EPC工程总承包合同实施细则 (中英文)第1部分

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2.0   HEALTH & SAFETY     健康与安全
Appendix A–LEED-NC Green building Certification Construction Requirement dated 18th January 2008 (refer to the file included in the Construction Design Pack of the Tender Document)
附件 A – LEEDTM绿色建筑认证施工要求指南,2008年1月18日版(请参阅招标文件中的成套施工图设计文件)(译注:美国LEED体系是一个国际性绿色建筑认证系统。)
Appendix B–Testing and Commission Specification (refer to the Construction Design Pack of the tender document and it may be updated in Part II of the Tender Document)
附件 B – 调试和测试说明(请参阅招标文件中的成套施工图设计文件,这个文件可能在第二部分招标文件中修正。)
Appendix C–Sample Schedules  (refer to the Construction Design Pack of the tender document and it will be updated in Part II of the Tender Document)
附件 C – 样品计划(请参阅招标文件中的成套施工图设计文件,这个文件可能在第二部分招标文件中修正。)
Appendix D–Soils Report
附件 D –岩土工程勘察报告
Appendix E–EI Report version 2.0
附件 E –环境研究报告第二版
Appendix F–Design and Build Suggestions resulting from the Global Ltd’s Phase I and Phase II Environmental Investigations of the site dated     
附件 F – 根据环境工程(上海)有限公司针对场地现场的第一阶段和第二阶段环境研究的成果的发布于     的对设计和建设的建议方案
IMPORTANT NOTE: All provisions included within these Preambles are obligatory upon the General Contractor and should be read in conjunction with all Contract Documents. In the event of any conflict between contract documents, the GC should raise said conflicts with Symantec through Symantec’s Project Manger for direction in full accordance with the Contract.
重要提示:包涵在序言中的所有规定和条款都属于总承包商的义务,总包必须结合所有合同文件详细阅读。序言中任何与合同文件有冲突的部分总包必须立刻通过     项目经理向     公司提出,并得到指示,从而保证完全遵循合同。
IMPORTANT NOTE: The contractor shall ensure that all of his contractors of all kinds and any suppliers and public utility contractors full comply with these Preambles for the duration of the construction.
This Preambles document outlines the key issues which need to be considered by the tenderers in their tender. Symantec and G&T recognize that this project is not being run in a typical Chinese fashion and those changes in approach and practice are expected and required of the GC by Symantec. The demonstration of enthusiasm and capability to embrace and implement these ideas and this project approach will be a fundamental factor in the selection of the GC.
投标者的标书必须考虑本序言中罗列的关键事项。     公司与     公司非常清楚本项目并不是以典型的中国式方法进行运作,而那些实施方法和手段中的变化是在     公司对总包的期望和要求。充分地例证和体现其接受并实施这些理念和项目实施措施的能力将会是本次总包选择的一个基本因素。
This Preambles document outlines some of the more important and fundamental aspects to the project that fall within the Project Philosophy viz. to adopt the very best of International and Chinese practice to produce a project with which all members of the team can be proud and that will serve Symantec well over the lifespan of the building as well as delivering the project in a safe, environmentally friendly, international grade A building in terms of quality and performance.
本序言着重提到了项目理念范畴内的更为重要和基本的方面,那就是采用高水平的中西结合实践模式,完成一个,能使之让团队中所有成员骄傲的,在项目整个寿命期内为     公司提供满意的服务的,且实现质量与运行甚佳,安全、环保且达到国际A级标准的楼宇。
All costs associated with the provision of all items in these Preambles shall be deemed to be included for within the GC’s tender sum.
