国际货物运输代理协议 (中英文)

国际货物运输代理协议 ( 中英文 ) AGENCY AGREEMENT OF CARGO TRANSPORTATION 本合同系中译英, 译者:仗剑行云 Contract date: 签约日期: 甲方(托运方): 乙方(承运方): Party A (consignor) Party B (consignee for transport) ( 双方信息略 ) 根据
国际货物运输代理协议  (中英文)
                             本合同系中译英, 译者:仗剑行云
                                                 Contract date:
甲方(托运方):                          乙方(承运方):
Party A (consignor)                           Party B (consignee for transport)
Parties hereto, in accordance to CONTRACT LAW OF PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and other law and rule concerned roadway transportation,conclude and inter into this contract on the on basis of legality, equality, justice and voluntary for common abidance, and reached agreement as follow on agency of cargo transportation, duty as well as right and interests by each party.

  1. 乙方作为国际货物运输代理,接受甲方委托承办下列国际运输事宜:
Party B, as being the agency of international cargo transportation, accept party A’s consignation of international cargo transportation as follow.

  二、甲方责任: Party A’s duty and responsibility
  1. 甲方应当对所提供委托单、报关单、许可证、合同、商检证明、核销文件、发票、装箱单、提单等有关文件、单证之真实性、合法性、完备性负责。
Party A should be responsible for authenticity, validity and integrality of his offered entrust form, customs declaration,licence, contract, certificate of commodity inspection, file of cancel after verification, invoice, packing list and bill of lading as like.

  2. 甲方按本协议结算条款之运、杂费费率规定偿付运费及其他相应费用,对于运费到付货物的运费,甲方作为第二偿付人,在收货方任何原因拒付运费情形下履行运费偿付的责任。
Party A should, in accordence to the regulation of transportation fee and other expense rate in settlement clause hereof, make payment of transportation fee and other fee, and as joint payer, in any circumstances when and if consignee refuse to pay transportation fee, fulfil the performance of the same.
三、乙方责任: Party B’s duty and responsibility
 1. 乙方应严格遵照国际运输操作流程执行。
Party B should implement strictly conform to the procedure of international transportation.

  2. 乙方应尽力保证甲方委托之运输在规定时间内完成。
Party B should do his endeavor to fulfill the transportation consigned by party A within period.

  3. 乙方保证所从事相关活动不超出本协议规定之代理范围,并保证自觉维护客户之利益,不得以任何不正当之理由损害甲方利益。
Party B promise that its undertaken activities shall not excess its agent scope stipulated herein and guarantee to make conscious efforts to safeguard client’s interests, don’t hurt party A’s interests without improper cause.

  4. 乙方应对已经签收的货物负责,直至移交给其承运人或甲方及其代表。
Party B should be responsible for the goods and cargo being signed for its receipt untill the same is transferred to carrier or party A or party A’s representative.
5. 乙方有责任向甲方提供运输咨询,并帮助甲方设计最安全、快捷、经济之运输线路和方案。对于已运输货物,乙方应按甲方要求有责任就货物状况作出报告。
Party B has responsibility of provide party A with transportation consultatiion and asist to plan most safe, fast and economical transit and schedule. For delivered transit goods party B shall be under the obligation to effect the report on status of goods by the requirement of party A.

  6. 除不可抗力之外,乙方应对因乙方过失、故意等原因引起的运期推迟、额外支出、货物短装、破损及其它后果负责。
With the exception of force majuere party B should be liable for carry-time postphone , excess payment, short load, breakage/damage and other concequence because of its failure, intent and so on
四、运输货物描述 Discription of transport goods
1、货物名称 Name of goods
3、运输方式 Model of transport
4、起运地及目的地:Place of dispatch and destination
五、运输费用 Transport cost
2、报关、报检:apply to customs and inspection
3、卸货、仓储费用 unloading, storage
4、保险费:insurance premium
5、其他费用:other fees
6、费用共计:totalled payment
六 、运输时间 transport period
1、装车通知时间:the time of notification of loading
2、到达最终目的地时间:the time of reaching destination

七、结算 Settlement of payment
  1. 出口货物装船、装机完毕,乙方签发提单/运单并开到运杂费清单及发票。甲方收到运杂费发票及清单后,应在_________工作日内付清运杂费,并换回提单/运单。
Party B shall, upon finishing of shipment or loading on airplane of exported goods, issue the bill of lading / waybill and make out the bill of carriage / incidental expense and invoice to party A which should, upon receipt of the same, effect the payment of carriage / incidental expense and exchange back the bill of loading / waybill within   days.

  2. 进口货物甲方需在乙方仓库提货或乙方送货时(前)偿付运杂费或签订付款协议书。
Party A should, prior picking up the imported goods in party B’s warehouse or delivering by party B, effect the payment of carriage / incidental expense or sign the payment agreement.

  3. 对乙方开出的运杂费帐单甲方若有异议,则应在收到运杂费帐单________工作日内向乙方提出,并与协助乙方的对帐工作。
Should party A have contestation or protest to the bill of carriage / incedental expense issued by party B, shall submit the problem concerned within    days form receipt of the same and asist party B ‘s balance of account.

  4. 如果甲方收到乙方开具的杂费帐单且无异议,但未能在________工作日完成运杂费偿付或未能在付款协议指定期限内完成运杂费偿付,则乙方将就未尝付运杂费向甲方收取________滞纳金。
Should party A, upon receipt of the bill of carriage / incedental expense and have no dissent to the same, fail to effect the payment to party B within    working days or the designated period in the payment agreement, party B shall charge overdue fine on the delayed payment of carriage / incedental expense on party A.
5. 双方结算用银行帐号如前所述。双方结算联系人、电话为: 
The bank accounts for settlement between parties hereto shall be subject as aforesaid. The linkmen for settlement parties hereto are      , linking telephones are     separately.
 6. 本协议结算所涉及汇率按业务发生当月15日中国银行公布的汇率中间价执行,另有约定除外。
The exchange rate refer to the settlement hereof shall be excuted on the mean price of exchange rate published by China Bank 15th of the month on which the business taken, except otherwise agreed.
八、合同的生效和终止 Effect and termination of this contract
本合同自      年    月     日起生效,有效期       ( 自合同生效之日起至   年   月    日)。
This contract shall be taken effect on and from  the date of     and the effect period shall be      , viz. from the date of becoming effective hereof to the date of     .
In witeness whereof, the parties hereto have caused this contract to be executed by their duly authorized representatives on the first date abovesaid.
甲方  party A (signature)                          乙方:party B (signature)