菲律宾铜矿粉购销合同 (中英文)

合同号Contract No: 日期Date: 电子签约Signed at: 以下签订的合同是一份依照国际法和国际商会(ICC)有关规章制度实施并具有法律约束力的文件。 The following signed Contract is a document that is legally binding and enforceable under International

合同号Contract No:


电子签约Signed at:



The following signed Contract is a document that is legally binding and enforceable under International Law and ICC Rules and Regulation.



地址Address:    所在国Country   :菲律宾 Philippines

电话Phone:      传真Fax:   

代表Represented by 

下称:卖方Hereinafter referred to as “The Seller”





地址Address:    所在国Country   :中国 China

电话Phone:      传真Fax:   

代表Represented by 

下称:买方Hereinafter referred to as “The Buyer”



Whereas the Seller agrees to sell and the Buyer agrees to buy Copper concentrate on the following specific terms and conditions:



1.1 “公吨”是指2204.62磅或1000千克湿基重或干基重。

“Metric Ton” each means 2204.62 Pounds or 1000 Kilograms, wet or dry basis as specified.

1.2 “干基”是意指矿石在105摄氏温度。

“Dry Basis” means Ore dried at 105 degrees centigrade.

1.3 “干公吨”是指在105摄氏温度下的每吨矿石。

“Dry Metric Ton” means a ton of ore dried at 105 degree

1.4 “CCIC”是指中国检验认证集团。

“CCIC” means the China Certification & Inspection Group Co. Ltd

1.5 “CIQ”是指中华人民共和国出入境检验检疫

“CIQ” means the Entry-exit Inspection & Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China.

1.6 计价货币为美元和美分,是美国法定货币。

Amounts of money stated in Dollars and Cents are references to the currency of the United States of America.



2.1 品名及品质: 铜矿粉  Commodity and quality:  Copper concentrate,

原产地: 菲律宾Origin:  Philippines

铜含量:15-45% (低于15%拒收) Copper content:  15%-45% (bellow 15% reject)


2.2 卖方应保证如下: The Seller guarantees below:

砷(As)    最大不超过0.50%   As: Max 0.50%. 

铅(Pb)    最大不超过6.00%   Pb: Max 6.00%

氟(F)     最大不超过0.10%   F: Max 0.10%

镉(Cd)    最大不超过0.05%   Cd: Max 0.05%

汞(Hg)    最大不超过0.01%   Hg: Max 0.01%

粒度规格: 0 ~ 5 mm; 90%   Size: 0~ 1 mm; 90%


当铜含量低于18 %时,买方有权拒收该货品,在该情况下,卖方应负责买方因此而产生的所有费用及损失。

The Buyer has right to reject any cargo with copper content lower than 18 %, in which case the Seller shall be responsible for all the cost and losses incurred by the Buyer.


2.3 该货物必须是无害无辐射,适合熔炼和精炼。

The goods shall be otherwise free of constituents deleterious and radicalized to the smelting and refining process.




  The Seller will sell and the Buyer will buy 3000 DMT per month by one year contract Copper concentrate in container, plus or minus 5% over a period commencing on the date of signing of this agreement, Allow partial shipment. The first try order is 1000MT.



4.1 CIF 中国黄埔旧港,按照2000年国际贸易术语解释通则解释。

CIF Guangzhou Huangpu Palembang, China as per INCO terms 2000



Packing: in big bags for about 50kg or one Ton, Shipment in 20’FCL.


4.3起运港:菲律宾马尼拉港口   Loading port:  Manila Port , Philippines


4.4目地港:中国        港   Port of destination:           Port,China



Copper ore shall be effected shipment at loading port within fifteen (15) days after receipt of activated Document L/C according to this contract.




5.1 在货物运抵装运港后,由双方同意之国际知名检验机构CCIC到场监督检验。

After the material arrives at the loading port, the surveyor who is internationally recognized CCIC and agreed by both parties(Hereinafter called SURVEYOR)to supervise inspection.


