合同编号: Contract No. 签约地点: Signature Place 签约日期: Signature Date 买方:中国某航空股份有限公司 (以下简称为甲方) Buyer: China Aviation share Limited company ( hereinafter referred to as Party A) 地址:Address 电话: Telephone 传

合同编号: Contract No.

签约地点: Signature Place

签约日期: Signature Date


买方:中国某航空股份有限公司       (以下简称为“甲方”)

Buyer: China    Aviation share Limited company 

 ( hereinafter referred to as Party A)



电话: Telephone



卖方:  美国罗宾逊直升飞机制造有限公司

         The United States of America Robinson Helicopter Limited Company

地址:  2901 Airport Drive Torrance, California 90505 USA

电话:  Telephone: (310) 539-0508

传真:  Fax: (310) 539-5198




Party A is a duly organized legal entity engaging in aviation transportation business, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the People's Republic of China; and Party B is a helicopter manufacturer duly organized and registered and in good standing in Torrance, California,the United States. Parties hereto have their duly power and authority to enter into and perform this AGREEMENT and any other agreements and documents herewith.



Parties hereto confirm thant  party A would like to purchase and party B would like to sell the merchandise stipulalted in Clause 2 hereof and enter into and conclude this contract.


2. 商品名称:全新Robinson R44 Clipper II 型直升机以及选装设备(以下简称为:货物)。

Merchandise name: helicopter of complete new Robinson R44 Clipper II type and chosen equipments herewith (hereinafter referred to as DOODS)


3. 商品(货物)数量和单位:壹(1)架

Merchandise(DOODS) amount and unit: one (1) set.


4. 原产地和生产厂:美国,罗宾逊直升机公司(ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY, USA)(以下简称为“原厂”)

 Origin and manufacturer: The origin of the GOODS is America.  ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY, USA (hereinafter referred to as original manufacturer)


5.合同总金额:美元肆拾伍万伍仟陆佰柒拾元整(USD 455,670),中国上海(完税后交货) 。

The contract total amount of money: U S Dollar four hundred and fifty-five thousand, six hundred and seventy only(U S Dollar 455,670 only). DDU Shanghai China.


6.货物内容及价格包括:DOODS contents and price inclusion

   6-1.原厂标准配置Robinson R44 Clipper II浮筒型水上直升机(原厂货物标准配置见附件一);

Aquatic helicopter , Robinson R44 Clipper II can buoy type with original factory standard allocation; (the original factory DOODS standard allocation refered to the Annex 1 )



The conveyance and the insurance of the DOODS in the American inland, the sea conveyance and insurance and the conveyance and insurance in the territory of China.



The chosen equipments with the DOODS herein being requested by party A include as follows:

  真皮座椅    Leather chair

  机身帆布机罩  The fuselage canvas machine covers

  前舱2扇球面窗(替换)Ex- cabin 2 surface of sphere windows(substitute)

  干式起落架  The dry type rises and falls


  AIM1100地平仪连侧滑指示器

The model of  AIM1100 ground even instrument connects a side slippery indicator


  KR87 ADF无线电罗盘  KR87 ADF radio compass


  David Clark H10-13H耳机(4副)

David Clark the H10-13 H headphones(4 sets)


  PAI-700垂直罗盘(替换)PAI-700 perpendicular compass(substitute)


  数字石英钟(替换)quartz clock(substitute)


  毫巴高度计(替换)The milli- expects altimeter(substitute)



Reconstruction, adjustment and debugging, and validation flight of the DOODS in China.




Transport and insurance:The international conveyance method is a sea transportation, CIF Pudong Shanghai, China. The insurance is entrusted to effect by party B, insurance sum shall be 110% of the value of total value against All Risks.




The DOODS shall be loaded by three different size wood boxes, and packed in a container with up open of 40 feet. The DOODS provided by party B should be appropriate packed suitable to the ocean and long distance inland conveyance,which being protected against dampness, mosture, shock, rust and rough handling and ensuring that the DOODS can't be damaged by the above-mentioned reasons, and arrive safely installation place. Party B shall be liable for any damage to the GOODS on account of improper packing and for any rust damage attributable to inadequate or improper protective measures taken by Party B, and in such case or csses any and all losses and / or expenses incurred in consequence thereof shall be borne by party B.


