出口物流及收汇代理服务协议 (中英文)

AGREEMENT OF AGENCY SERVICE OF FREIGHT EXPORTAND PAYMENT COLLECTION 本协议由以下三方于 在中华人民共和国(以下简称中国)深圳市签订: This agreement is signed by and among the three parties in Shenzhen, Peoples Republic of China(China for sho
本协议由以下三方于     在中华人民共和国(以下简称“中国”)深圳市签订:
This agreement is signed by and among the three parties in Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China(“China” for short) on     .:
甲方(委托方):Party A(Consignor):
地 址:Address:
法定代表人:Legal Representative:
乙方(受托方):A 国际货运代理有限公司
地 址:Address:
法定代表人: Legal Representative:
丙方(通知方):B 国际货运代理有限公司
地 址: Address:
1. 甲方为一家根据中国法律、法规注册成立的企业法人,有着良好的生产制造能力(或组织货源出口能力)并已与中国境外( 以下简称“境外”)客户达成货物出口的意向;
Whereas Party A is a legitimate business entity in China, which has good production capacity (or goods supply and export capacity), and is willing to export freight for the customer from outside of China(“Overseas’ customer” for short);
2. 乙方为一家根据中国法律、法规注册成立的企业法人,拥有除国家限定公司经营或者禁止进出口的商品和技术外的各类商品和技术进出口自营和合作经营资格,在货物进出口方面有丰富的经验和良好的信誉;
Whereas Party A is a legitimate business entity in China, which has the cooperative and self-qualification of various goods and technologies import and export except the State prohibiting or limiting the company to operate, and has a wealth of experience and good reputation in import and export of goods;
3. 丙方为一家根椐中国法律、法规注册成立的企业法人,拥有除国家限定公司经营或者禁止进出口的商品和技术外的各类商品和技术进出口自营和合作经营资格。
Whereas Party A is a legitimate business entity in China, which has the cooperative and self-qualification of various goods and technologies import and export except the State prohibiting or limiting the company to operate.
4. 甲方汇款到乙方帐户中时,丙方需及时通知乙方,并监督乙方将货款转内指定甲方帐户。
whereas Party A remits money to the account of Party B, Party C must notify Party B promptly, and supervises Party B transfer the money for goods to the appointed account of Party A.
5. 甲方愿意与乙方达成合作意向,委托乙方办理向境外出口有关货物的报关、信用证等手续,乙方愿意接受甲方前述合作意向,并提供前述货物之物流解决方案服务(以下统称为“物流服务”),包括乙方为甲方计划及管理货物出口过程之货物流、信息流及资金流等服务。其中,“货物流服务”是指乙方可向甲方提供的货物出口之外贸报关、仓储、等保险及其他有关安排等服务;“资金流服务” 是指乙方可提供的代收外汇货款、结汇、支付人民币货款等服务; “信息流服务”是指乙方可提供的物流及资金流的动态信息服务。
 whereas Party A is willing to reach the agreement of cooperation, entrusts Party B to handle the formalities of freight export(apply to customs, L/c etc.); Party B is willing to accept the cooperation agreement of Party A, and offer the service of freight transportation scheme(“freight transportation” for short), which includes Party B planning and managing freight transportation, information flow and fund flow in the process freight export. The freight transportation means that Party B offers the service of customs clearance,  warehouse & packing, insurance and other relative arrangements to Party A; fund flow means that Party B offer collection foreign trade charges service, surrender of exchange service, RMB payment service and so on ; information flow means that Party B offers the dynamic information of freight and fund flow.
为发挥各自优势,在合理分工的基础上实现双方利益的最大化,甲乙双方经友好协商,在平等互利的基础上,根据《 中华人民共和国对外贸易法》、《中华人民共和国合同法》及其他相关法律法规,就甲方委托乙方的货物出口合作事宜,经友好协商,达成协议如下:
Now therefore, to exploit their own strengths, at a reasonable division of labor based on the maximization of the interests of both parties, by friendly consultation, on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, according to "People's Republic of China Foreign Trade Law", "Contract Law of People's Republic of China" and other relevant laws and regulations, Party B and Party A have agreed on xports of goods cooperation as follows:
Collection Charges of Export、Export Tax Rebate and Payment of Money
1.1 乙方负责办理出口合同项下的出口收汇,甲方对此负有配合义务;
Party B is responsible for collection charges of export according to the export contract, and Party A has the obligation of cooperation;
1.2 乙方应在收到境外客户所付外汇款项到账后的2个工作日之内向甲方支付人民币货款; 根据收汇当日银行的外汇现汇买入价计算:乙方预付的人民币货款 = 收到的外汇金额(USD)× 当日银行外汇现汇买入价;
Party B shall, pay Party A RMB loan in two working days after receive the foreign exchange outside; in accordance with the date of receipt of foreign exchange bank cash purchase price calculated as follows: Party B prepaid RMB payment = the receiving amount of foreign currency (USD) ×the bank ‘s foreign exchange cash purchase price in that very day
If over sea’s customers breach contract or for any other reason unable to timely receiving the export charges, Party B shall promptly notify the Party A and in line with the Party A to take measures to collection the charges.
根据以上条款,甲方同意,按合作出口货物的收款金额支付服务费与银行账户费,结算公式如下:乙方收取的服务费+银行手续费=$ X 合作出口货物的收款金额数。
Based on the above provisions, Party A agreed to pay service charges according to the amount of export of goods receivables, the clearing formula is as follows:
Party B’s service charge + bank account charge = $ __ X the cooperation exports of goods receivable amount of a few.