5.2 由检验者在装货地开立的重量与分析检验认证,显示该批商品的柜号、封条号、干重、湿重、含水量及含铜量,包含特定的相片(铜含量必须等于或高于18%)。

Surveyor’s weight and assay certificate at loading place showing container no., seal no., dry weight, wet weight, moisture content and copper content, including specific photos(Cu content must be equal to or higher than 18%) .


5.3 如果到货港CIQ/CCIC所测定的总水份,则将从海运提单的重量中扣除。总水分(接收基)


If Total Moisture percentage of the Copper Ore shipment as determined by CIQ/CCIC at destination port, then the actual weight of shipment shall be adjusted from B/L weight. total Moisture(AR)10% Max




Inspected and supervised by CCIC/SGS at the loading port, their charges to be for Seller’s account. After the arrival of the cargo to destination port, The cargo shall be inspected by CIQ, China at the Buyer’s cost and the Seller or the Seller’s representative shall have right to be present at such weighing and sampling.



At the port of discharge CIQ shall sample from the shipment and divide into three parts, one for the Buyer, the second for possible need of the Seller and third for possible umpire analysis which shall be sealed and kept with CIQ.



If the difference in the contents of Cu and other components between CCIC at loading port and CCIC/CIQ China analyses is less than 2%, the amount should based on the CCIC report at the destination port. If the difference is more than 2%, the Buyer must agree to have a SGS/ALEX inspection at the destination port. The certificate of analysis issued by such umpire shall be final.



The cost of umpire analysis shall be for the account of the party whose own analysis differs farther from the umpire analysis and if the results of such umpire analysis is the mean of the analysis of the Buyer and the analysis of the Seller then such cost shall be equally borne by both parties.




Price terms basis: CIF Main PORT ,China. Ocean shipping insurance by Buyer will pay for it.


Unit Price: depends on the Cu% as following:

买主支付同意根据每日的伦敦金属交易所(LME) 官方价格A级铜的购买现金者的价格5日平均价计算,伦敦金属交易所网站如下http://www.lme.co.uk/copper.asp 以提单日期为准。

The Buyer shall pay for the agreed copper content according to the daily London

Metal Exchange (LME) official price of the Copper Grade A Cash buyer’s price, as

published in the London Metal Exchange websitehttp://www.lme.co.uk/copper.asp

On the date of Bill of Laden as quasi.


订价的公式: Pricing Formula (For copper only):

五个工作日的数天平均 LME 铜兑现买方的价格(以提单日前5天平均价)X 铜矿石 铜含量(%)X    价格系数(%) X 干公吨

Five ( 5 ) working days average LME copper cash buyer's price, based BL on board

Date X Copper ore's Cu content (% ) X paying rate (%) X dry metric tons


价格系数 Paying rate :

铜矿石含量Copper content (%)          伦敦铜价格系数Paying rate (%)

15 % - 19.99%                            68%

20% - 24.99%                             73%

25% - 29.99%                             75%

30% up                                   78%


总货物价格=单位价格x 总的干吨数量

The total cargo value = Unit Price x Total Dry Metric Tons



The first shipment total cargo provisional value for issue L/C :

(according to inspection report at loading port)

Cu content % *LME 75% *500MT= LME x 75% x 25% x 500 mt=USD 




 The Buyer's bank issue irrevocable; transferable at sight Documentary Letter of Credit  for 100% each shipment cargo value in favor of the Seller within three (3) working days after receive CCIC/SGS at loading port.



95% against presentation of full shipping documents Consisting of Commercial Invoice, Certificate of origin, Certificate of Inspection, Certificate of weight, Ocean Bill of lading and Certificate of Insurance, STOWAGE PLAN and Certificate of weight at loading port.



Within 3 banking days after the inspection of the goods by CCIC or CIQ at the destination port, the buyer shall make payment by L/C or T/T the 5% value of the goods.



(一)、95%的信用证付款单证  the documents for the 95% value of DLC


1.  3/3 of Original. Clean on Board Bill of Loading setting forth the weight in Metric Tons.



