选址的住房,其费用抵消中国建筑工程(集团)总公司应支付给国家住房发展局的土地价值。
6. As a community facility, the already existing and functioning Ayurveda Hospital within the said land meant for this housing project shall be upgraded for which a tripartite MOU shall be signed by the both parties to this MOU and JVA with the Provincial Commissioner of Indegenous Medicine.
7. Ten percent(10%) of pre-determined net profit to be earned by CHCEC from this housing project shall be remitted to NHDA by CHCEC
8. NHDA agrees that Sate Engineering Corporation duly established under and having its Head Office at shall be its consultants whilst CHCEC agrees SKN Consultancy Pvt. Ltd having its Registered Office at No. 35 B Rajasighe Road Colombo 06, Sri Lanka shall be its consultants.
工程公司依据证实注册成立,其总部位于国家住房发展局同意该公司作为其顾问,SKN私人有限公司注册办事处位于斯里兰卡科伦坡06 B Rajasighe路35号,中国建筑工程(集团)总公司同意该公司作为其顾问。
9. Both parties agree that this entire housing project shall consist of sixty per cent (60%) of housing construction and forty of per cent (40%) of commercial construction and the floor area of each housing unit shall be not less than    sq ft and the floor area of each commercial unit shall be not less than   sq ft
双方一致同意整个住房项目应由60%的住房建筑与40%的商业建筑组成,每套住房单位建筑面积不低于    平方米,每套商业单位建筑面积不低于    平方米。
10. CHCEC agrees that the total investment value of this housing project including
11. Both parties agree that the Sale Agreement prepared in accordance with the existing laws of sri Lanka shall be signed by both parties and the selling price shall be determined by CHCEC.
12. Title Deeds/transfers to be given to the buyers shall be executed and attested by NHDA in accordance with the existing pertaining to the transfer of immovable property in Sri Lanka.
13. NHDA agrees to facilitate granting of all concessions approved by the Board of Investments to CHCEC in accordance with the Board of Investments Laws.
14. CHCEC shall undertake to complete the housing project within   years from the date of obtaining the Certificate of Conformity (C.O.C) and or necessary approvals for the building plans from the relevant local agencies for the Housing Project. However, it is agreed hereby that the said period may be extended by   years with mutual consent and understanding of both parties. Therefore it is agreed further that the delay arising due to the reasons beyond the control of the both CHCEC and NHDA in obtaining the necessary approval from the relevant local agencies shall be excluded from aforesaid period of  years for the completion of the housing project.
中国建筑工程(集团)总公司应承诺在获得合格证书或从本地相关机构得到必要的住房项目建设计划批准后 年内完成住房计划。在双方同意理解前提下,上述期限可延长    年。双方进一步同意,因从当地相关机构获取必要批准时遇到双方无法控制的原因而导致延期时间增加,应从上述期限中去除。(完成住房项目所需年数。)
15. NHDA shall be responsible in handing over the vacant possession of the said land free of all encumbrances to CHCEC
16. CHCEC and NHDA shall take necessary measures in implementing the construction work of the Housing Project in line with the rules regulations and standards stipulated by Urban Development Authority, Condominium Management Authority and other relevant Institutions.
17. Selection of prospective of buyers housing units shall be conducted by a panel appointed by NHDA and CHEC. NHDA shall assist CHEC for marketing of Housing Units and also NHDA shall assist the buyers to obtain housing loans from State Banks.
18. The parties agree that CHCEC shall have the right to exercise its discretion in determining the discounts in selling of the Housing Units to buyers who are willing to pay the full purchase price at once.
19. It is hereby agreed that the maintenance of the common facilities and facilitating the Common Services of Housing Project shall be done by CHCEC for a period of One year after completion each Phase of the Housing Project and the cost involving for these services shall be recovered from the buyers or users or occupiers of those housing units.
20. CHCEC hereby agrees to construct and maintain the Housing Project under the guidance of Urban Development Authority, Condominium Management Authority and any other relevant local State agency dealing with regulatory powers of building construction.
21.NHDA here by agrees to pay Assessment Tax if any and or any other related tax or charge pertaining to the said Land absolutely described in the FIRST SCHEDULE hereto and for which CHCEC shall not be made liable.
22. Environmental Impact Assessment and other related environmental clearances shall be obtained by NDHA prior to handing over the possession and development rights of the said land to CHCEC.