二、 争议解决 Resolution of Dispute
2.1. 本协议规定的综合费用不包括办理本协议项下仲裁、诉讼及其他所需的费用;
The provisions of this Agreement does not include the cost of arbitration , litigation and other costs under this Agreement,
2.2. 因境外客户方面原因而导致甲方损失,乙方不承担赔偿责任,但乙方应尽力协助甲方向外商提出索赔,乙方因此而支付的有关费用或者受到的任何损失,应由甲方给予充分补偿;
Due to oversea’s customer caused by Party A’s losses, Party B assumes no liability, but every effort should be made to assist Party A to claims, therefore the costs paid by or for any loss of Party B, should be given full compensation by Party A;
2.3. 甲乙双方同意,在执行本协议过程中所发生的纠纷应首先通过友好协商解决;协商不成的,任何一方均可交由中国国际经济贸易仲裁委员会华南分会仲裁解决,并适用届时有效的仲裁规则;仲裁裁决为终局的。
All disputes arising from the execution of this agreement shall be settled through friendly consultations. In case no settlement can be reached, the case in dispute shall then be submitted to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission South China Branch in accordance with its Provisional Rules of Procedure. The decision made by this commission shall be regarded as final and binding upon both parties.
三、 违约责任 Responsibility for Breach of Contract
In addition to otherwise provided in this Agreement, any breach of contract matters under this Agreement shall bear liability for breach of contract as the following terms and conditions:
3.1. 因甲方不按本协议履行其义务导致出口合同不能履行、不能完全履行、延迟履行或履行不符合约定条件的,甲方应偿付乙方为其垫付的费用、税金及利息,支付约定的合作费和违约金,并承担乙方因此对外承担的一切责任;
because Party A does not fulfill its obligations under this Agreement, resulting that the export contract is unable to perform, can not be completely fulfilled, delay in the performance or not in line with the agreed conditions, Party A shall pay Party B the cost of their advances, taxes and interest, and pay cooperation costs and liquidated damages, and assume all the responsibility Party B commitment;
3.2. 由于海关对出口货物的品名、规格、数量、价格等方面提出异议而造成本协议书不能正常执行的,由此引起的责任由甲方承担,若由此给乙方造成直接或间接经济损失的,乙方有权向甲方提出赔偿要求;
because the customs have some objection on the name, specifications, quantity, and price of exports of goods, and caused that the agreement can not be executed normally, thus Party A shall bear the responsibility, if it make Party B have either directly or indirectly economic loss, Party B has the right to claim compensation;
3.3. 由于乙方因工作失误而未及时给甲方办理合作出口手续,并因此而给甲方造成经济损失的,乙方对甲方负有相应的赔偿责任;
As a result of Party B’s errors and Party B does not offer Party A the cooperation export procedures timely, and thus lead to economic losses to Party A; Party B has the corresponding liability to Party A;
3.4. 除非本协议另有规定,若本协议任何一方违反其在本协议项下的任何义务导致另一方遭受损失,违约方应赔偿守约方的该等损失,在该等损失难以计算的情况下,违约方应当向守约方支付货物标的按成交时中国银行外汇买入价汇率折人民币总货值的5%作为违约金。
In addition to otherwise provided in this Agreement, if any Party of this agreement violates any obligation under this agreement and thus causes other parties’ loss; in the circumstances of difficult to calculating the losses , the party in breach should pay the observant parties 5% of the total goods value which is the RMB exchange rate discount by the Bank of China foreign exchange rate which is the rate of purchase price at the time of goods trading as the liquidated damages.
四、 杂项Four sundries
4.1. 若因任何原因致使本协议项下的任何条款无效,本协议其它条款的合法性和有效性不受任何影响;
If for any reason makes any of the provisions under this Agreement invalid, the legitimacy and effectiveness of other provisions of this Agreement are not affected;
4.2. 对于本协议项下重要事项的联络,甲乙双方应以书面形式进行,紧急事项可用电话联系,但事后应采用书面方式加以确认;
For the important issues contacting under this Agreement, both Party A and Party B should be running in writing; a matter of urgency can use telephone contacting, but afterwards it should be confirmed in writing;
4.3. 如果甲、乙任何一方被撤销或解散时,其在本协议项下的权利及义务由其接收方承担;
If any party of Party A and Party B takes revocation or dissolution the rights and obligations under this Agreement borne by the recipient;
4.4. 本协议一式两份,甲乙双方各持一份,具有同等法律效力;
This Agreement is in duplicate, each of the two parties had one, and has the same legal effect;
4.5. 本协议由双方授权代表签字并加盖双方公章(或合同专用章)后生效;有效期至   止,待本协议所有附件,即:甲方开出的每一个《确认函》中确认的出口合作货物全部履约完毕时止。本协议到期前若没有修改或变更,且双方没有异议的,有效期自动顺延壹年。
This Agreement signed by the authorized representative of both parties and affixes official seal (or contracts Seal) to make it entry into force; it’s Term of Validity is until   , and ends at the time that all attachments to this Agreement,viz. all the cooperation export goods which are identified in each of Party A’s " confirmation " are performance. Before the expiration of this Agreement, if it has not modified or changed, and the two parties will not have any objection, the validity automatically extended one year.
Party A Legal R(signature )      Party B Legal R(signature )     Party C Legal R(signature )
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