This Symantec project is located in Chengdu Hi-Tech Development Zone (South Region). Some key areas that pertain to the project follow :-
本     项目位于     ),该项目一些主要面积指标如下:
Total Land Area总占地面积  40,000 m2
Total Building Area (Phase I) 总建筑面积(一期)   30,014 m2
herein: 其中:     
Office Area办公楼区域:   13,775 m2
Lobby and Leisure Areas大堂与休闲区域:     5,109 m2
Car parking Area (250 cars) 停车场区域(可容纳250辆汽车):   11,150 m2
Total Land Area总占地面积  40,000 m2
Total Building Area (Phase I) 总建筑面积(一期)   30,014 m2
herein: 其中:     
Office Area办公楼区域:   13,775 m2
Lobby and Leisure Areas大堂与休闲区域:     5,109 m2
Car parking Area (250 cars) 停车场区域(可容纳250辆汽车):   11,150 m2
Total Land Area总占地面积  40,000 m2
Total Building Area (Phase I) 总建筑面积(一期)   30,014 m2
herein: 其中:     
Office Area办公楼区域:   13,775 m2
Lobby and Leisure Areas大堂与休闲区域:     5,109 m2
Car parking Area (250 cars) 停车场区域(可容纳250辆汽车):   11,150 m2
Total Land Area总占地面积  40,000 m2
Total Building Area (Phase I) 总建筑面积(一期)   30,014 m2
herein: 其中:     
Office Area办公楼区域:   13,775 m2
Lobby and Leisure Areas大堂与休闲区域:     5,109 m2
Car parking Area (250 cars) 停车场区域(可容纳250辆汽车):   11,150 m2
Total Volume Ratio总容积率 2.24
Building Density建筑密度    36%
Green Ratio绿化率       30%
Total Car Parking Space总车位    775 no
Non-Auto Parking Space非机动车车位     359 no
Please note that Symantec have already engaged the following parties for the project and the GC should cooperate and coordinate fully with these parties.
请注意     公司已雇用以下各方作为此项目的顾问,总包要通力合作以及做好各方协调工作。
Gardiner & Theobald ( Shanghai) Ltd. [G&T] have been appointed by Symantec to act as their Project and Cost Managers for the project in both pre-construction, construction and close out phases.
建筑管理建筑(上海)有限公司]已被   公司任命为本项目在预建,建设及竣工阶段的项目与成本管理公司。
Gensler have been appointed by Symantec as a principle designer working with the following sub-consultants and firms :
Thornton Tomasetti [TT] – structure consultant结构顾问
AlfaTech Cambridge [Alfa] – M&E consultant机电顾问
Cini • Little [CL] – kitchen consultant厨房顾问
Environmental Marketing Solution Inc., Ltd. [EMSI] – LEED consultant LEED 顾问
HS&A Ltd. [HS&A] – Cladding consultant幕墙顾问
In addition, Gensler is working with China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute [CSADRI] as the local design institute for the project.
Health and safety is of paramount importance for Symantec and G&T. As such, the General Contractor (GC) shall ensure that a safe working environment for the project is maintained for all site operatives and visitors to site. The GC shall also run a tidy site with daily and proper clearance of waste (ref to the LEED requirements here) which will assist both with the safety and the productivity the GC for the project.
No work will be allowed on site until Symantec through G&T have issued a Start Work notice to the contractor. The issuance of such a notice will be dependant upon the completion of all security, safety and temporary works construction deemed necessary by Symantec through G&T (including all necessary LEED items). Such an approach has been adopted to ensure that the site is fully prepared ready for the commencement of construction i.e. “we will start as we mean to carry on.”
在     通过     公司发布开工令之前,不可在现场进行任何施工作业。 发布开工令取决于完成所有     公司通过     公司认为必要的现场保卫,安全与临时设施搭建等必要工作(包括所有必要LEED事项)。采用以上措施将可以保证在现场施工前做好充分准备即:“我们已万事俱备”。
The GC shall start implementing health and safety management immediately upon appointment by undertaking a complete and through risk assessment of the site and the planed project. During this period the risks and safety hazards identified shall be logged and a corresponding safety plan shall be finalized (a draft having already been submitted with the tender) drawing up of each risk and hazard. The implementation and matter arising from this plan shall be reported upon every weekly project meeting.
The GC’s health and safety procedures shall be submitted with the tender and shall be taken into consideration in the selection process.
The GC shall fully address all safety issues to ensure that the workers are trained and aware of how to safely address all risks and hazards. They should also be trained in the reporting of incidents and accidents. They should also be made familiar with the safe designated routes around the site together with actions that need to be taken in the event of a fire or evacuation. In addition they will require a clear understanding of PPE (personal protective equipment) requirements and receive training on their use. Safety notice boards shall be prominently located with key measures, safety rules and notices and emergency and hospital numbers clearly displayed. First aid provisions should also be made on site and a key safety person identified to all. Once again health and safety will be on the agenda at every site and progress meeting.