23 Any objection and or complaint made or arising from the public or neighboring householders or Institutions against the Housing Project shall be settled by NHDA and CHCEC shall not be held liable.
24.This JVA shall be in force until the completion of the intended housing project subject to the extensions granted due to unforeseen delays beyond the control of the parties as described in the preceding and succeeding clauses.
25.Insurance policies on various kinds of risks pertaining to the housing projects shall be undertaken by CHCEC and NHDA shall not be liable.
26.The amendment of the JVA or other appendices shall come into force only after a written agreement has been signed by both parties and approved by the original examination and approval authority.
27.In case of inability to fulfill the contractual obligations or to continue with construction as a result of force majeure, the duration of the joint venture and the JVA shall be terminated before the time of expiration after being mutually agreed by both parties and in which event no party shall be held liable for losses or damages save as arising from willful neglect of the workmen of the relevant party
28.If both or either of the parties are unable to continue its operation or achieve its business purpose due to the fact that one of the contracting parties fails to fulfill the obligations agreed in this JVA and other connected agreements or seriously violates the provisions of the JVA, MOU and other connected legally binding instruments that party shall be deemed to have unilaterally terminated the contract.
29 The injured party shall have the right to terminate the contract and to claim damages.
30.If either Party fails to pay on schedule the contributions in accordance with the provisions of the relevant Clauses of this JVA , the party in breach shall pay to the injured partythe prescribed time limit and if the breaching party fail to pay after 3 months, have the right to terminate the contract and to claim damages from the party in breach.
如果任何一方无法按照该合资企业协议书中相关条款如期付款,则违约方应自上述期限期满后第一个月开始支付受损失方 %款项,如三个月后违约方无法支付,则支付给受损失方%款项,并且受损失方有权终止合同并要求违约方赔偿。
31. If all or part of the JVA and its appendices be unable to be fulfilled owing to the fault of one party, the party in breach shall bear the liability thereto and if the fault is attributable to both parties, they shall bear their respective liabilities according to the actual situation.
32.If either of the parties to the contract be prevented from executing the contract by force majeure, such as earthquake, typhoon, flood, fire, war or other unforeseen events, and their occurrence and consequences are unpreventable and unavoidable, the party so affected shall notify the other party by telegram without any delay, and within 15 days thereafter provide detailed information of the events and a valid document for evidence issued by the relevant public authority explaining the reason of its inability to execute or delay the execution of all or part of the contract. Both parties shall, through consultations, decide whether to terminate the contract or to exempt part of the obligations for implementation of the contract or whether to delay the execution of the contract according to the effects of the events on the performance of the contract.
33. The formation, validity, interpretation, execution and settlement of disputes in respect of, this contract shall be governed by the relevant laws of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
34. Any disputes arising from the execution of or in connection with the contract shall be settled through friendly consultations between both parties. In case no settlement can be reached through consultations, the disputes shall be settled in accordance with the Sri Lankan Arbitration Act No 11 of 1995 and its subsequent amendments. The place of arbitration shall be Sri Lanka. The parties hereby further agree to submit such disputes to the Institute for the Development of Commercial Law and Practice (ICPL) in Sri Lanka for arbitration. The arbitral award is final and binding upon both parties.
35. During the arbitration, the contract shall be observed and enforced by both parties except for the matters in dispute.
36. The contract shall be written in English. 合同用英语书写。
37. The appendices drawn up in accordance with the principles of this contract are integral parts of this JVA which includes the MOU and the sales agreement etc.
38. The contract and its appendices shall come into force commencing from the date mentioned in the relevant instruments or on the date of signing of the said instruments or whichever takes place first.
39. Should notices in connection with any party s rights and obligations be sent by either Party by telegram or fax etc., the written letter notices shall be also required afterwards. The legal addresses of both parties listed in this contract shall be the posting addresse
40. The contract is signed in Sri Lanka by the authorized representation of both parties on    .
该合同由授权双方于   在斯里兰卡签署。
Party of the First part甲方                 Party of the Second part乙方
 (Signature)  签名                       (Signature) 签名
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the PARTY OF THE FIRST PART and the PARTY OF THE SECOND PART have set their hands hereunto and to three others of the same tenor and date as these presents in Colombo on day of