印度尼西亚动力煤买卖合同(版本之二 上部分 中英文)

印度尼西亚动力煤买卖合同 (版本之二上部分 中英文) CONTRACT FOR THE SALES AND PURCHASE OF INDONESIAN STEAM COAL Seller: 卖方 Company公司 Address地址 B-8-10, Block B, Level 8, Megan Avenue II 12 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur MALAY
印度尼西亚动力煤买卖合同(版本之二上部分 中英文)
Seller: 卖方
Company 公司  
Address 地址 B-8-10, Block B, Level 8, Megan Avenue II
12 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA.
Telephone/Fax 電話 /傳真  
Contact Person 聯絡人  
E-mail 電子郵件  
Bank Address 银行地址 Pudu Trade Finance Centre, 418-424, Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Account Name 帐户名字 FIRC TRADE(M) SDN BHD(685978K)
Account Number 帐号 5140 4881 5487
Telephone Number 银行电话 +603-2145 1975
Buyer: 买方
Telephone/Fax電話 /傳真  
Contact Person聯絡人  
Name of Bank 银行名称  
Bank Address 银行地址  
Account Name 帐户名字  
Account Number 帐号  
Telephone Number 银行电话  
This Contractual agreement is made on the XX th day of XXXX 2010 between (hereinafter called the Seller) and (hereinafter called the Buyer).
Whereas the Seller is in a position to supply the Steaming Coal of Indonesia to the Buyer with the following terms and conditions hereby agreed by and between both parties:
1.                     Product and Origin 货物名称及产地
1.1     Steam coal, origin is Indonesia.
1.2     Packing 包装
In Bulk
1.3     Load port 装运港
Main Port/Anchorage of Kalimantan, Indonesia at Seller’s option.
1.4     Destination port 目的港
2. Product Quality and Specifications 产品质量及规格
2.1 The Seller guarantees that the Product to be supplied will conform to the Specifications as stated in Clause 2.2. The Product shall be delivered and analyzed according to ISO Standards and shall confirm the specifications before loading. The description of all percentages is referred to the percentage weight.
2.2 There shall be no stone, coke and other non-coal ingredients in the Product. Otherwise, the Buyer has the full right to refuse receiving the product and all the losses shall be in the account of the Seller.
2.3     Content成份
Item 项目 Guarantee 保证值 Rejection 拒收值
Total Moisture (ARB)
12% - 16% >18%
Inherent Moisture (ADB)
8% - 12%  
Ash (air dried basis)
8% - 15% >16%
Volatile Matter (air dried basis)
37% - 42%  
Total Sulphur (air dried basis)
≤1.0% >1.0%
Net Calorific Value低位总发热量
(as received basis) (收到基)
5500-5300kcal/kg <5200 kcal/kg
Gross Calorific Value毛发热量
( ADB )空干基
6300-6100Kcal/kg  < 6100Kcal / Kg
Fixed Carbon
By Different  
HGI 可磨系数 42 ~ 50 Index Point  
Size 粒度 0-50mm (90%) Over 50mm
More than 10%
Ash Fusion Temperature ≥1250°C <1180°C
3. Rejection for the Quality 拒绝收货的质量参数
3.1 For Net Calorific Value (NCV) 对于低位发热量(收到基)
This Unit Price of the product is based on Contractual specification Net Calorific Value 5500Kcal/kg (NCV). If the Actual Net Calorific Value inspected by the independent inspection organization falls below 5500Kcal/kg, the price per ton will be additionally negotiated by both parties to ascertain, if no consent can be reached, If the actual net calorific value is lower than 5200Kcal/kg (ARB), the Right of Rejection is granted to the Buyer or re-negotiate the price.
本单价是建立在合同低位发热量5500大卡(收到基) 的基础上。若商检报告显示低位发热量(收到基)< 5500大卡, 价格可另行协商确定,如证实低位热量低于5200大卡(收到基),买方有权拒收或再协商价格。
If the Actual Net Calorific Value exceeds 5500Kcal/kg (ARB), the Unit Price shall be added by USD1.00/MT for every 100Kcal/kg difference on a pro rata basis as bonus price.
If the actual net calorific value is lower than 5500Kcal/kg (ARB), the unit price shall be deducted by USD1.00/MT for every 100Kcal/kg.
如证实低位发 热量低于5500大卡(收到基),则每100大卡须扣减货价每1.00美元。
If the actual net calorific value is lower than 5200Kcal/kg (ARB), the unit price shall be deducted by USD4.00/MT for every 100Kcal/kg.