总包必须采取所有安全措施来确保工人得到安全培训且能知晓如何安全地应对风险和危险。 他们也应获得如何对安全事件和事故进行报告的培训。他们也应该熟悉工地现场的安全逃生路线,连同在出现火情及紧急疏散时需要采取相应行动。 此外他们需要明了PPE(个人防护装备)的使用要求并且接受相关的使用培训。永久竖立安全告示牌并写有主要事项、安全法规、公告、紧急联络电话与医院电话的醒目通告。工地现场也必须配备急救箱并让大家知道急救员是谁。再次重申的是健康与安全必须列在每个现场进度例会的有关议程中。
Should an accident occur the GC shall to undertake a full investigation and report to PM the following contents:
1.    Initial review of cause and effect, extent of injuries and destinations of any injured personnel – delivered within 2 hours
2.    Full report expanding on item 1 above.  Including photographs and further investigation into the cause – 24 hours
3.    Total incident report including a development of 2 above and including actions to be taken to avoid reoccurrence.  A report on personnel and any claims or expected claims. Details of any action taken or to be taken by local government – 5 days
整个事件报告必须包括上述项目2的深入汇报,包括如何采取行动来避免类似的事故再发生。相关人员赔偿或预计的赔偿情况报告。所有当地政府部门已采取和将要采取的行动细节— 5天内上报。
GC shall keep the records of all incidents to comply with local government requirements and a record of incidents against total man hours to be worked.
Should there be a blatant offending and flouting of site safety by particular operatives GC shall remove them immediately from site.
GC shall have a company director responsible for health and safety. Symantec will be kept fully informed of all health and safety issues.
Symantec HSE requirements [if provided by Symantec] for the construction project have [will] been enclosed with these Preambles and shall be adhered to.
The GC’s safety plans (both the draft submitted with the tender and the final safety plan completed upon appointment) shall contain the following safety provisions and requirements (this list is indicative and not exhaustive and the full requirements of the Safety Laws of China should be met in addition to the items listed) :-
1.Complete risk assessment and produce safety plan.
2.    Schedule and set safety training for all site workers and visitors
3.    Prepare and equip every person working on or entering the site with PPE for including by not limited to :-
Safety helmets including replacement and reserved helmets for visitors.
Safety shoes including replacements and reserved safety shoes for visitors.
Protective Eye glasses including replacements and reserved safety eye glasses for visitors.
Safety gloves安全手套。
Safety belts and harness安全带。
Welding Masks and welding screens焊接防护面罩和防护屏。
Anti-dust masks防尘口罩。
Any specialist PPE for specialist activities.
    Etc  其他。
All workers shall be provided with a full set of PPE, an overall, and safety training before entering the site.
所有的工人应被提供全套的个人保护装备(PPE), 并在进入工地工作前接受全面的安全培训.
4.    Supply high quality, factory produced, qualified access equipment including, ladders, working trestles and access towers with stabilizers for all site working at any high above floor levels in all location. All equipment shall be used in full accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
5. Supply adequate and qualified site ventilation equipment and fans to all areas of dusty or confined work to provide adequate exhaust and to maintain a healthy working environment.
6.    Supply qualified temporary power for ALL site works until the POWER ON date has been formally achieved. All temporary power should be run overhead and cables should not be strewn across the ground. A detailed POWER ON methodology is required with your tender submission.
7.    Supply qualified temporary dry and wet fire extinguishers on the site at the required locations with clear temporary fire signage to comply with the local fire code and best practice.
8.    Provide welding and grinding screens throughout the site in clearly designated areas. All rotating saws shall be properly equipped with safety guards and factory produced saw benches. Operate a HOT WORK permitting system.
9.    Supply 1st-Aid Kit on site and clearly marked suitable locations throughout the site.
在工地上准备好紧急急救医药箱, 并在适当的地方清晰的表明标志.
10.   Temporary Safety Signage shall be located throughout the site in compliance with local regulations and best practice.
11.   Issue all Special Operation Certificates of the people who will carry out welding, pressure vessel installation and other works to Jianli.
12    There will be two accesses onto the site one for people and one for material deliveries. The people access shall be managed with a turnstile and bar code reader and all workers and visitors will require pass to enter the safe working zone of the site before they can pass through the turnsole. The GC shall construct a temporary room with a guard desk and card reader and bar code reader equipment along with a changing room for PPE and provide all necessary equipment to manage such an arrangement outside of the safe working zone of the site.
The material access route shall have a barrier rather than a turnstile but will have similar working arrangements for the control of lorry drivers, workers, visitors and people using this access point. The access records shall be kept by the contractor and shall be made available to Symantec on request.
No alcohol or tobacco will be allowed on the site and no-one under the influence of alcohol shall be allowed into the safe working zone of the site. No smoking shall be allowed within the safe working zone of the site. Non-smoking and no alcohol signs shall be erected in appropriate locations around the site.
工地现场上禁止饮酒和吸烟。 酒后不允许进入工地的安全施工区。工地的安全施工区不许抽烟。禁止抽烟喝酒的标志应在现场所有应当设立的地方设立。
13    Where not expressly mentioned the safety laws of the PRC shall be strictly adhered to.
The sums identified for the above provisions within the Bills of Quantities shall be deemed to include all safety requirements contained within the Contract documents. These sums shall be administered by Symantec through G&T and allocated to the GC at the sole discretion of Symantec and G&T. The GC has no contractual right to these sums but his contractually obligated to comply with all safety requirements. Symantec and G&T shall assign these sums in a manner that reflects the professionalism of the contractors’ safety management on the project.
在工程量表中确认的针对以上条文所涉及的费用总和被认为包括所有在合同文件中列出的安全要求。 这些费用由xxxx和***公司经过通过独立判断,经由***公司来控制和划拨给总包。总包对这笔费用没有合同权利,但是有合同之义务来完成履行安全要求。xxxx和***公司将在总包完全体现出在项目安全管理方面的专业性的基础上划拨这些费用。
In the event, that the GC fails to meet all safety requirements and regulations, Symantec reserve the right to fine the contractor a commensurate sum and to avail of all remedies available in the contract.
This project was designed in compliance with the LEED standards. Gensler have provided a set of templates and construction requirements for the GC which outline the requirements for the contractor to follow, in order to operate a Green site and construct a Green building. The GC shall read and understand and fully comply with the LEED process. This process will also be presented to the GC at the mid-bid interviews by Gensler and the EMSI to allow full understanding and training will be given to the selected contractor upon appointment. See Appendix A attached to this document.
这个项目是根据LEED标准设计的。GENSLER已经向总包提供了一整套模板和施工要求,列出了一系列需要承包商方遵循的要求,目的是为了在一个“绿色”的工地建造一个“绿色”的项目大楼。总包应阅读和透彻地理解LEED的过程。这个过程也将由GENSLER和EMSI在中期的投标会上向总包陈述以便于全面理解。 被选中的承包商将会被给与相关的培训。具体内容详见本文的附件A。
4.0   TESTING AND COMMISSIONING (this section would be updated in Part II of the Tender Document)
GC shall execute the Testing and Commissioning complies with the T&C Specification requested by Symantec and his consultants. The GC shall complete the following works to meet the T&C requirement, other then satisfies the government’s standards:-
•     Produce T&C schedule which shall reflect all disciplines’ activities with logical links to complete all required T&C performance. This T&C schedule shall be incorporated into GC’s construction schedule and issue to Symantec and G&T for review and approval.
制定调试和测试进度计划全面反映所有专业的活动,并以合理的逻辑关系加以整合以完成全部的调试和测试要求。 这个调试和测试进度计划应和总包的总体建设进度表相协调并一起提交   和   公司审阅和批准。
•     Produce a T&C plan along with the approved T&C schedule and T&C requirements in the Design Package which shall include the T&C organization chart and daily actions list of all contractors and / or subcontractors in each discipline.
根据   批准的调试和测试进度计划和设计文件内的调试和测试要求制定一个调试和测试计划,其中要包括调试和测试组织结构图和所有各个专业的承包商和/或分包商的每天的工作内容列表。
•     The T&C of all disciplines shall, in principle, include following steps:-
Step 1 – Pre-commissioning第一步  预调试
In the stage the GC shall check and inspect all installed system, equipment and facilities to make sure all installation have been completed and fully comply with the design. Record the pre-commissioning, file and issue to Jianli for review and sign off.
Step 2 – Commissioning第二步 调试
Upon the successful pre-commissioning, the GC should commission the system, equipments and facilities to ensure the individual operation are correctly. Records the commissioning, file and issue to Jianli for review and sign off.
Step 3 – Setting to work第三步  整合运行
Subject to the acceptance of commissioning, the GC shall set the all installations to set to work phase with formal power supplied by the building power panel and check if the performances achieve the design and client expectation.
This T&C process will not conflict with any T&C requirements issued by the government which shall be the minimal level of the T&C. The obligations of T&C undertaken by the GC will not be reduced and shall fully comply with the Jianli and local authority requirements. The GC shall lead the T&C in for all sub-contractors and equipment suppliers.
The sums identified for the above within the Bills of Quantities shall be administered to the GC at the sole discretion of Symantec and G&T. The GC has no contractual right to these sums but his contractually obligated to comply with all T&C requirements. Symantec and G&T shall assign these sums in a manner that reflects the professionalism of the contractors’ performance of T&C on the project.
