美国技术服务及货物购买协议(中英文 上部分)

AGREEMENT OF TECHNICAL SERVICE AND GOODS PURCHASE 美国技术服务及货物购买协议 Agreement协议号: Effective Date: 生效日期: Expiration Date: 终止日期: BUYER: ACL Nutritional Product International Inc (hereinafter Buyer or ACL). 买方:美国ACL
                                                              Effective Date: 生效日期:
                                                              Expiration Date: 终止日期:
BUYER:  ACL Nutritional Product International Inc (hereinafter “Buyer” or “ACL”).
买方:美国ACL 保健品国际公司( 以下称作" 买方" 或 "ACL")
Address: 地址:
SUPPLIER (hereinafter “Supplier”):      供方:(下称:供方):
Address: 地址:
1.    DEFINITIONS 定义                                      
2.    TERM OF AGREEMENT 协议期限                          
3.    PRICING AND AUDITS 价格与审计                       
4.    INVOICING AND PAYMENT   发票和付款               
6.    FORCE MAJEURE不可抗力                              
          产品规格 / 鉴定/勘误表    
10.   PACKING AND SHIPMENT包装与运输                     
14.   HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 有害材料                      
15.   CUSTOMS CLEARANCE 海关手续                        
17.   ANTI-CORRUPTION LAWS 反贿赂行为                      
18.   INSURANCE保险                                       
19.   GENERAL INDEMNIFICATION一般赔偿                   
20.   RETENTION AND AUDITS 记录存档和审计                 
21.   INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR    独立承包商            
22.   SOLE COMPENSATION 唯一补偿                         
23.   SECURITY安 全                                    
合并、 修改、 放弃和补救措施      
26.   ASSIGNMENT转让                                        
27.   CHOICE OF LAW AND FORUM 法律管辖                   
27.   CHOICE OF LAW AND FORUM 法律管辖                   
29.   SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE实际履行                     
30.   NEW DEVELOPMENTS新开发                          
31.   NOTICES通知                                       
32.   DATA SECURITY REQUIREMENTS数据安全要求          
33.   ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS电子交易                  
34.   DISPUTE RESOLUTION争议解决                        
35.   ORDER OF PRECEDENCE文件有效次序                    
36.   FINANCIAL DATA 财务资料                                
Addenda attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference (Mark “X” where applicable):
附件    如有,标注“X”
1  Terms and Conditions of Purchase 购买条款
A.    Product Description, Price Schedule and Statement of Work 品名、价格表和工作表
B.    Performance Standards履约标准
C.    Supplemental Provisions 附录
D.    Protection of Buyer’s Assets 对买方资产的保护
E.    Certificate of Originality 原产地证书
F.    Assignment of ACLlectual Property 知识产权的转让
G.    Capacity Upside 增加的量
Buyer may purchase and/or license Deliverables and Supplier shall provide the Deliverables as described in this Agreement, at prices specified, and in accordance with the performance standards and quality requirements of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.  All Purchase Orders issued to Supplier by Buyer during the term of this Agreement shall be governed only by the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement notwithstanding any preprinted terms and conditions on Supplier's acknowledgment or Buyer's Purchase Order.  Any additional or different terms in Supplier’s documents are hereby deemed to be material alterations and notice of objection to and rejection of them is hereby given.  When Buyer is a subsidiary or affiliate of ACL, the obligations of the parties run between such subsidiary and affiliate and the Supplier, and not between ACL Corporation and the Supplier.
根据本协议规定的条款和条件,买方可根据合同约定的服务价格和标准购买且供方应提供的交付物。在本协议有效期间,由买方签发给供方的所有采购订单,均应只以本协议的条款和条件为依据,而不受供方确认书或买方采购订单上预先印制的任何条款或条件的约束。供方文件中任何增加的或不同的条款均被认为是对本协议中条款的实质性变更, 在此,买方对该等增加或不同的条款有异议并拒绝接受。如果买方系买方公司的子公司或关联公司,由该当事方与供方承担责任,而不是由买方公司与供方承担责任。
A.    “Agreement” means this Purchase Agreement, including the Statement of Work, performance guarantees, addendums and amendments hereto.
B.    “Deliverables” mean any Items, Services, and/or Software purchased and/or licensed as part of this Agreement. Any Deliverable that is custom made for Buyer shall be indicated by an asterisk (*) on Addendum A.
C.    “Hazardous Materials” are or contain dangerous goods, chemicals, contaminants, substances, pollutants, or any other materials that are defined as hazardous by relevant local, state, national, EU or other international law, regulations, and standards.
 “危 险 材 料”指( 或 包 含) 某 些 危 险 物 品、 化 学 制 品、污 染 物、 工 业 废 物, 或 被 国 家、省、市、本 地 区 或 国 际 法、规 则 和 标 准 确 定 为 危 险 物 的 其 它 任 何 材 料。
D.    “Items” mean any goods that Supplier is to provide to Buyer as set forth within the Agreement.
E.    "Purchase Order” is Buyer’s document setting forth specific Deliverables to be rendered and/or specific line Deliverables ordered, and Release information.
采 购 订单 是 买 方 规 定 订 购 的 具 体 服 务 及 发运 信 息 的 文 件。
F.    "Release" means Buyer's authorization for Supplier to provide the Services and to ship a definite quantity of Deliverables to a specified schedule.  The Release is contained in the Purchase Order sent to Supplier.
G.    “Service(s)" mean any work to be performed by Supplier as set forth and described in Addendum A.).
 服务指 附件 A 中指 定的由供方按照附件B中的履约标准执行的工作。
H.    “Service(s)" mean any work to be performed by Supplier as set forth and described in a Statement of Work or otherwise within the Agreement including any designated Software related work provided by Supplier (where applicable), which may include development, training, consulting, support, and/or maintenance.