9.运输标志(唛头): Transport mark  (Mark)    



Party B upon receiveing the deposit stipulated in Article 13-1 herein by party A shall effect consignment within 24 weeks. The port of dispatch is Los Angeles, the United States


11.目的港及最终交货地: Destination and the place of final delivery


11-1.目的港:中国上海浦东;Destination: Pudong Shanghai, China



The place of final delivery:  Hangzhou, China at which the DOODS shall be reassembly and final delivery to Party A.



The date of delivery: Within Two hundred (200) days from receiving the deposit paid by Party A the DOODS shall arrive at the final place of delivery. If due to the cause that party A fail to effect the import document and clear customs duty and value added tax prier to the DOODS arrive the final delivery place and make holdback to Party B’s delivery in time, the date of delivery shall be postponed  



 13-1.订金:甲方在本合同正式签字并收到乙方出具的订金商业发票(一式三份,并标明合同号、发票号、合同总价和合同订金金额)后的叁(3)个工作日内,即2011年9月22日前,须以电汇(T/T)方式向乙方指定帐户支付合同总价的10%作为订金,计为美元肆万伍千元整(U S DOLLAR 45,000);

The deposit: Party A shall, within three (3) working days, viz. before and on 22th September, 2007   upon the formal conclusion of this contract and receipt of commercial invoice on deposit with triplicate copies and indicate the contract number, invoice number, total prices and deposit to contract hereon, disburse the sum equal to 10 % of the total price herein as deposit to the bank account designated by party B by telegraphic transfer (T/T), which be calculated as U S DOLLAR  Forty –five thousand only (U S DOLLAR  45,000).


13-2.累进付款:在甲方收到乙方的货物出厂日期通知和累进付款正式发票(一式三份)后的叁(3)个工作日内,且于2012年2月10日之前,甲方应以电汇的方式(T/T)向乙方指定的银行帐户支付累进款,其金额为合同总价的87%,即美元叁拾玖万陆仟肆佰叁拾贰元玖拾分整(U S Dollar  396,432.90);

The progressive payment: The party A should, within three (3) working days upon receiving the notice of the date of the DOODS delivered by manufacture from party B and formal invoice of progressive payment (in triplicate copies), and before and on 10th. February, 2012, disburse the sum of progressive payment into the bank account designated by Party B which is equal to the amount of 87% of  the total contract prices, viz. U S Dollar Tree hundred and ninety-six thousand, four hundred and thirty two and ninety cent only (U S Dollar 396,432.90);   


13-3.尾款:在收到乙方提交的第13-4项所列文件后的叁(3)个工作日内,或在货物运抵最终交货地后的30天内,因甲方的原因造成乙方无法进行第6-4项中所列工作,则以先到时间为甲方向乙方支付尾款的限期。甲方应将本合同尾款(合同货款总价值的3%)即美元壹万叁仟陆佰柒拾元拾分整(美元 13,670.10元整)通过电汇方式(T/T)付至乙方指定帐户;

Remaining fund: If, party B fail to effect the works listed Sub-Clause 6-4 herein, due to the reason of party A, within three (3) working days upon receipt of the documents listed Sub-Clause 13-4 herein submitted by party B, or within ten (10) days upon the date in which the DOODS arriving the place of final delivery, the limited time of paying remaining fund shall be subject to the first time of arriving. Party A should disburse the sum of remaining fund into the bank account designated by Party B by telegraphic transfer (T/T), which is equal to the amount of 3 % of the total contract prices, viz. U S Dollar thirteen thousand, six hundrad and seventy and ten cent only (U S Dollar 13,670.10 only ).



The party B should, prior to party A’s  payment of tail funds, provide party A with following documents:



One copy of original certificate of qualified acceptance of DOODS by party A which cosigned by parties hereto, on which the indication of the conformance of various technique index with the requirements of this contract and technique annex, and party B’s accomplishment of its responsibilities hereby, or one copy of explanation / notice on the reason of party B’s failure of delivery due to party A.



The commercial invoice in triplicate being submitted by party B on which the indication of contract number, invoice number, contract total price and tail funds be due and payable.


13-5. 在中国境内所发生的银行费用由甲方支付,中国境外及在香港所发生的银行费用由乙方支付。

The bank expenses arising with the territory of China shall be born by party A, the same arising outside the territory of China and Hong kong shall be born by party B.



Delivery document: Party B should, upon receipt of the progressive payment form party A, provide party A with following documents:



The Original copy of the tranportation bill for being shipped on board, order and endorsed in blank and indication of freight paid.