2. Insurance policy covered 110% of the provisional value. in 1 original and 1 copies.

110% 海运保险单正本


3. Seller signed packing list 1 original and 1copies.



4. The Seller’s provisional commercial invoices in accordance to total provisional value in 1 original and 1 copies.



5. Certificate of analysis issued by internationally recognized at loading Port 1 original



6. Certificate of Weight issued by internationally recognized at loading port 1 original




The documents for the 5% balance of the L/C or T/T



   The Seller’s final commercial invoices in to total value. 1 original



The certificate of quality issued by the CIQ at the unloading port.1 copy


c.卸货港的CIQ/CCIC 重量检验单证

The certificate of quantity issued by the CIQ at the unloading port.1 copy





If the buyer can’t provide the certificate of CCIC at the destination port in 15 days, the bank will pay the money according to the 10% balance according to the certificate of CCIC at the loading port.


10. 索赔(Claim indemnity)

1. 货品达到目的港15天内,买方如发现货品在质量、规格、数量与启运港提供的商检单有较大不符时,除属保险公司或船方责任外,买方或卖方有权凭中国商检出具的检验证书或有关文档向对方要求调整结算价格或进行复检。

When the goods arrives the destination within 15 days, in case the buyer examine the large discrepancies in goods quality, standard and quantity dose not match the show in the inspection sheet provided from port of export, besides the insurance company or shipping company’s responsibility, buyer or seller under the inspection certificate issued by China Commodity Inspection Bureau or interrelated document, have right to ask other side to re-check or adjust price.


2. 合同条款供买卖双方共同遵照执行,如任一方违约,应赔偿给守约方造成的一切经济损


Both parties should strictly implement the terms of the contract. Either party shall be liable for its breach of contract and indemnify for all losses thus incurred to the other party.




The Seller shall not be held responsible for the delay in shipment, short delivery or non-delivery of the goods due to universally acknowledged force majeure, which might occur during the process of manufacturing or in the course of loading or transit. The Seller shall advice the Buyer immediately of the occurrence mentioned above and within fourteen(14)days thereafter, The Seller shall send by Express mail to the Buyer a certificate of the accident issued by the competent government authorities or chamber of commerce where the accident occurs as evidence thereof. However, The Seller is still under the obligation to take all necessary measures to hasten the delivery of the goods, not withstanding under such circumstance. 




Any dispute arising from or in connection with the Contract shall be settled through friendly negotiation. In case no settlement is reached, the dispute shall be submitted to China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), South China Sub-Commission for arbitration in accordance with its rules in effect at the time of applying for arbitration. The arbitral award is final and binding upon both parties.




The Seller shall, immediately upon the completion of the loading of the goods, advise the Buyer of the Contract No., names of commodity, loading quantity, invoice values, gross weight, name of vessel and shipment date by Email or Fax within 72 hours.




All contents of this contract shall be kept confidential by both parties; any party should not reveal any terms and conditions of this contract without the written permission of the other party. 



15.1. 买卖双方代表于2010年  月  日已阅读以上条款并订立本合同,以示即日起执行,合同通过


 In witness whereof this contract is executed by and between the seller and buyer on  th ,  2010 and the duly authorized representatives of the seller and the buyer having read the clauses of the contract and signed on this day . this Contract shall be effective after mutual signatures and affixing of badges ,Once both parties sign the contract by Email/ fax .


15.2. 本合同一式两份买方和卖方各持一份,采用中文及英文两种语言同具效力。

 The originals shall be retained by buyer and seller, one party holds two original. This contract

 was made into four originals in Chinese & English language, and both language have legal



15.3. 本合同未提及到却是至关重要的事宜,须经买卖双方协商同意后方可作为本合同的附录。


All necessary matter with are not covered by this contract shall be discussed and agreed by both parties, are to be added and an addendum signed by both parties. The Addendum is to form an integral part and shall not be separated from the contract.


15.4. 上述还未提到的条款和情况遵循国际商会国际贸易术语解释通过2000和其它修正版本。

For all terms and conditions not covered by above, Incoterms 2000 and any further additions or amendments shall apply.


卖方银行信息Seller’s Bank Details:

银行Bank name:     


户名Account name:   

账号Account No.:    

银行代码Swift Code  :    


买方签署Signed by the Buyer              卖方签署Signed by the Seller

签字代表For and on behalf of              签字代表For and on behalf of

签署日期Date:                             签署日期Date: