CONTRACT OF COLLECTIVE EMPLOYMENT Party A(Employer, hereinafter referred to as Party A)甲方:雇主 Business Type: 经营类型 Chief Representative: 授权代表 Title: 职务 Party B(Employees, hereinafter referred to as Party B)雇员 Trade Uni
Party A(Employer, hereinafter referred to as Party A)甲方:雇主
Business Type: 经营类型                                            
Chief Representative:  授权代表          Title:  职务              
Party B(Employees, hereinafter referred to as Party B)雇员
Trade Union:  工会                                           
No. of Total Employees:   雇员人数                                          
Chief Representative: 授权代表           Title:  职务  
目 录
一、总则 IGeneral Provisions
二、劳动合同管理II. Employment Contract Management
三、劳动报酬III.Labor Remuneration
四、工作时间和休息休假IV. Working Hours and Holidays
五、保险、福利V. Insurance and Welfare
六、劳动安全卫生VI.Labor Safety and Sanitation
七、女职工特殊保护VII. Special Protection for Female Employees
八、其他可供双方选择的协商内容:VIII. Others optional items for two parties negotiations:
IX.The terms, revision, relief and termination of the collective contact
十、监督检查和争议处理X. Supervision, inspection and disputes handling.
十一  违约责任XI. Liability for breach of contract
十二、附则XII. Supplementary Provisions
一、总则 IGeneral Provisions
第一条 根据《中华人民共和国劳动法》、《中华人民共和国劳动合同法》、《中华人民共和国工会法》、劳动和社会保障部《集体合同规定》和《  省集体合同条例》等法律、法规,为建立和谐的劳动关系,维护职工的合法权益,促进企业发展,甲、乙双方经平等协商一致,签订本合同。
Article 1  In order to build stable and harmonious labor relationship, protect the legal rights and interests of the employees and improve the company’s development, after discussion and negotiation in line with the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Labor Contract Law of the People Republic of China, the Law of Trade Union of People’s Republic of China, the Regulations of the Collective Contract of Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the Regulations of      Province on the Collective Contract, and other relevant rules and regulations, party A and Party B hereby agree to sign this contract.
第二条  本集体合同对甲、乙双方具有约束力。甲方与职工签订的劳动合同中的劳动标准不得低于本合同规定的标准,企业的规章制度与本合同不一致的,按照本合同执行。
Article 2 This Contract binds to both parties. The working standard agreed in the contract signed by the company and the employee, should not be less than the standard agreed in this Contract. Inconsistency with the Company rules will be implemented according to this Contract.
第三条    乙方代表全体职工的合法权益,依法独立自主地开展工作。
Article 3 Party B represents the legal rights and interests of employees, and carries out work independently in accordance with the law.
第四条    甲方尊重并支持工会维护职工合法权利和地位,支持工会依法开展工作。
Article 4 Party A should respect and support the Trade Union to work for and safeguard employees’ legal rights and interests and status, to carry out work in accordance with law.
第五条  企业应当依法建立集体协商制度。甲方在制定、修改或者决定有关劳动报酬、工作时间、休息休假、劳动安全卫生、保险福利等直接涉及劳动者切身利益的规章制度或者重大事项时,应当经职工代表大会或者全体职工讨论,提出方案和意见,与乙方职工代表平等协商确定。
Article 5 The Company should establish the Collective Consultation Mechanism. When Party A intends to decide, revise or set down the rules or important issues related to the rights and interests of the employees, such as labor remuneration, working hours, breaks and holidays, labor safety and sanitation, insurance and welfare, and so on, it should be submitted to the Trade Union congress and representatives from Party B for discussion, adoption and final decision.
第六条  依法签订生效的集体合同具有法律效力,甲乙双方必须严格遵守和履行。
Article 6 This Contract is protected by law and binds to both parties.
二、劳动合同管理II. Employment Contract Management
第七条  甲方与员工遵照合法、公平、平等自愿、协商一致、诚实信用的原则订立劳动合同,建立劳动关系。甲方与员工订立、履行、变更、解除、终止劳动合同,均按照《劳动合同法》的有关规定执行。甲方单方解除职工的劳动合同,应事前征求乙方意见。
Article 7 Party A signs the employment contract and set up the labor relationship with employees according to the principle of lawfulness, justice, equality, free will, negotiated consensus and good faith. The signing, implementing, changing, termination and breach of labor contract between the Party A and the employees should be implemented according to the Labor Contract Law. Party A should first heeds for the opinions from Party B when it intends to terminate the labor contract with employees unilaterally.