In the event, that the GC fails to meet all T&C requirements, Symantec reserve the right to fine the contractor a commensurate sum and to avail of all remedies available in the contract.
G&T have appended a sample Testing and Commissioning plan which should reflect the minimum acceptable level of detail for the Testing and Commissioning Requirements. See Appendix B
Testing, Commissioning and inspection测试调试和检查
The General Contractor shall carry out all tests as required under the Contract or by the Authorities and shall pay all charges in connection therewith. Tests shall be carried out by independent qualified inspection and testing companies which shall be subject to approval by Symantec and the cost of which shall be met by the GC.
由     批准的有资质的独立公司担任,并且成本由总包负责。
Symantec reserves the right to have these tests carried out by other independent testing companies, in which case, the costs of testing allowed will be deducted from the Contract.
In addition, the General Contractor shall during the course of construction, set up all grades of quality inspectors in accordance with the regulations of the relevant Authorities in P.R.China, and shall, in strict accordance with the current relevant regulation of People’s Republic of China and the requirements of the Contract (including working drawings and Specifications), carry out quality inspections.
To ensure the quality of the Works, Symantec may appoint a representative to carry out inspection on the quality of the Works, and will also appoint relevant quality control authorities in People’s Republic of China to carry out quality control; the General Contractor shall fully cooperate and co-ordinate with these inspectors and control authorities on the quality of the Works.
为确保工作的质量,     会派一个代表执行质量检验的工作,也会聘用国内的质量管理单位来实施质量监管。总包在质量检查方面全面合作和配合他们的工作。
Items of work not in accordance with the requirements of this Contract shall be made good by the General Contractor at his own expense until the specified standard is achieved.
Programme and weekly reports施工组织设计与周报告
The General Contractor shall submit to Symantec and Symantec’s Project Manager for approval a detailed programme showing his intended method, sequence, stages and order of proceeding with the Works together with the period of time he has estimated for each and every such stage of progress. The programme and method statement are to be submitted with the Tender, provision and approval of such a programme will be a condition precedent to the acceptance of a Tender. G&T have attached a programme. As minimum, all activities and milestones shown must be included in the GC’s schedule. See Appendix C.
If during the course of the Contract special circumstances should arise which in the opinion of Symantec warrant or necessitate a revision or departure from the order of procedure as shown in the approved programme, then the General Contractor shall accordingly so revise his programme as Symantec may require.
若在合同期内有特殊情况出现,     认为必须修改已认可的施工组织部署及进度计划表,总包方须按发包方的要求修改其施工组织部署及进度计划表。
In order that the programme may be maintained or amended where necessary it is incumbent upon the General Contractor to notify Symantec whenever there is the likelihood of a delay occurring in his own work or material supplies or in those of any of his named or domestic Sub-Contractors or suppliers.
The submission to and approval by Symantec of such programme (and revisions if applicable) shall not relieve the General Contractor of any of his duties or responsibilities under the Contract.
The GC shall submit to Symantec at weekly intervals reports on the general progress of the Works and detailing any information required, extension of Contract Period claimed, etc. The weekly Report shall provide records of the labor employed on Site under each trade, the materials delivered to Site, the plant and equipment operating on the site, the weather throughout the week, a list of sub-Contractors and named contractors on the site and working off site including the utilities companies and Symantec direct contractors with description of the work each is performing. In addition this report shall include a Progressed and Projected version of the schedule in MS Project Format.
总包应每周向     提供报告,详细说明工程进度、所需的一切信息和资料,以及延长工期的申请等情况。每周报告应当提供的现场个专业的劳动力安排情况,物料到场情况,现场机械设备运行情况,整周天气情况,现场分包商及指定承建商名单机场外加工情况,包括配套设施施工公司和     公司直接承包商等的工作进展情况介绍。此外,这一报告应包括运用微软Project软件制定的记录实际进度和预计完工时间的进度计划表。
The format of the weekly report shall be submitted to Symantec through Symantec’s Project Manager for approval before commencement of work on Site and shall be submitted in English as well as Chinese.
Progress Photographs
On or about the first day of each month, the GC shall provide 30 color photographs of commercial quality, showing the progress of the work.  The point from which each photograph is taken shall be as directed by Symantec through Symantec’s Project Manager.  Each photograph shall show the date the photograph was taken and the location from which it was made, on the front lower right-hand corner of the negative so that it will be produced on each print. Symantec and Symantec’s Project Manger reserve the right to request these photos in hard copy but the GC’s default position should be to submit said photos electronically. If hard copies are requested, the GC shall submit one 10" x 8" print of each photograph to Symantec.