如证实低位发 热量低于5200大卡(收到基),则每100大卡须扣减货价每4.00美元。
3.2 For Total Moisture(ARB) 对于全水份(收到基)
In the event the Total Moisture exceeds 16%, then weight shown on Invoice will be formulated as follows: 如全水超过16%, 发票金额按以下公式计算:
Weight shown on Invoice = BL Weight × [(100 – Actual TM (ARB))] / (100-16)
发票结算重量=提单重量× (100 – 实际全水) /( 100-16)
The cargo will be refused if Total Moisture (ARB) exceeds 18%.
拒收标准: 全水收到基高于18%。
3.3 For Total Sulfur (ADB) 对于全硫份(空干基)
The right of Rejection is granted to the Buyer if sulfur content in the product inspected by the independent inspection organization is greater than 1.0%.
若显示的全硫份 (空干基) > 1.0%则买方有权拒收。
3.4                  For Ash content (ADB) 对于灰份(空干基)
The right of Rejection is granted to the Buyer if the ash content in the Product inspected by the independent inspection organization is in excess of 16% by weight.
若灰份 (空干基) > 16%, 则买方有权拒收。
4.                     Product Quantity & Price 货物数量及价格
4.1     Quantity: The first month trial Shipments 50,000 MT ± 10% and after quality satisfying Clause 2.2 and also approved by Buyer, in begin of Second month delivery quantity for per monthwill base on Shipment Schedule (As per Appendix 1), The monthly shipment will be shipped as per Contractual shipment schedule and the amount to execute, and each shipment shall arrive at destination port within 30 days after receiving the Buyer’s acceptance via SWIFT MT799 (As per Appendix 3), confirming the pre-shipment documents. The price shall be adjusted every three month base to the market price mutually agreed by both parties.
数量:第一个月试单50,000吨 ±10%品质符合条款2.2标准且买方认可后, 在第二个月份开始交货,每月货量将立足于附表(附录1)。每月装船将根据合同上的运送时间表和数量被运送执行,買方驗收確認通過SWIFT MT799(附录3)的裝運前的文件30天之内收到。单价按市场价格每3个月双方谈判调整一次。
4.2 Shipload:  50,000Mts per shipload ±10% at Buyer’s option.
船载量:            50,000公吨/ 船载量由买方根据实际装运船舶情况允许±10%短溢装。
The First month shipment 50,000 MT value of deliveries is about
第一个月装船所运货物50,000吨的价值为$4,75 0,000.00美元。
The total amount of the Contract is 1,150,000 MT –USD109,250,000.00.
合同涉及的货物总值为1,150,000公吨= $109,250,000.00美元
5.    Shipment 装船
5.1   Period: 装船期
First shipment will be shipped out on November, 2010, subject to the receipt of Buyer’s acceptance via SWIFT MT799 (As per Appendix 3) confirming the pre-shipment documents before shipment, following shipment as per monthly schedule and subject to receipt of the Buyer’s acceptance via SWIFT MT799 (As per Appendix 3) confirming the pre-shipment documents before each month shipment.
第一船在2010年12月装运,在收到買方驗收確認通過SWIFT MT799(附录3)的裝運前的文件後.船期会按每月装船计划执行,惟每月船会在收到買方驗收確認通過SWIFT MT799(附录3)的裝運前的文件后30天内装运。
6.    Payment Terms 付款条款
The Buyer shall issue an Irrevocable 60 day After Sight Documentary Letter of Credit (As per Appendix 2) for each month shipment to be issued from a prime bank in favor of the Seller covering the relevant shipment value with a tolerance of ±10% in quantity. Upon acceptance via SWIFT MT799 (As per Appendix 3) against the pre-shipment documents presented, 2% Performance Bond (PB) will be issued by the Seller to the Buyer's bank within 3 bank days.
買方开出具不可撤銷的跟單見票远期60天信用證(附录2)的每月貨物货款,由一個主要銀行开出。有關貨物的價值與公差為 ± 10%的數量。當驗收通過 SWIFT MT799(附录3)對裝運前提交的文件后在3天內2%的履約保證金(PB)會由卖方银行开出到買方的銀行。
When the first trial shipment is completed in satisfactory manner, the Buyer shall issue a 60 days after sight DLC as per shipping schedule until the completion of this Contract.
當第一船試单是令人滿意的方式完成,買方将按船期开出 60天的远期信用证,直至完成本合同.
6.1.1 Terms of Payment: 付款条款
a)    Every shipment of 95% (total shipment) value is payable 60 days after sight against the following documents.
每次運輸的百份之95%的總出貨值在見票後 60天以以下的附议文件支付。
i)                Signed Pro-Forma Invoice in Three (3) originals and Two (2) copies.
簽名備考發票 三份正本和兩份副本。
ii)                          Certificate of Analysis report by CCICsingapo at the point of stockpile in One (1) original and Two (2) copies
iii)         Beneficiary’s Letter of Indemnity, Indemnifying the Buyer that the Seller will deliver the good in good order as per agreed delivery schedule in Three (3) originals and two (2) copies.