The packing list in triplicate issued by party B on which the indication of the number of each piece of cargo, gross and net weight and the certificate of packaging with suffocated wood or non-wood material issued by the authority institute of American government. 



One copy of original insurance policy, with one duplicated copy of the same.



One duplicated copy of the shipment notice issued within ten (10) days from and upon the shipment of the DOODS at the port of Los Aangeles, USA.




Technical Documents: Party B should, upon the time on which the inspection / acceptance and delivery of the DOODS herein, offer free of charge to party A for following the whole set of technical documents in English.


15-1.原厂英文版 《R44 Pilot’s Operating Handbook》 壹本;

One copy of R44 Pilot’s Operating Handbook in English from original manufacturer.


15-2.原厂英文版《IO-540 Engine Operator’s Manual-Lycoming》壹本;

One copy of IO-540 Engine Operator’s Manual-Lycoming in English from original manufacturer.


15-3.原厂英文版《R44 Maintenance Manual》壹本;

One copy of R44 Maintenance Manual in English from original manufacturer.


15-4.原厂英文版《R44 II Lustrated Parts Catalog》壹本。

One copy of R44 II Lustrated Parts Catalog in English from original manufacturer.


16.甲方责任:Party A’s responsibility


Party A shall pay by their own to all taxes and fees related to the DOODS hereon within the territory of China which include China’s customs duties, VAT, import fees, incidental expense of quay and inspection charges, ect.




Party A should, within ten (10) days prior to the final transporting to the place of delivery, effect insurance covering All Risks including Fuselage insurance and third party liability insurance.




Party A should, within three (3)days after the reassembly, debugging of the DOODS herein and qualification of verifying flight, make acceptance and signature on the certificate of delivery and inspection of the DOODS.



Party A shall provide party B with thirty (30) flight hours, unconditionally and free of charge, for the purpose of maintenance, servicing and demonstration of the DOODS herein, which shall contain the twenty (20) hours stipulated in Clause 10 of appendix 2 herewith.




Party A should, before and on the date of 10th February 2008 from and upon the signature of this contract, conclude and inter into the general agreement of maintenance service with the maintaining server specified by party B. In case of party A’s failure of signature of the same, party B shall be entitle to refuse to provide the after-sale service other than the original warranty for the DOODS herein.



Party A should, claiming for the part, the equipment and measuring appliance made by the part plant which guaranteed by the Robinson helicopter factory within the claim period, make the payment for purchasing of the new part in advance and return the old part to the original manufacturer. The costs and expenses arising therefrom at meanwhile shall be borne by party A, which include such as the freight fees of old/new part come-and –go, insurance, customs duties, VAT, and like. Robinson company shall, upon examination and check up of returned old part and confirm the same with the technical flaw and defects, make reimbursement of the payment for ordering the new part paid by party B.


16-7.甲方必须按时付款; The payment on schedule effected by party A



Party A should, prior to the arriving at the final place of delivery, obtain all import documentation to enable party B on schedule make delivery thereat, otherwise, party A should take full responsibility for the same.



Party A should, prior to the arriving at the final place of delivery, effect any and all custom duties and value added tax so as to enable party B on schedule make delivery thereat, otherwise, party A should take full responsibility for the same.


17.乙方责任:Party B’s responsibilities


Party B shall ensure that the DOODS are made in standard materials and first-class workmanship, newness and without being used except for the fight test and velidated flight, and in all respects conformity with the quality, specifications, and performance hereunder.



Party B shall, according to the relevant provisions of Chinese civil aviation authorities, assist Party A with transaction of documents such as the procedure of nationality registration and airworthiness, ect.


17-3. 乙方负责在合同规定的交货期内将货物安全运抵最终交货地;

Party B should, within the period of delivery, make the safe transportation of the DOODS to the final delivery place.


17-4. 乙方负责货物在中国境内的再组装、调试和验证飞行。

Party B shall be responsibility to re-assembly, adjustment /test and validated flight within the territory of China.



Effective condition hereof: This contract shall be effective upon the signature of follow annexes by parties hereto, and annexes 1 to 3 herewith as the integral part of the contract shall have equal binding force with this contract.


19.  附件一:罗宾逊R44II型直升机标准装备清单;

Annexe1: The list of standard equipment of Aquatic helicopter of Robinson R44 Clipper II can buoy type;



Annex 2: Robinson Helicopter Company- Purchase Agreement;



Annex 3: Robinson Helicopter Company, INC, Limited Aircraft Warranty.


