出租方:The lessor: (以下简称甲方)(Hereinafter called Party A)
营业部地址:Address:  电话:Telephone:      传真:Fax: 
承租方:The lessee (以下简称乙方)(Hereinafter called Party B)
地址:Address:  电话:Telephone: 传真: Fax:
经办人:Person in charge: 身份证:  ID Card:
驾驶员一:Driver A: 身份证: ID Card: 驾驶证:Driver License Card:
驾驶员二:Driver B: 身份证:ID Card: 驾驶证:Driver License Card:
Party A and Party B set down the following contract about vehicle lease based on equality and voluntaries through friendly negotiations.
一、 租赁物件、租期、租价及付款方式Lease, Leasing Term, Rent and Settlement
1、 甲方同意将型号为       汽车壹辆出租给乙方,供乙方使用,该车颜色为        ,车牌号为 沪           。
According to Party B’s requirement, Party A provides Party B with  (amount) of  Jazz Blue (color) Golf AT FAW-VW (vehicle model), the License plate number is HU-  
2、 租期从       年   月     日   时起至       年   月   日   时止,租金为       元每日/月。租赁期限内限每日/月平均行驶 3600 Km,超过额定公里,每公里增收  元,超过额定时间,每日/小时增收  元。
The lessee hereby agrees to rent the vehicle provide by lessor for a term from   (H)  (D)  (M)  (Y) to  (H)  (D)  (M)   (Y) at the rate of     RMB per day/month. And the Basic using mileage:  3600 Km per day/month, fee for exceeded mileage:  RMB per Km, fee for extra Hour     RMB per hour.
3、 乙方租用甲方车辆时,需支付  元作为履行本合同的保证金/押金,租赁到期若乙方无违反本合同条款的作为,甲方将向乙方不计息退还保证金/押金。
Party B shall pay of     RMB as the deposit to the contract and be refunded with the voucher under the condition of no violation when the contract ended.
4、 租赁车费于租车之日先预付,于还车之日结算;乙方必须按时付款,对于逾期付款的,甲方有权收回车辆,按照日租价收取逾期租金,并每日按欠款总金额的3%收取滞纳金。
The rent shall be paid by Party B at the signing moment of the contract, and the settlement will be done on expiration of this contract. Party B must make pay rent on schedule. Party A has the right to take back the rented vehicle and charge extra rent and late fee (3 per cent to the whole arrearage per day).
二、 甲方的责任和义务    Party A’s Rights and Responsibilities
1、 甲方保证车辆租出时的性能良好,配备齐全有效的随车证件,并与乙方现场交接清楚。
To ensure the vehicle in good shape, with complete devices and normal functions, to provide valid documents including the vehicle’s Driving Permit, Annual Inspection Qualification Certificate and Road Maintenance Payment Certificate. And transmit what have mentioned above to Party B carefully.
2、 甲方负责对车辆进行免费定期保养、正常维修和年检,对车辆在上海市境内非人为路抛的急修。
To provide free maintenance regularly and repair of faults not caused by man-made reasons of leased vehicle within Shanghai City and Vehicle emergency repairs.
3、 甲方负责指定汽车修理厂对所租出的车辆进行修理,因乙方事故或其他事宜造成的相关修理费用由乙方承担。
To provide designated vehicle repair factories or places for the leased vehicle repair. (Party B pays the repair and related fee caused by Party B’s man-made faults and traffic accidents.)
4、 甲方负责对租出车辆投保车辆损失险和第三者责任险,客伤险,协助乙方处理发生的行车事故和按保险公司规定办理索赔手续。
To ensure the leased vehicle has been taken insurance covering vehicle damage risk and third party liability risk (the total insured amount being. Insured amount covering passenger injury  for the driver. Party A should assist Party B in case of vehicle damage in handling accidents and be responsible for claiming insurance indemnifications.
5、 甲方根据乙方需要配备司机服务或提供有关车辆的其它服务。
According to Party B’s request, Party A shall provide chauffer service and related vehicle services.
6、 甲方根据乙方的资信情况,有权要求乙方提供经济担保。经济担保人必须是具有代为履行或代偿能力的国有企业或其他经济组织。
Party B shall provide economic assurance according to Party A’s requirement. The warrantor should be national enterprises or other companies that has complete compensational abilities.