受益人的保證信 , 賣方將提供按商定的裝卸物時間表秩序三份正本
b) Every shipment balance of 5% ±10% of total shipment value is payable 30 days after sight against the following documents state in Article 6.1.2
每一船的最终余款5 %± 10%的總出貨值在見票後30天以以下6.1.2條款的附议文件支付。
6.1.2   Documents for balance of 5% against the Letter of Credit:
最终余款5 %的附议文件。
a)                              Commercial Invoice: Three (3) originals and Two (2) copies.
b)                              Ocean Bill of Lading:Full set clean on board, marked “Freight Prepaid”
c)                              Quality Survey Report from CCIC singapo at the loading port One (1) original and Two (2) copies.
由新加坡CCIC在装货港的 質量調查報告一份正本和兩份副本。
d)                              Weight Survey Report from CCIC singapo at the loading port. One (1) original and Two (2) copies.
e)        Certificate of origin: One (1) original and Three (3) copies.
g)        Insurance Certificate covering all risk for 110% Invoice Value in favour of the Buyer: One (1) Original and One (1) Copy
6.3      All bank charges of the issuing bank are for the account of Buyer. All bank chargesoutside the issuing bank including reimbursement charges are for the account of the Seller.
The L/C should be valid for 90 days from the date of credit issuing.
The L/C shall incorporate the following:
a) Charter party B/L & Third Party Documents acceptable.
b)                                            Partial Shipment allowed. 允许分船裝運。
c)                                            Transshipment not allowed. 不允许转船。
d)                                            Available with any bank by negotiation.允许任何银行议讨。
e)                                            T/T reimburse.允许TT补偿付款。
7.    Procedures   付款程序
a)            Seller issue a Draft S&P Contract open for Buyer to review and amend.賣方發出合同草案公開供買方審查和修改。
b)              Buyer returns amended Contract fully endorsed and sealed electronically.
c)          After singing of the Contract, Buyer’s bank shall within 10 working days issue an Irrevocable 60 day After Sight Documentary Letter of Credit to the Seller’s bank.
簽訂合同後, 買方銀行應在10個工作日內开出不可撤銷60天远期跟單見票信用證給賣方的銀行。
d)          Upon receiving of the DLC, Seller shall issue pre-shipment documents within 7 working days for Buyer’s approval.
收到信用證後, 賣方在7個工作日內开出具裝運前文件于買方批准。
f)                                    Buyer upon confirming the pre-shipment documents shall instruct her bank to issue Buyer’s acceptance via SWIFT MT799 to Seller’s bank.
買方確認裝運前文件後, 買方應指示她的銀行發出MT799給賣方的銀行接受賣方裝運前文件。
g)                                    Seller upon receiving the Buyer’s acceptance via SWIFT MT 799 shall within 3 working days issue a Performance Bond (PB) of 2 % of per shipment value to the Buyer.
賣方在收到買方的驗收通過MT799後, 須在3個工作日內發出2%履約保證金.。
h)        The 1st loading shall take place within 25+/-2 days and the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at the discharge Port is 30+/-2 days from the acceptance of Buyer’s Financial Instruments. Subsequent deliveries will be made within 30+/-2 days thereafter.
接受買方的金融工具後, 裝貨應在25+/-2 天內,預計到達卸貨港為 30+/-2天內。隨後的交付將在30+/-2日內到達卸貨港。
8.     Inspections of Quality and Weight 重量及质量检验
8.1       The Seller shall arrange and pay for CCICsingapo to ascertain the weight and issue a Certificate of Weight based on the determination of mass (weight) by survey of the Designated Vessel’s draft and utilizing vessel immersion scale at the Loading Port in accordance with the standard code of practice.
8.2     The CCICsingapo will issue Quality and Weight Certificate to prove the Cargo substantially in accordance with the specifications set forth in Clause Quality (Article 2.2) and Weight of this Contract. The Quality and Weight Certificate issued at loading port Sucofindo Inspections will be the primary basis for provisioned payment 100%.
8.3       The inspection result at loading port should be final invoice. Any adjustments to the price last based on the of shall be settled the according to Article 2 and 3.
8.4 Seller shall use its best endeavors to ensure that each shipment meets the element of quality listed in Clause 2.1 In the event that the quality of any shipment of Coal as determined by analysis of the samples taken during the course of loading indicates the final analysis of the shipment is likely to exceed the elements of quality listed in Clause 2.1, the Seller shall endeavor to remedy the problem.