服 务 指 工作表或协议规定的其他文件,包括由供方提供的与工作有关的指定软件(如有)包括开发、培训、咨询、支持和维护。
I.     “Statement of Work” means a written document describing the Services to be performed by Supplier under this Agreement as set forth in Addendum A or another document executed by the parties covering such Services and referencing this Agreement.
工作表系指在本协议、附录A 或其他包括服务的文件中规定的,由供方履行的服务。
J.     “Laws” mean all applicable treaties, statutes, laws, rules ordinances, codes and standards governing the performance of Services under this Agreement.
K.    The definitions as stated in this Section, Definitions, shall survive termination of this Agreement as necessary to support the interpretation of the meaning of all other terms of this Agreement which shall survive.
A.    The term of the Agreement shall begin on the Effective Date and continue to the Expiration date.
B.    At Buyer's option, Deliverables may be scheduled for delivery up to six (6) months following expiration of this Agreement.
A.    Prices for Deliverables (excluding engineering samples) provided under this Agreement are set forth in the Agreement.  At Buyer’s request, such prices and Service rates may be modified pursuant to periodic negotiations between the parties. Additional costs, except those described on the statement of work within the Agreement, will not be reimbursed without Buyer’s prior written approval.
B.    Most Favored Customer 更加优惠的条件
i.     The price charged Buyer for Deliverables shall always be Supplier’s lowest price charged any customer for that Deliverable regardless of any special terms, conditions, rebates, or allowances of any nature. If Supplier sells any similar Deliverable to any customer at a price less than that set forth herein, Supplier shall adjust its price to the lower price for any un-invoiced Deliverable and for all outstanding and future invoices for such Deliverable, and shall rebate to Buyer an amount equal to the difference in the price paid by Buyer and the lower price for any invoices already paid by Buyer for such Deliverable.  Each of the above adjustments and the rebate shall be calculated from the date Supplier first sells the Deliverable at the lower price.
买 方 为 任 何 商品 或 服 务 所 支 付 的 价 格, 始 终 应 是 任 何其 它 客 户 为 这 些 相同 商品 或 相 同 服 务 所 支 付 给 供 方 的 最 低 价,而 不 考 虑 任 何 特 别 条 款、 条 件、 折 扣 或 任 何 性 质 的 补 贴。如 果 供 方 以 低 于 本 协 议 中 规 定 的 价 格 出 售 任 何 商品 或 服 务 给 任 何 客 户,则对于尚未开出发票 、尚未结清的发票以及今后的所有发票, 供方均应将价格调整到该较低价格。供方应向买方退还买方为该商品或服务已付的价款与该商品或服务较低价格的差额部分。上述价格的调整以及差额部分应以供方首次销售该商品或提供服务的较低价格计算。
ii.     Supplier bears the burden of proof by clear and convincing evidence that the Deliverables being compared are not “similar” or the service being compared is not “equivalent”.   For Deliverables designated as custom Deliverables, for purposes of comparing price under this Section, the price of the Deliverable shall include those Supplier cost components that are generic to the Deliverable as compared to other similar Deliverables generally sold by Supplier.  Such comparison shall be made to the extent Deliverables have similar characteristics, such as form, fit, function, manufacturing process, or other specific comparison criteria agreed upon by the parties. For purposes of comparing price under this Section, the price and/or conversion costs of Services shall include those Supplier cost components that are generic to the Services as compared to other similar services generally provided by Supplier.  Such comparison shall be made to the extent Services have similar characteristics, such as labor rates, turnkey material costs, storage expenses, or other specific comparison criteria agreed upon by the parties.
供方有责任证明比较的交付物并不“类似”或服务不相同。对 于 定 制 商品,按 照 本 节 规 定 进 行 价 格 比 较 时, 应同供方出售的使用同类零件制成的类似商品比较 。 这 种 价 格 比 较 应 在 具 有 相 似 特 征的 同 类 商品 中 进 行, 如 型 式、 适 用 性、 功 能、 制 造 过 程 或 其 它 双 方 商 定 的 比 较 标 准。按 照 本 节 规 定 进行 价 格 比 较 时, 服 务 的 价 格 及/ 或 升 级 成 本 应 包 括 与 供 方 提 供 同 类服 务 相 比 对 定 制 服 务 附 加 的 成 本 费 用。 这 种 价 格 比 较 应 在 具 有 相 似 特 征 的 同 类 服 务 中 进 行, 如工 时、 交 钥 匙 、工 程 材 料 成 本、 仓 储 费  或 其 它 双 方 商 定 的 比 较 标 准。
iii.    In the event Supplier offers a lower price either as a general price drop or only to some customer(s) for any reason, Supplier shall immediately inform Buyer of this price and price protect Buyer’s inventory of affected Deliverables by rebating to Buyer an amount equal to the difference in the price paid by Buyer and the lower price for all such Deliverables pulled into Buyer’s manufacturing process for consumption or Service retroactive to the date Supplier first sells the Deliverable at a lower price.
iv.    Buyer reserves the right to have Supplier's records inspected and audited to ensure compliance with this Agreement. At Buyer’s option or upon Supplier's written demand, such audit will be performed by an independent third party at Buyer's expense.  However, if Supplier is found not to be complying with this Agreement in any way, Supplier shall reimburse Buyer for all costs associated with the audit, along with any discrepancies discovered, within thirty (30) days after completion of the audit.  Supplier shall have the option to review the independent third party’s findings prior to the release of such findings to Buyer.  If Supplier disagrees with the findings for any reason, Supplier shall have the right to issue a letter in response, which will be included with the third party's findings to the Buyer.  The results of such audit shall be kept confidential by the auditor and, if conducted by a third party, only Supplier’s failures to abide by the obligations of this Agreement shall be reported to Buyer.
买方保留有供方的记录检查和审核的权利,以确保其遵守本协议。在买方决定或供方的书面要求时,这种审计将由独立的第三方执行,买方承担费用。然而,如果发现供方有任何不遵守本协议的,供方应偿还买方与审核有关的费用,并在完成审计工作后 30 天内返还差额费用。供方在向供方披露调查结果之前有权先研究独立第三方的调查结果。如果供方不同意调查结果,有权书面提出意见,意见应包括第三方的结果。第三方应对审计的结果予以保密,只将供方不符合本协议规定的情况报告买方。
C.    Taxes 税费
i.     All applicable taxes, including but not limited to sales/use taxes, transaction privilege taxes, gross receipts taxes, and other charges such as duties, customs, tariffs, imposts, and government imposed surcharges shall be stated separately on Supplier's invoice.  Supplier shall remit all such charges to the appropriate tax authority unless Buyer provides sufficient proof of tax exemption. In the event that Buyer is prohibited by law from making payments to Supplier unless Buyer deducts or withholds taxes therefrom and remits such taxes to the local taxing jurisdiction, then Buyer shall duly withhold such taxes and shall pay to Supplier the remaining net amount after the taxes have been withheld.  Buyer shall not reimburse Supplier for the amount of such taxes withheld.
       所 有 适 用 税 则, 包 括 但 不 局 限 于 销 售/  用 税, 交 易 优 惠 税, 总 收 入 税 和 其 它 费 用, 如 各 类关 税、和 政 府 征 收 的 各 种 附 加 费 应 分 别 在 供 方 发 票 中 注 明。如买 方 提 供 足 够 的 缴 税 豁 免 证 明, 供 方 应  向 适 当 纳 税 机 构 缴 税。   如果法 律 要求 买 方 扣 除 税 款 并 将 税 金 交 给 地 方 纳 税 机 构才支付货款, 买 方 将 扣 除 税 款 并 在 扣 除 税 款 后 向 供 方 汇 出 剩 余 的 净 金 额。 买 方 将 不 向 供 方 提 供 预 扣 税 金 报 销。
ii.     When property is delivered and/or services are provided or the benefit of services occurs within jurisdictions in which Supplier collection and remittance of taxes is required by law, Supplier shall have sole responsibility for payment of said taxes to the appropriate tax authorities.  In the event Supplier does not collect tax from Buyer, and is subsequently audited by any tax authority, liability of Buyer will be limited to the tax assessment, with no reimbursement for penalty or interest charges.  Each party is responsible for its own respective income taxes or taxes based upon gross revenues, including but not limited to business and occupation taxes.
iii.    To the extent that this Agreement includes transfers of licenses for software to be used in Web-based E-Commerce and/or E-Business solutions, or Web-related service fees, including but not limited to hosting fees, data and/or storage fees, and application services, and such services are determined to be taxable or to become taxable at some future point in time, Supplier will collect such taxes as determined to be due from Buyer,  or Buyer’s resellers if applicable, and will remit same to the appropriate taxing jurisdictions.  In the case of taxes imposed on the gross revenues resulting from the provision of said services, Supplier will remit such taxes to the taxing jurisdiction before any deduction for Buyer’s share of any business service fees.  Supplier will separately invoice and state separately thereon each type of service and applicable taxes provided under the Agreement.
A.    Prompt payment discounts will be computed from the latest of:  (i) the scheduled delivery date; (ii) the date of actual delivery; or (iii) the date a properly filled out original invoice or packing list is received.  Payment is made when Buyer's check is mailed, credit card charge is accepted, or EDI funds transfer initiated.  Buyer shall, at its option, make payment within 10 days and receive a 2% discount from the total invoice, or shall make payment within sixty (60) days, after Buyer’s receipt of the proper original invoice or Buyer’s receipt of Deliverables or completion of performance of Services, whichever is later.
即 期付 款 折 扣 将 按 下 列 最近一 个 日 期 计 算: (i) 计划的提供服务日期;或 (ii) 实际收货日期;(iii) 收 到 正 确 填写 的 原 始 发 票或装箱单收到的 日 期。当买方支票寄出、信用卡费收到、或电子汇款完成,则视为已经付款。当 买 方 的 支 票 已 寄 出 或 EDI 款 项已 划 拨 时,即 认 为 已 付 款。买 方 可  选 择 在 收 到 原始发票或货物(以较晚者为准)后的十 (10) 天 内 付 款并 收 取 发 票 总 金 额 2% 折 扣; 或 在收 到 原 始 发 票 或 货 物 (以较晚者为准) 后的六十天(60)天内 付 款。
B.    Original invoices or packing lists shall be submitted and shall include: purchase agreement number from the Purchase Order, Purchase Order number, line item number, Release number, part number, complete bill to address, description of Deliverables, quantities, unit price, extended totals, and any applicable tax or other charges. All costs forwarded to Buyer for reimbursement of expenses agreed under the terms of this Agreement shall be net of any reclaimable Value Added Taxes (“VAT”) incurred on such expenses. Buyer’s payment shall not constitute acceptance.
应 提 交 原 始 发 票或装箱单, 其 中 应 包 括:采 购 定 单 中 采 购 协 议 号、 采 购 定 单号、商品 类号、发货号、批次号  所提 供 服 务 的 清 单 与 日 期,可 填 地 址 的 完 整 帐 单、 附带商品 说 明、 数 量、 单 价、 多出的总 金 额、 以 及 任 何 适 用的 税种  或 其 它 收费 。根据本协议的条款,向买方提交报销的成本费用应为净额数,不得向买方要求任何由这些费用产生的增值税(若有增值税时)。买方 的 付 款 并 不 构 成 验 收。
C.    Supplier shall be responsible for and shall hold Buyer harmless for any and all payments to its vendors or subcontractors utilized in the performance of Services. The obligations in this clause shall survive termination of this Agreement.
供 方 对在 其 履 行 服 务 中 所 用的 供 应 商 或 分 包 商承担 全 部 付 款 责 任,并保 证 买方 不 受 损 害。本款在协议终止后仍然有效。
D.    Supplier agrees to invoice Buyer no later than one hundred eighty (180) days after completion of Services or shipment of Deliverables.  Buyer will not be obligated to make payment against any invoices submitted after such period. The obligations in this clause shall survive termination of this Agreement.
供 方 同 意 在 完 成 服 务 或 发 运 相 关 商品 后 的 一 百 八 十 (180) 天 内 为 买 方 开 出 发 票。 对 在 此 期 限 后 提 交 的 任 何 发 票, 买 方 不 具 付 款 义 务。本款在协议终止后仍然有效。
E.    For European purchases paid by credit card, the Supplier shall provide an invoice acceptable for VAT reclaim which shall contain the following additional information: the ‘deliver to’ person’s name, mail stop, phone number, and the letters SPOCC as separate line items.
A.    Buyer may terminate this Agreement or any Purchase Order or Release issued, or any part thereof, at any time for its sole convenience by giving written notice of termination to Supplier.  Upon Supplier’s receipt of such notice, Supplier shall, unless otherwise specified in such notice, immediately stop all work hereunder, give prompt written notice to and cause all of its suppliers or subcontractors to cease all related work, and, upon Buyer’s request, return all materials provided to Supplier by Buyer under this Agreement.
买 方 可 在  任 何 时 候, 通 过 向 供 方 提 交 书 面 终 止 通 知 书,   单方终 止 本 协 议 或 其 发 出 的任 何 采 购 订 单 或发货单, 或 其 中 的 任 何 部 分。 一 旦 供 方 收 到 该 通 知, 除 非 该 通 知 中 另 有 指 定, 应 立 即停 止 本协议规定的所 有 工 作, 同 时 立 即 书 面 通 知 并 督 促 其 所 有 供 应 商 或 分 包 商, 停 止 所 有 相 关 工 作并按照买方要求退还所有买方的所有资料。 
B.    There shall be no charges for termination of orders for standard Deliverables or for Services not yet provided. Buyer will be responsible for payment of authorized Services and Deliverables already provided by Supplier but not yet invoiced. Paragraphs C through E of this termination section shall govern Buyer's payment obligation for Deliverables custom made solely for Buyer and offered or sold to no other customer. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Supplier shall not be compensated in any way for any work done after receipt of Buyer’s notice, nor for any costs incurred by Supplier’s vendors or subcontractors after Supplier receives the notice, nor for any costs Supplier could reasonably have avoided.
对 于 已终止的订单 或 服 务,不 需 支 付 费 用。 买 方 有 责 任 支 付 已 由 供 方 提 供、 但尚 未 开 出 发 票 的 授 权 服 务 和 商品 的 款 项。买方应按照本条C款至E款规定支付供方为其定制的交付物。即便有其他约定,供方在收到买方的通知后对已经完成的工作没有任何补偿,其供方或分包商在收到该通知后所承担的开支同样如此没有补偿,供方理应避免的开支也没有补偿。
C.    Any claim for termination charges for custom made Deliverables must be submitted to Buyer in writing within thirty (30) days after receipt of Buyer's termination notice along with a summary of all mitigation efforts.
终止协议的定制物费用的任何索赔必须在收到买方终止通知后30 天内连同做了减轻损失的努力的书面简述向买方提交。
D.    Supplier's claim may include the net cost of custom work in process scheduled to be delivered within fifteen (15) days and that must be scrapped due to the termination.  Supplier shall, wherever possible, place such custom work in process in its inventory and sell it to other customers.  In no event shall such claim exceed the total price for the Deliverables terminated.  Upon payment of Supplier's claim, Buyer shall be entitled to all work and materials paid for.
E.    Before assuming any payment obligation under this section, Buyer may inspect Supplier's work in process and audit all relevant documents.
F.    Notwithstanding anything else in this Agreement, failure to meet the delivery date(s) in the Purchase Order shall be considered a material breach of contract and shall allow Buyer to terminate the order for the Deliverables and/or any subsequent Releases in the Purchase Order without any liability whether the Purchase Order was for standard or custom made Deliverables.
A.    Neither party shall be responsible for a failure to perform under this Agreement or any Release due to any cause beyond its reasonable control, such as acts of nature, war, riot, embargoes, or acts of civil or military authorities (“Force Majeure”). Supplier’s failure to manage its suppliers or the necessary materials, parts, or labor for its supply chain shall not be considered a Force Majeure event that excuses Supplier’s non-performance. If either party’s performance is delayed due to Force Majeure, the non-performing party shall use its best efforts to mitigate the impact of the delay and resume performance as soon as possible. Supplier shall immediately notify Buyer in writing if delivery of any Item or the performance of any Service is to be delayed by Force Majeure.  If the delay continues for greater than thirty (30) days from the date of the Supplier’s notice, Buyer may either: (i) extend time of delivery or performance, or (ii) terminate the portion of the Release that is affected by the Force Majeure, without any liability for such termination. The obligations in this Section shall survive the termination of this Agreement.
对 于 因 超 出 其 合 理 控 制 范 围 的 因 素, 如天灾 、 火 灾、 盗 窃、 战 争、 暴 乱、 禁运 或 者政府或 军 事 当 局 的行为  等,而 造 成 未 能 履 行 本 协 议 的 情 况, 任 何 一 方 均 不 负 责 任。
如果供方因未能对其供货商、必备材料、部件和相关人力妥善管理而造成未能履行义务,则不应视为不可抗力。任何一方由于不可抗力受到延误,应尽最大努力减轻延误的影响并尽快履行义务。如 果 由 于 这 些 意 外 事 件 而 使 执 行 服 务 推 迟, 供 方 应 立 即 书 面通 知 买 方。如果延误在供方通知后超过30天, 买 方 可 以: (i) 延 长 履 行 时 间; 或 (ii) 终止受到影响的发货,对终止均不承担任何责任。本款效力至协议终止。
A.    Any forecasts provided by Buyer are for planning purposes only and do not constitute a Release or other commitment by Buyer.
B.    Supplier shall notify Buyer in writing within two (2) business days of receipt of Buyer’s Purchase Order if Supplier is unable to make any scheduled delivery and shall state the reasons there for. The absence of such notice constitutes acceptance of the Purchase Order and commitment to the Release terms.
C.    Supplier shall deliver Deliverables per the Release schedule and Buyer may return non-conforming shipments at Supplier's risk and expense. The obligations in this clause shall survive termination of this Agreement for Deliverables purchased but not received prior to the termination.
D.    Supplier shall promptly perform Services as scheduled or shall promptly notify Buyer if unable to perform any scheduled Services and shall state the reasons.
E.    Buyer may reschedule any Release in whole or in part prior to the Release date at no additional charge.
F.    Buyer may place any portion of a Release on hold by notice that shall take effect immediately upon receipt.  Releases placed on hold will be rescheduled or terminated in accordance with the Termination for Convenience section of the Agreement within a reasonable time.
G.    Buyer shall have no obligation with respect to the purchase and/or licensing of Deliverables under this Agreement until such Deliverables are specified in an issued Purchase Order that contains specific Release dates for specific Deliverables.
H.    If for any reason Supplier discontinues the manufacture of any Deliverable during the term of this Agreement or within one (1) year after the final delivery under this Agreement, Supplier shall give Buyer at least ninety (90) days prior written notice of such Deliverable discontinuance, during which time Buyer shall have the option to place a final Release for such Deliverables for delivery to Buyer within an agreed upon period.  If any warranty return claims are made for such discontinued Deliverables, then such returns will be subject to the warranty provisions of the warranty section of this Agreement.
A.    Buyer may inspect and test all Deliverables at reasonable times before, during, and after manufacture.  If any inspection or test is made on Supplier’s premises, Supplier shall provide reasonable facilities and assistance for the safety and convenience of Buyer’s inspectors in such manner as shall not unreasonably hinder or delay Supplier’s performance.  All Deliverables shall be received subject to Buyer’s inspection, testing, approval, and acceptance at Buyer’s premises notwithstanding any inspection or testing at Supplier’s premises or any prior payment for such Deliverables. Deliverables rejected by Buyer as not conforming to this Agreement or product specifications, whether provided by Buyer or furnished with the product, may be returned to Supplier at Supplier’s risk and expense and, at Buyer’s request, shall immediately be repaired or replaced.
B.    Supplier makes the following warranties regarding Deliverables and Services furnished hereunder, which warranties shall survive any delivery, inspection, acceptance, payment, or resale of the Deliverables:
(i)    Deliverables will not infringe any party’s ACLlectual property rights (“Warranty of Non-Infringement”);
可交付结果不会侵犯任何一方的知识产权 ("保修的非侵权") ;
(ii)   Supplier has the necessary right, title, and interest to provide said Deliverables to Buyer, and the Deliverables will be free of liens and encumbrances (“Warranty of Title”);
供方具有必须的权利和权益将交付物提供给供方,该交付物不存在任何留置权和抵押权 (参见条款:"所有权的承诺")。
(iii)  Deliverables are new, and of the grade and quality specified;
(iv)  Deliverables are free from defects in workmanship and material, conform to all samples, drawings, descriptions, and specifications furnished or published by Supplier and to any other agreed-to specifications;
交付物不存在材料及工艺缺陷,符合供方提交的所有样品、 图纸、 说明和规格以及商定的任何其他规格;
(v)   Deliverables shall conform to the manufacturing quality provisions set forth in the Agreement;
(vi)  Deliverables provided shall be performed in accordance with good workmanship standards and shall meet the descriptions, specifications and the performance standards of the scope of work within this Agreement.
C.    If Supplier breaches any of the foregoing warranties, or Deliverables are otherwise defective or non-conforming, during a period of three (3) years after Buyer's acceptance of Deliverables, Supplier shall, at Buyer's option, promptly repair, replace, or refund the amount paid for such Deliverables. Supplier shall bear the cost of shipping and shall bear the risk of loss of all defective or non-conforming Deliverables while in transit.
D.    The warranties set forth in Section B above are available from Supplier only during the applicable warranty period, except for the Warranty of Title and the Warranty of Non-Infringement that shall continue to apply and be available to Buyer after the expiration of the applicable warranty period. Buyer may transfer the warranties in Section B above to a third party in connection with the sale or transfer of the Deliverables.
E.    The obligations stated in this Section, Inspection, Acceptance, and Warranty, shall survive termination where such provisions apply to Deliverables whereby such obligations have not expired.
A.    Supplier shall not modify the specifications for Deliverables without Buyer’s written consent.  Supplier shall notify Buyer at least one hundred twenty (120) days in advance of any changes in the manufacturing process.
B.    Supplier shall cooperate with Buyer to provide configuration control and traceability systems for Deliverables supplied hereunder.
C.    Supplier shall provide Buyer with an errata list for each Deliverable and shall promptly notify Buyer in writing of any new errata with respect to the Deliverables.
A.    All Deliverables requiring shipping shall be prepared for shipment in a manner that: (i) follows good commercial practice; (ii) is acceptable to common carriers for shipment at the lowest rate; and (iii) is adequate to ensure safe arrival. Supplier shall mark all containers with necessary lifting, handling, and shipping information, Purchase Order number, date of shipment, and the names of the Buyer and Supplier. Buyer shall notify Supplier of the method of shipment and expected delivery date. If no instructions are given, Supplier shall select the most cost effective carrier, given the time constraints known to Supplier. Supplier shall ship only the quantity of Deliverables specified in the Release. Buyer may return at Supplier’s expense any Deliverables in excess of the quantity stated in the Release.
B.    As directed by Buyer, freight shall be either managed by Supplier or Buyer in accordance with the following terms and conditions:
 (i) For Supplier Managed Freight:  All Deliverables shall be shipped Delivered Duty Paid, Buyer's Dock (DDP: Buyer's Dock, Incoterms 2000) for non free trade zone factory sites or Delivered Duty Unpaid, Buyer's Dock (DDU:  Buyer's Dock, Incoterms 2000) for free trade zone factory sites. Title and Risk of loss shall pass to Buyer upon delivery of Deliverables to Buyer's
由供方支付运费:所有交付物以运费已付的方式运抵买方码头的非自由贸易区工厂(DDP买方码头Incoterms 2000或运费未付,运抵买方非自由贸易区工厂(DDU: 买方码头Incoterms 2000)。在交付买方后,使用权及损失风险转移至买方。
 (ii) For Buyer Managed Freight:  All Deliverables shall be shipped Free Carrier, Supplier's Dock (FCA: Supplier's Dock, Incoterms 2000).  Title and Risk of loss shall pass to Buyer upon delivery of Deliverables to Buyer's agent at the Supplier Dock.
买方支付运费:所有交付物以“运费未付”方式运抵供方码头(FCA:供方码头,Incoterms 2000)。在供方码头交货完成并损失风险转移至买方代理人。
C.    Hazardous Materials Freight: Notwithstanding anything contained in Section B of this Packing and Shipment Section to the contrary, and regardless of the freight terms listed on any Purchase Order, all Deliverables that are Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods and are regulated in transportation by international, federal, state or local law shall be shipped Delivered Duty Paid, Buyer's Dock (DDP: Buyer’s Point of Use, Incoterms 2000) for non free trade zone factory sites or Delivered Duty Unpaid, Buyer's Dock (DDU: Buyer’s point of use, Incoterms 2000) for free trade zone factory sites.  Title and risk of loss shall pass to Buyer upon delivery of Deliverables to Buyer's point of use at the Buyer factory site designated in the Release.
D.    The obligations stated in this Section, Packaging and Shipment, shall survive termination of this Agreement where obligations for purchases are invoked prior to termination but delivery occurs after termination.
A.    Any specifications, drawings, schematics, technical information, data, tools, dies, patterns, masks, gauges, test equipment, and other materials furnished or paid for by Buyer shall: (i) be kept confidential; (ii) remain or become Buyer's property; (iii) be used by Supplier exclusively for Buyer's orders; (iv) be clearly marked as Buyer's property and segregated when not in use; (v) be kept in good working condition at Supplier's expense; and (vi) be shipped to Buyer promptly on demand.
任 何 由 买 方 提 供 和 / 或 购 置 的 规 范、图 纸、图解、技 术 资 料、数 据、工 具、晶 片、图 样、掩 模、量 规、测 试 设 备、及 其 它 材 料 均 应:(i)保 密;(ii) 保 持 为 或 成 为 买 方 的 财 产;(iii)按 买 方 的 指 令 由 供 方 专 用;(iv)明 显 标 记 为 买 方 的 财 产 并 在 不 使 用 时 分 开 存 放;(v)保 持 良 好 工 作 状 态, 费 用 由 供 方 负 担;以 及(vi)按 要 求 及 时 运 回 买 方。
A.    During the course of this Agreement, either party may have or may be provided access to the other's confidential information and materials.  Additionally, Supplier may be engaged to develop new information for Buyer, or may develop such information during the performance of Services, which information will become, upon creation, Buyer’s confidential information unless otherwise agreed in writing.  Provided information and materials are marked in a manner reasonably intended to make the recipient aware, or the recipient is sent written notice within forty-eight (48) hours of disclosure, that the information and materials are “Confidential”, each party agrees to maintain such information in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the CNDA referenced on the signature page of this Agreement and any other applicable separate nondisclosure agreement between Buyer and Supplier. At a minimum each party agrees to maintain such information in confidence and limit disclosure on a need to know basis, to take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized disclosure, and to treat such information as it treats its own information of a similar nature, until the information becomes rightfully available to the public through no fault of the non-disclosing party.  Supplier's employees who access Buyer's facilities may be required to sign a separate access agreement prior to admittance to Buyer's facilities. Furthermore, Supplier will furnish a copy of the Protection of Buyer’s Assets Addendum to each of its employees and subcontractors assigned to or contracted for Buyer work and will take reasonable steps to assure Buyer that all such employees and subcontractors have read and understood the Protection of Buyer’s Assets Addendum. Supplier shall not use and shall validate that its employees and Contractors do not use any of the confidential information created for Buyer other than for Buyer.
    在 本 协 议 的执 行 过 程 中, 任 何 一 方 都 可 能 掌握或接触另 一 方 的 机 密 信 息 和 材 料。此 外, 供 方 可 能 从 事 为 买 方 开 发 新  信 息 和 材 料 的 工 作, 或 在 履行 服 务 期 间 开 发 出 这 种 信 息, 除 另 外 经 过 买 方 书 面 同 意, 这 种 信 息 一 旦 创 建, 即 成 为 买 方 的 机 密信 息。如 果以 合 理 的 方 式标 记信 息和 资 料, 引 起 收 件 人 注 意, 或 在 传 递 后 四 十  八 (48)  小 时 之 内 发 给 收 件 人关于披露的书 面 通 知,   这 些 信 息 和 材 料均应列为“ 保密 ”,  则 双 方 同 意 按本 协 议 中 的 条 款、 本 协 议 签 字 页 上 引 用 的 CNDA、  或 买 方 和 供 方 之 间 的 任 何其 它 适 用 的 单 独 保 密 协 议, 来 维 护 这 些 信 息。 在 没 有 CNDA 或 其 它 书面 协 议 的 情 况 下,双 方应至 少同 意将这 些 信息保 密,而 把 公 开 化 限 于 双 方 需 要 知 道 的 范 围,并 采 取 所 有 合 理的 防 范 措 施 以 防 止 未 经 授 权 的 透 露,且 像 处 理 本 方 类 似 性 质 的 信 息 那 样 来 处 理 这 些 信 息, 直 至 这些 信 息 并 非 因不得 透 露 方 的 过 错使公 众 已 能 合 法 取 得 时 为 止。 使 用 买 方 设 施 的 供 方 雇 员, 在接触 到买 方设 施 之 前, 可 被 要 求 签 署 一 份 独 立 的 接 触 信 息 协 议。 此 外, 供 方 应 向 其 委 派 到 买 方 工 作 的 每 一 位雇 员 和 每 一 家 签 约 分 包 商 提 供 一 份 附 件 E 的 复 印 件, 并 采 取 合 理 措施, 使 买 方 确 信 所 有 这 些 雇 员 和 分 包 商 均 已 阅 读 并 理 解 了 附 件E。 除了 为 了买 方利益外,供 方 不 得 使 用 为 买 方 创 建 的 任 何 机 密 信 息。
B.    The parties agree that neither will disclose the existence of this Agreement, nor any of its details or the existence of the relationship created by this Agreement, to any third party without the specific, written consent of the other. If disclosure of this Agreement or any of the terms hereof is required by applicable law, rule, or regulation, or is compelled by a court or governmental agency, authority, or body, such as annual reports or S1 Filings:  (i) the parties shall use all legitimate and legal means available to minimize the disclosure to third parties of the content of the Agreement, including without limitation seeking a confidential treatment request or protective order; (ii) the party compelled to make disclosure shall inform the other party at least ten (10) business days  in advance of the disclosure (i.e., not a Saturday, Sunday, or a day on which banks are not open for business in the geographic area in which the non-disclosing party’s principal office is located); and (iii) the party compelled to make disclosure shall give the other party a reasonable opportunity to review and comment upon the disclosure, and any request for confidential treatment or a protective order pertaining thereto, prior to making such disclosure. The parties may disclose this Agreement in confidence and only to the extent necessary in connection with obtaining services from their respective legal counsel, accountants, bankers, auditors, agents, consultants, and financing sources provided these third parties are bound by confidentiality restrictions that are at least as restrictive as the CNDA between Buyer and Supplier. Neither party may use the other party’s name or trademarks in any type of advertisement materials, web sites, press releases, interviews, articles, brochures, business cards, project reference or client listings, without the other’s written consent. For Buyer, this written consent must come from the Vice President of Materials.
双 方 同意, 未 经 另 一 方 的 特 别 书 面 许 可, 任 何 一 方 都 不 得 将 本 协 议 的 存 在、 本 协 议 的 任 何 细 节 或 由 于 本协 议 而 建 立 之 关 系 的 存 在 透 露 给 任 何 第 三 方。 如 果 有关 法 律、 条 例 或 规 定 要 求, 或 者 法 院 、 政 府机 构、 当 局 或 机 关 强制披  露本 协 议 或 其 任 何 条 款诸如年报或S1文件归档, 则 :  (i) 双 方 应 采 用 一 切 可 采 取 的 合法手 段, 以把 本 协议 内 容 向 第 三 方 的 透 露 减 至 最 低 限 度, 包 括, 但 不 限 于,提出寻 求 保 密 处 理 的申请或寻求 保 护 性 裁 定; (ii) 被要求披露保密信息的一方 至 少 应 在 透 露 的 十 (10)  个 工 作 日 之 前 通 知 另 一 方;(iii) 在 实 际 透 露 之 前, 透 露 方 应 给 予 另 一 方 一 个 合 理 的 机 会,  来 审 查 和 评 估 该 项 透 露, 和与 之 相 关 的 保 密 处 理 请 求 或 保 护 性 裁 定。  在 有 必 要 获 得 第 三 方 服 务 时, 双 方 可将 本秘密协 议透 露 给 各 自 的 法 律 顾 问、 会 计 师、 银 行 和 融 资 源。协议一方在未经另一方书面同意,不得在任何类型的广告资料,网站,新 闻稿,面谈,文章,手册,业务名片,项目介绍或客户名单中使用另一方的名称或商标。对ACL而言,应获取ACL 采购部董事和/或材料部副总裁的同意。
C.    Supplier shall ensure that Supplier’s personnel understands and agrees to comply with the obligations in this Section, Confidentiality and Publicity.