在或约在每个月的第一天,总包应提交30 张高质量的彩色照相图片形象汇报工地进度。每张照片的拍摄点由xxxx通过它的项目管理公司指定。在右下角标明拍摄日期和方位,便于打印保存。xxxx和他的项目管理公司保留要求把照片打印出来保存的权力,但通常总包应提交电子版的。如果要求打印照片,总包应以10” X 8” 的尺寸打印。
The General Contractor shall be responsible for the complete co-ordination of the Works including works executed by named Sub-Contractors, Specialist Contractors, Owner engaged contractors, CDHT and the all Public Utility Companies. This responsibility shall include but not be limited to :
       (a)   co-ordination of all disciplines and trade sections and their related components, one with the other, for the completion of the works to an International Grade A standard.
       (b)   establishment of detailed logical sequence of work and erection schedules.
       (c)   preparation of such shop and working drawings as may be necessary to ensure that the installation of the building services are properly co-ordinated and installed to an International Grade A standard.
       (d)   preparation  of combined builder's works and combined services drawings incorporating all the requirements of various building services sub-Contractors and/or Specialist Contractors employed direct by Symantec and/or Public Utilities Companies, properly co-ordinated and arranged to facilitate future installation, servicing and maintenance.
       (e)   ensuring that named Sub-Contractors, named contractors, Specialist Contractors and Public Utility Companies are allocated their required amount of time and adequate work areas (including materials and equipment storage and site accommodation) to complete their works.
确保指名分包商,指名的承包商,专业承包商和公用事业公司之间分配其所需的时间和充足的工作区(包括材料和设备的仓库和工地住宿) ,以完成他们的工作。
       (f)   provision of suitable and sufficient staff to ensure that the co-ordination procedures are followed to enable the expeditious completion of the Works within the time scale of the construction programme.
       (g)   carrying out any alteration work and indemnification of Symantec against all costs, charges, expenses and the like resulting from any failure to co-ordinate the Works.
       (h)   in particular to coordinate the all contractors undertaking the installation of air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical wiring and conducting and specialist ELV installation works to ensure that all trunking, ducts, piping, conduit and related equipment are constructed in a logical sequence with sufficient clearance and plant space.
The General Contractor shall be responsible for any damage caused owing to lack of liaison with all contractors on site including the Public Utility Companies and shall make good such damage and/or requirement for adjustment that might be necessary to the satisfaction of Symantec through Symantec’s Project Manager at the General Contractor's expense.
The aim of co-ordinating the building services is to enable the services to be properly installed within the spaces designed to house the services without conflict of one service with another or with the building structure, architectural work or finishing and within the time scale of the construction programme.
The General Contractor shall bear the cost of carrying out any alteration work and shall indemnify Symantec against all costs, charges, expenses and the like resulting from any failure on the part of the General Contractor to co-ordinate the design and installation of all service installations, as determined by Symantec.
The process of co-ordination will require the accurate location of services and their brackets etc. in the spaces designed to house the services and the establishment of a detailed sequence of installation. In the event of conflicts arising between the requirements of different parties the General Contractor will be required to negotiate satisfactory arrangements and to see that they are resolved. Conflicts of this nature shall be the sole responsibility of the General Contractor and do not fall within the area of responsibility of Symantec who will not be expected to be involved in such matters.
Access and restrictions准入和限制
The point of access to the site will be determined and agreed between the CDHT, Symantec through Symantec’s Project Manager and the General Contractor and shall comply with the requirements of the Local Authorities. The size and location of the point of access to the site may be altered as necessary according to the sequence and progress of the Works all at the General Contractor's own cost and upon subsequent agreement with the above mentioned parties.
工地出入口将由成都高新区,     通过     的项目管理公司,以及总包共同决定,并且须符合当地有关部门的要求。总包方须根据工程的进展和施工顺序自费对出入口的大小和位置进行必要改动。
The General Contractor shall collect and clear away any debris of any kind arising from the carrying out of the works during the full Contract Period in full compliance with the requirements of the Local Authority and in accordance with the LEED requirements for the project.