第八条    乙方有责任帮助和指导职工按规定签订劳动合同,代表职工与甲方协商确定劳动合同文本的主要内容和条件,监督甲方与所有职工签订劳动合同。
Article 8 Party B has the obligation to help and instruct employees to sign employment contract accordingly, as the representative to negotiate with Party B to decide the matters and terms of the employment contract, and to supervise Party B to sign employment contracts with every employee.
第九条  乙方协商代表劳动合同期限短于协商代表任期的,自动延长至任期期满,协商代表在任期内,甲方不得无故调动其工作岗位和免除职务、降低职级或解除劳动关系。
Article 9 The employment contract term of the representative of Party B will be extended to the finish date of his or her duty automatically when it is shorter than his or her tour of duty. During his or her tour of duty, Party A can’t change his or her position, dismiss, demotion, or terminate the employment contract with her or him.
三、劳动报酬III.Labor Remuneration
第十条  甲方根据按劳分配,同工同酬的原则和生产经营的特点,经与乙方平等协商,依法确定本单位的工资分配制度和支付制度,建立正常的工资增长机制。
Article 9 Party A should decide a salary distribution plan and a salary increase plan according to the combination of the principles of “More pay for more work with focus on efficiency”, and company’s business development, and should negotiate with the Trade Union about the plans.
第十一条  甲乙双方每年年初根据本单位的经济效益增长情况、政府发布的工资指导线、工资指导价位和本地区、行业的职工工资平均水平,通过平等协商确定本年度职工工资水平,签订工资调整机制专项集体合同。
Article 11 Based on the Company’s economic benefits, the government guideline for salary increase and level, and actual average level of the salary in the same area and of the same industry, Party A and Party B should decide the level of salary and sign an agreement of collective bargaining at the beginning of every year.
第十二条  甲方变更工资分配制度和分配方式时,应由双方协商确定。
Article 12 Party A should consult with Party B equally to make the final decision when Party A intends to change the salary distribution policy and distribution form.
第十三条  由甲、乙双方共同协商的条款:
Article 13 Items that should be negotiated by both Parties.
⑴ The determination and revision of labor ration;
⑵ Bonus distribution plan;
⑶ Allowance standard;
⑷ Payment way for the work caused by the Company issue in the planned annual leave days;
⑸ The salary during the probation, sick leave and other specific periods.
四、工作时间和休息休假IV. Working Hours and Holidays
第十四条  甲方执行国家规定的劳动者平均每周工作时间不超过40小时的工时制度,并保证职工每周至少休息一日。因生产经营需要确需延长工作时间的,须与乙方和员工本人协商同意后进行。
Article 14 Party A should obey the national 40h-working hour’s policy and make sure the employees have at least 1 non-work day. The Party A should consult with Party B and the employees if Party A should extend Party B’s working hours for the company’s operation needs.
第十五条  因工作性质或者生产特点的限制,经乙方同意并报劳动保障行政部门批准,以下部门和岗位可以实行不定时工作制或综合计算工时制。
Article 15 Due to the constraints of work nature or the production characteristics, upon the approval from Labor and Social Security Bureau, Flexible Working Hour system and Comprehensive Calculation Working Hour System can be implemented in the following departments and positions
第十六条  无论实行何种工作制,其平均日工作时间和平均周工作时间应与法定标准工作时间相同。
Article 16 For every working hour system, average working hours per day and per week should be in accordance with standard working hours by law.
第十七条  双方协商确定,职工带薪年休假的具体休假办法。
Article 17 Two parties consult to decide the implementation policy of employees’ full paid annual leave.
五、保险、福利V. Insurance and Welfare
第十八条  职工有依法享受各项社会保险和福利待遇的权利。甲方依照国家和地方政府的规定,参加养老保险、失业保险、医疗保险、工伤保险、生育保险等基本社会保险,足额缴纳社会保险费,并将缴纳社会保险费的情况向乙方和全体职工公布。
Article 18 Employees have the rights to benefit all kinds of social insurance and welfare according to the laws. Party A should participate in and in full pay endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance, and other basic social insurance according to law and local government regulations .Also Party A should announce the social insurance payment situation to Party B and all employees.
