TECHNICAL AGREEMENT OF LAUCHING APPLIANCE OF RESCUE BOAT 本协议是由船舶辅机有限公司 (以下简称卖方)与 公司 (以下简称买方)双方协商达成的。 This agreement is made between Sheyang Victor Marine Auxiliaries Co., Ltd (hereinafter called the SELLE
本协议是由船舶辅机有限公司 (以下简称“卖方”)与    公司  (以下简称“买方”)双方协商达成的。
This agreement is made between Sheyang Victor Marine Auxiliaries Co., Ltd (hereinafter called the SELLER) and      (hereinafter called the BUYER)
船东Ship owner:
设备名称NAME:   21KN救助艇降落装置  21KN Launching Appliance of Rescue Boat
设备型号:Equipment type:      
证书Certification: BV
买方Buyer:              卖方Seller:                    设计院 Design unit       
签字Signature:             签字Signature:                  签字Signature:          
日期Date:               日期Date:                      日期Date:              
电话Tel:                  电话Tel:  0515-82387188         电话Tel:               
传真Fax:                  传真Fax:  0515-82387388        传真Fax:               
地址Add:               网址e-mail: wlt2387288@163.com  地址Add:             
1 概述General
1.1 本协议是用中文和英文书写的,若有矛盾,以中文为准。
This agreement is written in both Chinese and English language. However Chinese language interpretation shall prevail, if any contradictions occur.
1.2 设备及材料应符合合同签订时 BV 船级社的最新规范要求。
Equipment and material shall be in accordance with the lasted standard of  BV  classification society regulation at the time when contract is executed
1.3 待合同签订之后,本协议才能生效。
This agreement shall become effective on the date when the contract has been duly executed.
1.4 制造厂须向买方提供与工作图相一致的设备。生产过程中任何的改动,应征得买方同意,并书面作出修改标记及说明寄给买方。
The manufacturer shall guarantee that the equipment it supplies the BUYER shall conform to the working drawing. In case any modification is necessary during the process of manufacturing, the manufacturer shall immediately contact and obtain consent from the BUYER and send BUYER the marking of modifications and the explanations.
1.5 在设备出厂试验前 10 天,卖方应通知买方参加验收。
10  Days prior to shop delivery test for the equipment, SELLER should inform BUYER to attend the test and submit the inspection.
1.6 制造厂向买方提供从交船之日起为期12个月的产品保修。
The manufacturer shall warrant the equipment for a period of 12 months after delivery ship.
2 设备状况 Equipment
2.1 型号Type: 14KN救助艇/筏降落装置
14KN Launching Appliance of Rescue Boat / Raft
2.2 数量Qty.:
救生艇吊艇架Davit of lifeboat boat: 左舷Portside     sets/ship 右舷Starboard  1  set/ship
艉部      set/ship
2.3 环境温度Environment temperature: -20℃~45℃
2.4 设备与甲板连接形式Connection type between equipment and deck:
焊接Welding □√   法兰Flange □
2.5艇甲板至最轻载水线距离Distance from deck to waterline at the lightest seagoing condition
  m □           待定To be determined later □√
2.6 电源Power source.
380V/50Hz/3Phase  □   415V/50Hz/3Phase  □ 440V/60Hz/3Phase □√
2.7遥控方式Remote control:
艇内In boat □√  舷边board side □ 机旁Beside winch □
2.8 技术要求Technical specifications
 1)技术参数Technical data
工作负荷working load:      21  KN
起升负荷Recovery load:     14  KN
设计工况Designed condition:  Heel 20°+ Trim10°
回转半径Slewing radius:  4.0  m (吊艇高度不低于2500mm)
起升速度 Hoisting speed of rope: ≥18.0 m/min
下降速度Lowering speed of rope: 40~60 m/min
钢丝绳规格Boat fall:  16-18×19+FC-1670  GB/T8918-96
卷筒容绳量Capacity of drum:  30 m
最大回转负荷 Max. slewing load:  14  KN
最大回转角度 Max. slewing angle:  <330°
蓄能回转角度 Slewing angle in stored power driven  110°
蓄能回转速度 Slewing speed in stored power driven  0.6~0.8 r/min
电能回转速度 Slewing speed in electric power driven  ≥0.35 r/min
卷筒容绳量Capacity of drum:  25 m
型号及功率Type and Power
绞车电机Motor for winch:         YZ132M-6-H           功率Power:     5.5  KW
泵站电机Motor for Pump Station:       YZ112M-4-H     功率Power:     4   KW
满足IEC规范要求Complete with IEC requirement
Yes □√  No □
防护等级Protection type:
IP44 □    IP54 □  IP56 □√
绝缘等级Motor insulation type:
B □   E □  F □√
带电缆填料函Cable gland:
带With □√ 不带Without □
带加热器Space heater:
带With □√ 不带Without □
起动方式Starting method:
直接起动Direct □√   星三角Star-delta □   降压起动Auto-trans □
3)电控箱Electrical control box
防护等级Protection type:
IP23 □ IP44 □ IP56 □√
控制电压Control Voltage:  220  V   60  Hz 1    phase
防护等级Protection type:
IP23 □ IP44 □ IP56 □√
外壳材料Material of button base:  Stainless
5)标牌Indication plate:
In English □√  In Chinese □ In both Chinese and English □
Stainless  □√ Copper □
2.9 备件要求Spare parts:符合制造厂标准及 BV 船级社要求
Complete with Manufactory standard and  BV  classification society requirements.