20.违约处理:Breach of Contract



The party B shall, if fail to make delivery of the DOODS at the place of final delivery on schedule, other than as the cause of party A, pay the penalty of breach to party B ,for which such penalty rate as 0.5% on the total amount of contract per seven (7) days, if less than 7 days, the penalty shall be accounted by 7 days.


20-2. 如果甲方未能按本合同第13条的规定进行付款,甲方应向乙方支付延迟付款金,


Party A shall, if fail to effect the payment of DOODS under clause 13 hereof, pay penalty for delayed payment for which such penalty rate as 0.5% on the total amount of contract per seven (7) days, if less than 7 days, the penalty shall be accounted by 7 days. The date of arriving and delivery shall be correspondingly postponed.


20-3. 如因甲方的原因而发生下列所列情况,则甲方应向乙方支付违约罚款金,罚款比率为每七天罚应付款的0.5%,不足七天按七天计算。货物的交付日期则顺延:

Party A shall, in case of following matters resulting by the reason of party A, pay penalty for delayed payment for which such penalty rate as 0.5% on the total amount of contract per seven (7) days, if less than 7 days, the penalty shall be accounted by 7 days. The date of arriving and delivery shall be correspondingly postponed.



Party A fail to effect the insurance for the DOODS on schedule stipulated under sub-clause 14-3 hereof.



Party A’s failure of acquirement of all legal documents for the import DOODS on schedule.



Party A’s failure of payment of customs duties and VAT due and payable timely for the DOODS clearance of customs.



 Party A’s failure of obtaining the license file for the first verigy flight at the place of final delivery specified by Party A.


21. 不可抗力: Force Majeure

   21-1. 如果签约双方中任何一方受不可抗力因素所阻(风暴、洪水、台风、地震、海难、


In case any party hereto being unable to perform its duties and responsibilities herein for the cause of force majeure which include storms, floods, typhoons, earthquakes, disaster, war, strike, riot, and otherwise agreed by parties hereto, upon the provision of the necessary supporting documents by such suffocated party, the term of performance could be extension according to the affected time of force majeure.


   21-2. 受阻方应在不可抗力发生后的72小时之内须书面通知另一方。如果不可抗力事故


The suffocated party should within 72 hours after he occurrence of force majeure notify the opposite. In case of the extension of force majeure more than sixty (60)days, the opposite shall be entitle to nitify in any form of writing the suffocated party for termination of contract.


22. 仲裁: Arbitration

   22-1. 凡由于执行本合同期间发生的商务条款争执,应通过友好协商的方式解决,如问


Where any dispute on commercial clause arising out of the duration of performance, which should be settled and resolved through amicable negotiation, if that, satisfactory resolution is not reached, the dispute shall be submitted to resolution by arbitration.


22-2. 仲裁应在中国北京中国国际贸易促进会对外贸易仲裁委员会按照其程序仲裁,也


The application of arbitration should be submitted to China International Trade Promotion of Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission under China Council for the Promotion of International Trade for arbitration in accordance with its procedure and also submitted to the arbitration institution in the third country or region.


   22-3. 仲裁机构裁决具有最终效力,双方必须遵照执行;

The verdict of arbitration institution with final effect should be executed and performed by parties hereto.


   22-4. 仲裁期间双方应继续执行除争议部分外的合同的其它条款;

During the arbitration parties hereto should continue to perform and execute other provisions except the disputed part herein.


23.特别条款: Miscellaneous



The guarantee and claim of the DOODS hereunder should be subject to Annex III. For the parts, equipment and instrumentation other than the scope of guarantee by and claim to original manufacturer, such as engine, etc. party B shall be responsible for the coordination of claim with concerned manufacturer.



 The Contract is made in two counterparts each in Chinese and English, each of which shall deemed equally authentic. In case of any divergence of interpretation be between two languages, the Chinese text shall prevail. The Contract is in four (4) originals, two (2) for party A and two (2) for party B.


All annex upon signature shall be with legal force. In case of any ambiguity or discrepancy on the explanation or specification of the content of annex between this contract and annex, the annex shall be prevail.



IN WITNESS WHERE OF, the parties hereto have caused this agreement to be executed by duly authorized representatives on the date first written above. The effective date of this contract shall commence upon the date of signature and seal by parties hereto, which shall terminate on end and conclusion of guarantee period by original manufacturer.




甲方:(代表签字/盖章)                          乙方:(代表签字/盖章)

Party A :                                         Party A :

Signature / seal by                               Signature / seal by