第十九条  甲方按规定为职工缴存住房公积金,并在政策规定的范围内协商确定缴存基数和比例。
Article 19 Party A should deposit accumulation fund for employees according to the law and regulations, and negotiate the cardinal number and proportion within the policy framework.
第二十条  乙方应协助甲方做好各项社会保险的宣传和缴纳工作,乙方有权对甲方缴纳各项社 会保险费的情况按规定实施监督。
Article 20 Party B should assist Party B the promotion of social insurance and paid work, and is entitled to supervise the implementation of social insurance policy of Party A.
第二十一条  甲方按规定提取各项福利费用,积极改善职工的文化设施和住宿、就餐等生活条件。
Article 21 Party A should extract the welfares according to the law to improve the cultural facilities, staff accommodation, dining, and other living conditions.
第二十二条  甲方根据生产经营特点,在财力许可的情况下,对职工实行下列补充保险:
Article 22 In accordance with the characteristics of production and management, upon financial resources permitting, Party A may provide employees the following supplemental insurance:
(1)企业年金;Company annuity;
(2)商业保险;Commercial insurance
(3)其  他 :    others
六、劳动安全卫生VI.Labor Safety and Sanitation
(If Party A has signed Collective Contract on Labor Safety and Hygiene, this chapter or below items can be canceled)
第二十三条  甲方必须建立、健全劳动安全卫生制度,严格执行劳动安全卫生规程、标准,提供符合国家规定的劳动安全卫生环境、设施、条件及必要的劳动防护用品,制定各岗位的安全操作规程,并对岗位员工进行培训,进行劳动安全卫生教育,特种作业人员应按国家规定进行培训、考核、持证上岗;自觉接受乙方的监督检查。
Article 23 Party A should create and improve its labor safety and sanitation system, follow strictly the national regulations on safety and sanitation, provide labor safety and hygiene environment, facilities, conditions, as well as labor protection necessities  in line with the provision of the state’s, set down the safety operation procedure, give employees labor safety and hygiene training, especially the employees taking up specific jobs who must be trained , examined and work with special certification. As well, Party A should be supervised by Party B.
第二十四条  乙方应教育员工严格遵守安全操作规程;检查、监督劳动保护情况和支持协助行政的加强安全生产管理;参与因工伤亡事故的调查和提出处理意见。
Article 24 Party B should instruct employees to strictly follow the safety operation procedure; inspect and supervise labor protection and support the production safety management; participate in the investigation and give proposals how to dispose the cases of accidents that cause death or injury of the employees.
第二十五条  甲方按照国家规定,制定落实职工夏季防暑降温和冬季抗寒保暖的各项劳动保护措施,以保证职工在良好环境下工作。
Article 25 Party A should carry out the labor safeguards to protect the employees from sunstroke in summer and severe coldness in winter.
第二十六条 甲方严格执行国家对职工和未成年工特殊保护的规定。
Article 26 Party A strictly implements the laws and regulations for protection of employees and minor workers.
七、女职工特殊保护VII. Special Protection for Female Employees
  (If Party A carries out special consultations for female employees’ special protection, attached “collective consultation for women and minors special protection” can be signed. If no special contract, regard the annex as this article. )
第二十七条  女职工和未成年工特殊保护集体协商:
Article 27 Collective consultation for women and minors special protection:
八、其他可供双方选择的协商内容:VIII. Others optional items for two parties negotiations:
第二十八条  其他协商内容:Article 28 Other items for negotiations:
1.关于劳动纪律和奖惩With regard to labor discipline and punishment
2.关于职业技能和培训With regard to vocational skills and training
3.关于保守商业秘密With regard to the conservation of business secret
4.关于裁减人员With regard to employees reduce
With regard to policies and regulations related to employment relationship
6.关于经济补偿和赔偿With regard to financial compensation
7.双方认为需要约定的其他事项With regard to the items two parties think should be agreed.
IX.The terms, revision, relief and termination of the collective contact
第二十九条  本合同有效期从     年    月    日至    年    月   日,合同期满即行终止。合同期满前三个月内双方应当协商续订新合同。
Article 29 This validity of this contract is from_______ to ______, Both parties shall negotiate to review this contract three months before the expiration of this contract.