表面处理Surface disposal: 除锈达2.5级Shot Blast to Sa2.5:
底漆Primer paint
□√环氧富锌底漆702 zinc epoxy prime 80μ(dry)  □To be determined later
3 供图范围Scope of drawings to be supplied
3.1 确认图Approval drawing:   7  copies.
In English □  In Chinese □ In both Chinese and English □√
3.2 工作图Working drawing:   7  copies.
In English □  In Chinese □ In both Chinese and English □√
3.3 完工图Final drawing:  6  copies.
In English □  In Chinese □ In both Chinese and English □√
3.4 合同签订后 7 天内,卖方应向买方提交确认图
After the contract is executed, SELLER should submit the approval drawing to BUYER within  7  days.
3.5 在收到确认图后,买方应退回 1 份确认图及其意见书,若在 14 天内买方不退确认图,这意味着买方对确认图没有意见。
After receiving the approval drawing, BUYER will return 1 copies of approval drawing the comments. If BUYER has not returned the approval drawings within  14  days, that means BUYER has no comments on the approval drawing.
3.6 在收到退回的确认图后,在 7  天内卖方应提交工作图给买方 7   份/船
Upon receipt of returned confirmed drawings/documents, the seller should submit working drawings/documents  7  copies to the purchaser with  7  days.
3.7 完工图随设备一起送交买方The final drawing should be sent to BUYER with equipment
3.8 资料内容Content of drawings and Documents
图纸名称Name of drawing 
确认图Appr. DWG..   
工作图Con. DWG.     
完工图Final DWG.
1     总图G.A.       YES YES YES
3     控制台外形图Overall drawing of control station YES YES      
4     泵站外形及安装尺寸图Installation drawing of Pump Station    YES YES      
5     液压系统布置图及原理图Principle drawing of hydraulic system     YES YES YES
6     电气原理图及接线图Electric circuit and wiring drawing   YES YES YES
7     试验报告Test report                   YES
8     备件清单Spare parts list                    YES
9     工厂证书Factory certification                    YES
10    船检证书Class certification                YES 一正一副
11    发货清单Packing list                  YES
12    4 供货范围Scope of supply
1)21KN救助艇/筏降落装置14KN Launching Appliance of Rescue Boat / Raft   1 套set
2)制箱Control Box
3)绞车按钮盒Button with protection
4)绞车备件Winch spare parts
6)操作指示牌Operation plate
7)所有绳索All necessary rope.
8)所有限位开关 Limiting switch
5 买方其它要求Special requirement of BUYER
技术协议书Technical Agreement
1.General 概述
1.1. 本协议是用中文和英文书写的,若有矛盾,以中文为准。
This agreement is written in both Chinese and English language. However Chinese language interpretation shall prevail, if any contradictions occur.
1.2设备及材料应符合合同签订时____ BV___船级社的要求和挂___ BV旗的最新要求。
.Equipment and material shall be according to the last standards of_ BV_classification society and with____ BV __ flag at the time when the contract is executed. Other rules and regulation: NSI certification.
1.3技术服务         □需         □否
.Technical service   □Yes        □No
1.4. 在设备出厂试验前 15 天。卖方应通知买方参加试验并同时交检查/实验资料。
 15days prior to shop delivery test for the equipment. SELLER should inform BUYER to attend the test and at the same time submit the inspection test information to them.
1.5. 待合同签订后本协议才能生效。
This agreement shall become effective on the date when the contract has been duly executed.
2. 规范及规则Rule and Regulation
2.1. 满足1974年国际海上人命安全公约83.96年SOLAS修正案以及IMO规则的有关要求。
Comply on the requirements of the International convention for the Safety of life at sea1974.Amendments to SOLAS 83.96 and IMO Rules.