Site visit工地访问
Tenderers are deemed to have visited the site of the Works and to have obtained all necessary information in connection therewith and to make themselves thoroughly acquainted with the location, general site conditions, accessibility, available site accommodation and storage space, restrictions for loading and off-loading materials etc. and any other conditions which may affect the Works. A full compliant solution to deal with such matters will have been deemed to have been included within their Tender.
No claim for extra payment or extension of the Contract period will be allowed on the grounds of ignorance of the conditions under which the work is to be carried out.
The General Contractor shall accept the site as found on the Date for Possession and at his own expense clear the site of any debris, etc., which may have been left on the site.
Sub-soil conditions and Investigation Reports土壤条件及调查报告
Please refer to Appendix D, E and F.请参考附件D,E,F
As built drawings, etc. 竣工图等
1.    Before the commencement of the Defects Liability Period, the General Contractor shall furnish to Symantec the following:
2.    Two complete sets of the as built architectural and building services drawings, including an electronic copy in both dwg and pdf format.
3.    Two copies of the operation and maintenance manuals for building services installations and all equipment.
4.    Two copies of the Specifications for materials and workmanship as used in the Works.
5.    Original copies of all relevant guarantees and warranties, etc., provided by suppliers and/or sub contractors for the supply of all proprietary products, systems and equipment.
Possession of site 接管工地
The General Contractor shall take over the site and commence the Works within seven days of the Symantec's written instruction. Immediately upon taking possession of the site the General Contractor is to check and satisfy himself as to the correctness of the levels and boundaries of the site etc., of the works already carried out on site before he commences his work. He shall immediately inform Symantec of any discrepancies found otherwise no claim will be considered for costs incurred and/or extensions of time in respect of such discrepancies or faults.  In the event of the General Contractor failing to observe this requirement, any work under this Contract which is incorrectly constructed as a result of such discrepancies or faults shall, if so required by Symantec, be pulled down and re erected at the General Contractor's expense.
Completion 竣工
The Contract Completion Date shall be determined prior to appointment. The GC shall submit a full and comprehensive logical schedule with realistic durations to cover all necessary activities and submit this with his tender. The electronic copy of this schedule shall be submitted in MS Project.
The General Contractor should allow in his tender for all extra costs for overtime, provision of extra labour and all other provisions considered necessary for the timely completion of the Works
Should the General Contractor consider that it may become necessary to cause overtime to be worked in order to complete the Works by the Date for Completion, he must allow for such a contingency in his Tender price. No claim for any extra in this connection will be considered.
The General Contractor shall apply to the relevant Government Departments for approval and also give Symantec written notice of his intention to work overtime.
The General Contractor and any Sub Contractor shall provide and employ on the Site in connection with the execution and maintenance of the work :
a)    Only such technical assistants as are skilled and experienced in their respective callings and such sub-agents, foremen and leading hands as are competent to give proper supervision to the work they are required to supervise; and
b)    Such skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labour as is necessary for the proper and timely execution and maintenance of the Works
Symantec shall be at liberty to object to and require the General Contractor and any Sub-Contractor to remove forthwith from the Works any person employed by the General Contractor or by a Sub-Contractor who in the opinion of Symantec misconducts itself or is incompetent or negligent in the proper performance of his duties or whose employment is otherwise considered by Symantec to be undesirable and such person shall not be again employed upon the Works without the written permission of Symantec.
     有权反对及要求承包方及任何分包人调离渎职或不称职或疏忽大意或     认为其雇用是不恰当的人员。未有     书面准许,不可再用此等人员。
Any person so removed from the Works shall be replaced as soon as possible by a competent substitute approved by Symantec.
任何人员调离后,必须尽快由得到     批准认可的称职人员替代。
The General Contractor's Project Manger shall be approved by Symantec through Symantec’s Project Manager.
总包方的项目经理的人选须经     的项目管理公司报     批准。
Keep a competent Project Manager and General Foreman, literate in Chinese and English, capable of speaking Putonghua and English constantly on the Works
Workmen living on site
No workmen shall be allowed to live on the site within the site safe zone and will only be allowed to live adjacent to the zone with the express permission of CDHT and Symantec through Symantec’s Project Manager.
Keep efficient, trained and sober watchmen on duty to guard and watch the Works day and night (24 hours) and provide all necessary temporary lighting, guards’ accommodation, barriers and all safeguards for the prevention of fire, accidents and losses.
The General Contractor shall be solely responsible for the safety from damage or theft of all materials, plant, machinery, tools and scaffolding and also for all contractors’   fixed and unfixed materials, goods etc. delivered to site.