第三十条  对本合同未予明文规定的事项,应当依照法律法规的规定办理,法律、法规无规定的,须由甲、乙双方协商解决。
Article 30 The items, not expressly stipulated in the contract, and should be in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations. If without the requirement of laws and regulations either, it will be negotiated both parties.
第三十一条  有下列情形之一,致使本合同条款部分或全部无法履行,甲方与乙方应协商变更或解除本合同:
(1) 订立时所依据的有关法律、法规已经修改或者废止;
(2) 因不可抗力的原因;
  (3) 集体合同约定的变更和解除条款出现;
Article 31 As the result of the following situations, if parts or all of the terms of the contract can not be fulfilled, Party A and Party B should consult to alter or terminate this contract:
(1)   The pursuant laws and regulations has been revised or abolished;
(2)   Force majeure cause reason;
(3)   The agreed terms for alteration and termination of the contract exist;
(4)   The withdraw, merger and bankrupt of the Company
第三十二条  签订本合同的任何一方,就合同变更提出协商要求时,应按《江苏省集体合同条例》规定的签订集体合同的程序办理,未经双方协商同意,任何一方不得变更本合同。
Article 32 Each of the parties proposes changes requirements to the contract; it should be implemented according to the Jiangsu Collective Contract Regulations. Without the both parties’ agreement, the contract can’t be altered.
十、监督检查和争议处理X. Supervision, inspection and disputes handling.
第三十三条  甲乙双方各推荐    名代表成立联合监督小组,并订立监督检查制度,定期对集体合同履行情况进行检查。检查中发现问题,应当以书面形式提交双方首席代表共同研究,协商处理。
Article 33 Party A and Party B each recommends _______ representatives to establish Joint Monitoring Group and set down monitoring policy to inspect the implementation of the collective contract on a regular basis. Found issues should be submitted in writing to the chief representative of the two parties together to take consultations.
第三十四条  职工代表大会对本合同的履行实行民主监督。甲方应当每年至少一次向职工(代表)大会报告本合同的履行情况。工资集体合同的履行情况应当每半年报告一次
Article 34 The Employees Representative Convention supervises the implementation of this contract. Party A should report the implementation of the contract to the Employees Representative Convention at least once every year. The implementation of the Collective Contract on Salary should be reported once every half year.
第三十五条  因履行本合同发生争议,甲、乙双方应协商解决,协商不成的,可以向劳动争议仲裁委员会申请仲裁,对仲裁裁决不服的,可以自收到裁决书之日起十五日内向人民法院提起诉讼。
Article 5 Any implementation disputes happens; both two parties should consult to solve it. If no consensus, apply for arbitration to the Labor Dispute Arbitration Committee. If disagree to the arbitration, lodge a complaint to the People's Court within the 15 days since the receipt of the arbitration letter.
十一  违约责任XI. Liability for breach of contract
第三十六条  任何一方违反本合同规定,应根据责任大小,依法承担相应的违约责任。
Article 36 Any party who contravenes the provisions of this contract should bear the liability for breach of contract according to the law, based on the size of the responsibility.
十二、附则XII. Supplementary Provisions
第三十七条  甲、乙双方协商达成的本合同草案,必须提交职工(代表)大会讨论通过,并由双方首席代表签字。
Article 37 The contract draft, the result of two parties’ consultation should be submitted to Employee Representative Convention for two parties’ chief representatives’ signatures.
第三十八条  本合同签订后,甲方应在10日内报送当地劳动保障行政部门审查。劳动保障行政部门自收到本合同之日起十五日内未提出异议的,本合同即行生效。
Article 38 The contract should be delivered to local Labor and Social Security Bureau for censoring within 10 days since its signing. The contract will come into effect if no exception from local Labor Security Bureau within 15 days since it gets the contract.
第三十九条  生效的合同一式四份,甲、乙双方各执一份,一份由劳动保障行政部门存档,一份报上级工会备案,并在10日内向全体职工公布。
Article 39 The contract is made in four copies, each party holding one, Labor and Social Security Bureau and the superior Trade Union holding one each and should be announced to all employees within 10 days.
甲方授权代表                        乙方授权代表
Chief Representative from Party A        Chief Representative from Party B
(签字盖章Signature& Stamp)          (签字盖章Signature & Stamp)
       年    月   日                      年   月   日
The date of                             The date of