卖方应尽其最大的努力以确保每批装运货物均能满足第2.1 款所列的质量要素。如果任何一批货物通过在装载过程中进行的样品分析所确定的质量表明这批货物的最终热值和质量分析有可能不能满足第2.1 款所述,则卖方应尽力采取补救措施。
8.5  If coal quality reach rejection standards, Seller and Buyer shall negotiate in good faith to agree an equitable settlement for such shipment (which may include a reduction in price), in case such settlement fails to be achieved within 7 days from the date when the coal is proved to reach rejection standards, in which case, the Purchaser shall be entitled to purchase coal with the same quality and quantity from other Seller, and the Seller shall be liable to the Buyer for the additional cost thus incurred and other loss incurred by the Buyer.
8.6 Buyer may at Buyer’s expenses, have its representative be present during the draft survey at loading port.
9.   Advise Of Shipment And Delivery 交货
9.1 The Seller warrants performing delivery of the transacted Commodity onCNF inside customs — outturn quality and quantity basis, to the Buyer’s designated discharging port of China. Subject to the cargo pull in to the port.
9.2  Seller shall ensure timely arrival of the ship to the discharging port in conformity with the approved schedule. Subject to the cargo pull in to the port
9.3     The vessel’s Master shall advise the Buyer and Ship Owner’s Agent at the discharging port, the ship’s ETA Seventy-two (72) hours before her arrival, her name, tonnage, flag, draughts on board quantities, and actual time of arrival 48, 24, and 12 hours before her arrival to the discharging port.
在船到达卸货港72小时前,船长应通知买方和卸货港的船务代理,船名,吨位,悬挂旗帜;以及分别在船到港48, 24 和12小时前通报准确地到达时间。
9.4     Within Seventy-two (72) hours after the vessel departure from loading port, the Seller’s shipping agent shall advise the Buyer by way of telex/cable/fax (Fax and E-mail) indicating the vessel sailing date, name of steamship company, tonnage, age of the vessel, the flags of the vessel, ocean Bill of Lading number, Contract number, net quantity loaded, name of commodity and estimated time of arrival (ETA).
9.5     Notice: The Seller will instruct the Vessel’s Master to send to the Buyer or his designated Custom Broker an ETA notices every 48 / 24 / 12 hours prior to arrival at the discharging port.
9.6     Details of Loading Advice: Within Forty-eight (48) hours after vessel sailing from the loading port, the Vessel’s Master shall advise the Buyer of all relevant details concerning the shipment such as gross and net quantity in Metric Tone, the full specification of the Goods, the date of the B/L, and the date of sailing, ETA at the discharging port, the name of the vessel, flag and all other pertinent and customary information. Suitable advance notice by fax as mutually agreed between Buyer and Seller which gives Buyer time to receive each said shipment.
9.7     LAYTIME  卸货时间
Notice of readiness (NOR) shall be given, on ship’s arrival at the Buyer’s designated discharging port(s), by the ship’s Master to Buyer and/or Agent, by radio, cable or by hand, at any time including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
Turn time Forty-eight (48) hours from (NOR) tendered, unless discharging operation started earlier when the actual time used to count as lay time.
Time spent for customs/health/port authority formalities, pilot age from anchorage area to berth, mooring, or crossing river mouth, shall not to count as lay time.
Rates of demurrage per day or pro-rata for all time lost and dispatch money per day or pro-rata for lay time saved at the discharging unloading port shall be As Per Charter Agreement Signed Between The Seller & The Vessel Owner, for all time lost. Dispatch will be half of Demurrage rate per day or pro rata, for lay time saved. Buyer and Seller shall calculate lay time within Seven (7) days after discharging cargos. Settlement of demurrage and dispatch money shall be made in U.S. dollar within Seven (7) working days after confirmation of the demurrage and/or dispatch calculation. The maximum rate per day is USD $15,000. Buyer and Seller agree that the normal rate of unloading is 12,000MT per day. Laytime savings will be calculated as USD $7,500 per day
9.9  LAYTIME卸货时间起算
The disastrous weather (heavy rains, floods, frosts, strong winds, fog etc.) and other natural reasons, if any, cause the delaying of discharging, this process shall not be calculated in the discharging days.
9.10 The Buyer shall inform the Seller of the discharging rate after obtaining confirmation from the port authorities.
10.  Transfer Of Title And Risk And Insurance 货权及风险的转移保险
10.1 Title and Risk with respect to the shipment shall pass from Sellers to Buyers when the cargo has crossed over the rails of carrying vessel at the loading port.
10.2 The Seller bears the expense to procure a policy with a first class Marine Insurance Institute to cover ONE HUNDRED and TEN PERCENT (110%) of the value of cargo. The insurance policy will cover all risk loss、damage to the said cargo, including war, hijacking, explosion, etc, The policy shall be effective when the cargo is loaded.