三、 乙方的责任和义务    Party B’s Rights and Responsibilities
1、 乙方租车提供的所有证件必须真实有效。如属伪造或超过有效期,一切经济和法律责任均由乙方承担。
To ensure all the documents provided are all real and valid. Party B shall undertake all the responsibilities of economic and law if any documents provided by Party B are false or out of validity.
2、 乙方配备的驾驶员必须持有中华人民共和国公安交通管理部门签发的有效机动车驾驶证,并具备壹年以上的驾驶经历,非合同上注明的驾驶员无权驾驶甲方的车辆,否则造成的一切后果由乙方负责。
The vehicle can only be driven by lessee or any other person who is consented by Party A written approval and who holds a valid driver’s license for over one year permitted by traffic administration office of the People’s Republic of China, or Party B shall undertake all the responsibilities of related responsibilities including insurance indemnification claims.
3、 乙方租用的车辆不能转租、转借、变卖、抵押,不能赋予自己对车辆任何超出本合同的其它权力。
Party B is not allowed to re-rent, mortgage, re-sell the leased vehicle or any other power beyond the contract.
4、 严禁使用车辆进行违法活动,严禁使用车辆参加竞赛及作测试使用,严禁使用车辆进行盈利性质的营运,严禁运送易燃、易爆、易腐蚀品等对车辆安全造成影响的物品。
Party B is neither allowed to violate laws and regulations or use the vehicle for test and competition and is not allowed to use the vehicle for profitable service or transport of flammable, explosive, corrosive or radioactive materials, etc. harmful to vehicle safety.
5、 乙方应做到每日检查车辆的机油、刹车油、助力转向油、防冻液、轮胎气压等,发现问题速与甲方联系,否则造成的一切后果由乙方负责。
To check on daily basis the lubricating oil, brake fluid, cooling water, battery fluid, and tyre air-pressure, and immediately inform Party A if any abnormality is found out, or Party B shall undertake all the responsibilities.
6、 乙方租用的车辆发生各类机件故障、事故车修复,必须到甲方指定的修理厂进行修理,不得自行送外厂修理。人为造成的机件故障,修理费用自理。归还车辆时,经检验因乙方自行送外厂修理,造成车辆修理质量低劣、不符规格的部件,需重新修复的,乙方必须承担由此造成修复费用。
In case of vehicle damage, Party B shall have the vehicle repaired at the place designated by Party A. Otherwise Party B shall pay all expenses caused by low-quality repair or equipment. Party B shall pay expenses for all the man-made damages.
7、 乙方若遗失牌照或有关证件,应立刻向甲方申请补办,补办期间的车辆租金及补办手续费由乙方承担。
If the license plate or any documents about the vehicle are lost during the leasing term, Party B shall inform Party A and make substitution immediately and bear all expenses for the substitution and rent during the suspense of using the vehicle.
8、 乙方要保护好甲方车辆上的特征标志,不得涂改遗失,严禁私自拆、换车辆上的任何部件及设备,严禁拆动里程表,如有拆动,将按使用期内规定里程总数的5倍罚款。
Party B is not allowed to repair or change any part, accessory, inter environment and exterior appearance of the rented vehicle. It is prohibited to change or throw away any part and equipment or pull out or refit the mileage meters. In case any trace of such pulling out or refitting is found out, Party B shall pay a penalty equal to five times the amount for the mileage limited defined in the lease for the total lese term.
四、 意外交通事故处理及保险    Traffic Accident and Insurance
1、 乙方发生交通事故(包括非道路交通事故),应立即向交通管理部门报案,保护好现场(快处快撤除外),并按市内2小时、市外4小时的原则通知甲方,事故处理结束将交通管理部门的证明和其它索赔材料在15天内送交甲方,甲方据此办理保险索赔事宜,逾期因不能提供交通管理部门证明和其它索赔材料而无法向保险公司索赔的,其事故造成的全部损失均由乙方承担。发生事故后,未经甲方同意,乙方不得擅自处理事故和安排修理。
In case of traffic accident (including of non-road accident), Party B shall preserve the site where such accident take place (excluding fast deal and move away) and immediately report traffic administration department and inform Party A under the principle of within 2 hours City-in and 4 hours out-of-city. Party B shall provide a report on the actual accident. Certificate for case settlement issued by the traffic administration department and other indemnification documents within fifteen (15) days should be transmitted to Party A. Party shall assist Party B in handling accidents and be responsible for claiming insurance indemnifications. If Party B fails to provide necessary documents to Party A within fifteen days counting from the date when the insured vehicle is repaired or when the case is concluded, it shall be regarded that Party B revoke the right for claims voluntarily. Party B can only handle the accident and have the leased vehicle repaired by Party A’s written approval.