Protection and cleaning of all trades所有工程项目的保护和清洁
The General Contractor is to amply protect all finished Works including electrical and sanitary fittings, built in fixtures, metal work, glass, tiles and other wall and floor finishing, and will be responsible for any damage caused by carelessness and negligence in this respect.
Protection and cleaning of all works 所有工作的保护和清洁
Regularly during the works and on the completion of the Works, the GC shall :-.
a)    Clean up after all trades and remove all marks, stains, finger prints and other soil or dirt from all finished surfaces, ease and adjust all doors, windows, drawers, etc., check and oil all hardware, cut out cracks in plastering and make good, clean all wall linings, floors and glass inside and out, touch up all painted and polished work and clean out all gutters and channels.
b)    Clean surface of work to normal "clean" condition expected for a International Grade A facility with a well thought out building cleaning and maintenance program.  Comply with all manufacturers’ instructions for cleaning operations.  Following are examples, but not by way of limitation, of cleaning levels required :
1.    Remove labels which are not required as permanent labels  清除所有临时的商标、标签。
2.    Clean transparent materials, including mirrors and window/door glass to a polished condition, removing substances which are noticeable as vision-obscuring materials.  Replace broken glass and damaged transparent materials
3.    Clean exposed exterior and interior hard-surfaced finishes, to a dirt-free condition, free of dust, stains, films and similar noticeable distracting substances.  Except as otherwise indicated, avoid disturbance of natural weathering of exterior surfaces.  Restore reflective surfaces to original reflective condition.
4.    Wipe surfaces of mechanical and electrical equipment clean, including elevator equipment and similar equipment; remove excess lubrication and other substances.
5.    Remove debris and surface dust from limited-access spaces including roofs, plenums, shafts, trenches, equipment vaults, manholes, attics and similar spaces.
6.    Clean concrete floors in non-occupied spaces broom clean,
7.    Vacuum clean completed surfaces and similar soft surfaces.
8.    Clean plumbing fixtures to a sanitary condition, free of stains including those resulting from water exposure.
9.    Clean light fixtures, diffusers and lamps so as to function with full efficiency and are free of dust, scratches, dirt and marks of any kind.
10.   Clean Site, including landscape development areas, of litter and foreign substances.  Sweep paved areas to a broom-clean condition; remove stains, petro-chemical spills and other foreign deposits.
c)    Except as otherwise indicated or requested by Owner remove temporary protection devices and facilities which were installed during course of work to protect previously completed work during remainder of construction period.
d)    Clear away from the Site all plant, surplus building materials, earth and rubbish and leave the premises clean and fit for occupation to the entire satisfaction of Symantec.
Fire protection火灾的预防
The Works shall be kept free from fire hazard and the General Contractor shall take all possible precautions and provide all necessary temporary fire fighting equipment and properly trained staff including the provision of 24 hour fire marshals.
Damage by erosion腐蚀的损害
Please refer to LEED Contractor Package.请参见LEED专业文件。
Precautionary Works in case of typhoon or heavy rain台风和暴雨的预防
The GC shall monitor weather forecasts and take all necessary measure to avoid damage and loss to the people and property as a result of bad weather.
Clearing away rubbish during the progress of the works在工程进行期间清除垃圾
The General Contractor shall remove all rubbish, crates, wrappings, surplus materials, etc. from the Site as soon as is possible and at frequent intervals during the progress of the Works so as to maintain unhindered access to and easy inspection of all work. The General Contractor shall construct rubbish chutes connected to all floors and shall provide proper bulk bins of adequate size at the Site for storage of rubbish which shall be removed to disposal grounds in accordance with the regulations of any Authority having jurisdiction with regard to the Works.
If, in the Symantec through Symantec’s Project Manager’s opinion, the General Contractor fails to provide the proper bulk bins or remove rubbish from the Site, Symantec reserves the right to employ outside labour to remove rubbish and deduct all costs and expenses incurred from any money due to or to become due to the General Contractor.
Burning of rubbish on site will not be permitted.严禁在工地现场焚烧垃圾。
Removal of water 排水
The GC shall provide temporary catch pits and temporary drainage as necessary to manage the water on the site in full accordance with the LEED Contractors Package attached in Appendix A.
Setting out 定位
The GC shall set out the Works and provide all instruments necessary, of the highest quality and properly calibrated etc. and any engineers and specialist labour required to achieve high levels of accuracy in the setting out of all work..
The General Contractor shall verify all site dimensions and ground levels shown before commencing work.
Blasting will not be permitted禁止爆破