2.2.船级社   挂旗国_ BV__
Classification Flag__ BV_    ___
2.3.要求证书_____ BV____________
Certification required___ BV_____
2.4..备件要求                 工厂标准            □√     SOLAS   标准   □
Spare parts required              factory’ standard □√          SOLAS   standard  □  
2.4.1.救助艇基本技术要求Rescue Boat Technical Specification
救助艇型号NM45R Lifeboat model NM45R  
_救助艇 型号Type
2.4.2.Main Dimension _4.5m×1.86m×0.78m_
主尺度 _4.5m×1.86m×0.78m_
2.4.3.Approved Complement_____6__ P     Speed_____>6______ Knots
额定乘员____6___人                  航速_____>6______节
Petrol outboard engine    Type_ Mercury 25HP or   30HP____
汽油挂机              型号____ Mercury  25HP  or   30HP ___
2.4.5.Cooling Manner        Keel Cooling                      □     Open Cooling    □√
Starting Manner    Two independent batteries   □  Manual batteries     □√
冷却方式      龙骨水冷却              □            开式冷却       □√
启动方式      两组独立电启动       □            手启动           □√
2.4.6. 艇上紧固件采用不锈钢材料,外露刚制舾装件应为不锈钢S316,除首缆释放装置外艇体材料为玻璃钢。
The fastenings of hull and lifeboats are to be stainless steel material. Except painter release. The steel fitting shall be stainless steel S316.    And the material of hull is F.R.P.
2.4.7. 艇内外表面应光滑。门窗均风雨密,开关灵活。
The surface of hull and inner liner should be smooth. The door and covers are to be watertight and easy to open and close.
2.4.8. 提供SOLAS及IMO要求的防水操作指示及标记。买方必须在交货前5星期提供:船名、港籍名、呼救号字样。卖方根据要求用黑色油漆漆于相应位置(包括乘员、艇主尺度、编号)。
Waterproof operation guides and markings in accordance to SOLAS&IMO requirement five weeks before the delivery. The seller shall paint the data at the appropriate position (including capacity dimension and boat NO.)
2.4.9. 电气Electric
Electrical power supply from vessel:
  AC42V□    AC220V□√      AC110V□      AC____□
42AV Battery changer: with □√   without       □
42AV交流充电器:      带      □√    不带              □
变压器:    带   □      不带        由艇架供应商提供42V交流电源
Transformer: with  □     without□√(42AV power supply by davit manufactory)
水密插座和插头:  带□√        不带□
Watertight socket and plug:   with□√    without □
2.4.10. 建造Construction
Construction is to be strictly to the requirement of Rule and the Quality system of works and guaranteed the weight of boat is satisfactory with the requirements of main standard.
2.4.11.Identification and Markings: 铭牌及标记:
English    □    Chinese       □   English& Chinese□√    other□
英文       □        中文       □       中英文           □√     其它□
采用316L不锈钢Material: 316L stainless steel 
3.图纸及完工文件 Drawing
3.1. 合同签订后_7_天内向买方提交下列确认图__6__套/船套。
Seller should submit the following drawings to buyer within__7__ days after the contract executed.
3.2. 买方收到确认书后,应退回1份确认图及评注说明。若在_30_天内买方不退确认图,这就说明买方对确认图没有意见。
Buyer shall return one set with comments to seller. If comments are not return within__30__ days, it is treated as no objection& the drawing is approved by the buyer.
3.3. 卖方收到退审图后, 在__7__天内提交工作图__6__套/船套。
After having received the drawing& comments, seller shall submit__6_ sets of working drawings to buyer within__7__ days.
3.4. 交艇前应提交所有完工图__6__套/船套。
Before delivery of ship.__6__ set of following final drawings per ship should be submitted.
救助艇图纸的内容如下:Details of the drawing as following for rescue boat:
No.序号  Name of drawing图纸名称   Appr. Drawing确认图   Work Draw工作图       Final Draw完工图 Remarks备注
1     General Arrangement总布置图   
2     List of Equipment属具清单
3     Operation& Maintenance Manual操作及保养手册          
4     Main Engine Manual主机手册           
3.5.The above drawings are written in:   English       □    English & Chinese      □√
 以上证书提交资料采用:         英文      □            中英文              □√
试验及证书 Test& Certificate
3.5.1. 各项试验按买方认可后的图纸及卖方出厂的试验程序进行。
Tests are to be carried out according to the drawings approved by buyer and the final test program by seller.
3.5.2. 卖方应提前十天通知买方试验日期
Seller should inform buyer of the test date 10 days ahead of schedule.

3.5.3. 买方应在交货前五星期通知卖方母船的IMO编号或船级社的编号。
Buyer should inform seller the Vessel’s IMO No. Five weeks before delivery.
4. 技术服务Technical Service
Seller will supply necessary effective and timely technical service for the installation and inspection of lifeboat equipment within one year of maintenance. Warranty: 12 months after vessel delivery.
5. 生效:Effective of this agreement:
This contract will go into effect from the date of signature with sales contract executed and will become the attachment of sales contract.
6. 附加条件Additional Items