D.    The obligations stated in this Section, Confidentiality and Publicity, shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement.
本 条 款 中 所 述 之 义 务 在 本 协 议 到 期 或 终 止 后 仍 然 有 效。
A.    Supplier shall indemnify and hold Buyer and its customers harmless from and against any costs, expenses (including attorneys’ fees), losses, damages, or liabilities incurred because of actual or alleged infringement of any patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, maskwork, or other ACLlectual property right  of a third party arising out of or in connection with any of the following:
i) the use or sale by Buyer or Buyer’s subcontractors, distributors, or agents of Deliverables or items),
ii) the use or sale by Buyer or Buyer’s customers of any products manufactured using , containing, or otherwise adapted to operate with the Deliverables or items, or
iii) the performance of any Services provided by Supplier, its agents, or subcontractors hereunder.
B.    Buyer shall notify Supplier of such claim or demand and shall permit Supplier to participate in the defense or settlement thereof. Provided that Supplier may not compromise or settle any infringement claim in a manner which either imposes any liability or cost for Buyer or requires Buyer to admit any liability.  If an injunction issues as a result of any claim or action, Supplier agrees at its sole cost and expense and Buyer’s option to either:
买 方 应 将 此 类 索 赔 及 要 求 通 知 供 方, 并 允 许 供 方 参 与 有 关 的 辩 护 和 调解。 如 果 由 于 这 类 索 赔 或起诉 导 致 发 出 禁 令, 则 供 方 同 意 买 方 可 作 以 下 选 择并由 供 方 负 担 费 用。
(i) procure for Buyer and Buyer’s customers the right to continue using the affected Deliverables or items;
设 法 为 买 方 及 买 方客 户 获 取 继 续 使 用 该 商品 的 权 利
(ii) replace them with non-infringing Deliverables or items;
(iii) modify them so they become non-infringing; or 予以修改使之不侵权。
(iv) refund to Buyer the amount paid for any Deliverables or items.返还买方为此支付的价款。
C.    Regardless of which of the foregoing remedies is implemented, Supplier shall pay to Buyer rework expenses and incremental costs incurred by Buyer to procure alternative products required to fill any orders placed by Buyer as of the effective date of the injunction.
无 论 上 述 哪 种 方 法 生 效, 供 方 须 向 买 方 支 付 额 外 工 作 费 用 和 买 方 为完成其定 单寻 求 替 代 商 品和 供方自法 令 有 效 日 起接 受 的 定 单 所 引 起 的 成 本 增 加 费 用。
以 上 所 列 提 供 了 完 整 的 由 第 三 方 提 出 知 识 产 权 问 题 而 发 生 在 买 方 和供 方 之 间 的 责 任 和 补 救 方 法。
E.    The obligations in this Section, ACLlectual Property Indemnification, shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement.
A.    If Deliverables provided hereunder include Hazardous Materials, Supplier represents and warrants that Supplier and its personnel providing Services to Buyer understand the nature of and hazards associated with the design and/or delivery of Deliverables or Services including handling, transportation, and use of such Hazardous Materials, as applicable to Supplier.  Prior to causing Hazardous Materials to be on Buyer's property, Supplier shall obtain written approval from Buyer's Site Environmental/Health/ Safety organization. Supplier will be fully responsible for and indemnify Buyer from any liability resulting from the actions of Supplier or its contractors in connection with: (i) providing such Hazardous Materials to Buyer; and/or (ii) the use of such Hazardous Materials in providing Services to Buyer.
如 果 根 据 本 协 议 提 供 的 商品 或 任 何 服 务 含 有 危 险 材 料, 供 方 表 示  并 保 证, 供 方 及 其 为 买 方 提供 服 务 的 有 关 人 员 了 解 与 商品 的 设 计 和( 或) 服 务 相 关 之 危 险 的 性 质, 包 括 此 种 危 险 材 料 适 用 于供 方 的 处 理、 运 输 和 使 用。 在危 险 材 料 运 抵 买 方 之 前, 供 方 应 获 得 买 方 所在地的  环 境 /卫生 / 安 全 部 门 的 书 面 批 准。 由 于 供 方 及 其 承 包 商 在: (i) 提 供 这 种 危 险 材 料 给 买 方 时, 和( 或) (ii)  在 为 买 方 提 供 服 务 期 间 使 用 这 种 危 险 材 料 时 的活 动 引 起 的 任 何 责 任, 应 由供方负  责 ,并 补偿买 方 损失。
B.    Supplier will timely provide Buyer with material safety data sheets and any other documentation reasonably necessary to enable Buyer to comply with applicable laws and regulations.
C.    Supplier hereby certifies that Deliverables supplied to Buyer comply with all applicable requirements of Buyer's Environmental Product Content Specification for Suppliers and Outsourced Manufacturers (available at http://supplier.ACL.com/ehs/environmental.htm).
D.    Supplier shall not accept credit card related Releases for any Hazardous Materials (such purchases must be made using a Purchase Order).
E.    The obligations stated in this Section, Hazardous Materials, shall survive expiration or termination of this Agreement as required to support Deliverables purchased prior to but delivered after expiration or termination.
A.    Upon Buyer's request, Supplier will promptly provide Buyer with a statement of origin for all Deliverables and with applicable customs documentation for Deliverables wholly or partially manufactured outside of the country of import.
B.    The obligation stated in this Section, Customs Clearance, shall survive expiration or termination of this Agreement as required to support Deliverables where such clearance information is requested after termination or expiration.
A.    The obligations stated in this Section, Compliance with Laws and Rules, shall survive expiration or termination as necessary to respond to any Supplier’s Deliverables subject to compliance concerns.