2、 事故期间,由于乙方司机驾驶引起的交通事故,根据保险的条款和交通部门裁定,第三者强制险部分除外,负事故次责的,赔偿甲方事故费用总额的10%;负事故半责的,负责赔偿甲方事故费用总额的15%;负事故主责的,赔偿甲方事故费用总额的20%;负事故全责的,赔偿甲方事故费用总额的30%。
In case of such accident caused by Party B’s designated driver, according to the judging of traffic administration department and insurance company, aside third person liability risk insurance, Party B shall pay 10 per cent of total accident expenses with lesser responsibilities; pay 15 per cent of total accident expenses with half responsibilities; pay 15 per cent of total accident expenses with half responsibilities; pay 20per cent of total accident expenses with minor responsibilities and pay 30 per cent expenses of total accident expenses with whole responsibilities.
3、 乙方所租用车辆在非正式道路上发生单车轻微肇事事故,应立即向交通管理部门报案或向保险公司报案,等待保险公司到现场勘查,甲方代为向保险公司索赔,保险公司实行40%的绝对免赔率,理赔不足部分由乙方承担。
In case of slight accident in non-road environment, Party B shall report to traffic administration department or the insurance company and waiting for the perambulation. Party A shall be responsibility for claiming insurance indemnification. Insurance company does not take forty (40) per cent expenses of total accident expense, so Party B shall be responsible for all the damages aside from the insurance indemnifications.
4、 乙方租用甲方车辆发生各类事故后的损失费用,先由乙方支付,甲方按保险公司理赔规定办理索赔手续,且在保险公司理赔后,由甲方退还给乙方。保险公司免赔部分由乙方承担。
In case of vehicle damages, Party B shall pay total expenses firstly. Party A shall be responsible for claiming insurance indemnifications according to the procedures and regulations of the insurance company and refund the exact indemnifications to Party B. party B shall be responsible for all damages aside from the insurance indemnifications.
5、 乙方如发生违反交通法规的严重违法和交通事故,造成保险费率的上浮部分,由乙方承担。具体上浮按保险公司标准执行。
In case of serious accident or vehicle damages, Party A’s vehicle insurance rate go up by it, Party B shall pay the extra increased insurance expenses according to the criterion of insurance company.
6、 由乙方指定的驾驶员造成各类事故的车辆停驶和修理期间,甲方不免费提供替换车;乙方要承担事故车停驶、修理期间的租金。
During the processing of the accident caused by the driver designated by Party B, Party B shall be responsible for the vehicle rent still. Party A do not provide free substitution vehicle.
7、 乙方发生行车事故,无论有无责任,均按事故修理费的10%补偿甲方车辆的残值损失。
In any case of vehicle damages, Party B shall compensate party A an amount at ten (10) per cent total expenses for damage caused by accelerated depreciation.
8、 乙方在租赁期间发生车辆丢失,须出示当地公安管理部门出具的有效证明,由甲方向保险公司办理索赔手续。乙方必须承担车辆丢失后原车型三个月的租赁费和保险公司赔偿后不足部分的车辆损失费。
If the leased vehicle is stolen during the lease term, Party B shall provide effective evidence issued by residents Police administration department. And Party A shall be responsible for claiming insurance indemnification. Party B shall undertake the responsibilities of three (3) months rent and all damage expenses aside from insurance indemnifications.
9、 乙方必须严格遵守道路交通安全法和实施条例,确保行车的安全。如发生交通违法和交通事故或者被“电子警察”拍摄行为的,必须积极做好事后工作,自觉接受公安交警部门处理,并及时交纳罚金,对于未缴纳部分,甲方有权从押金中扣除。乙方归还车辆7天以后,甲方退还乙方不计利息的押金余额。根据上海市机动车第三者责任保险费率浮动制度的规定,乙方必须承担因为上述原因所至的所租车辆保险费费用上浮的责任。如果因为未接受公安交警部门处理而造成所作用车辆不能参加年度检验,致使车辆被强制停驶,乙方必须承担相关责任和费用。
Party B shall strictly abide by the traffic law and regulations during the lease term. In case of breach of traffic regulation and law (including police CCTV), Party B shall be responsible for all related penalty voluntarily. Party A has the right to deduct the penalty that Party B has not paid from the deposit. Party B will be refunded the deposit without interests after 7 working days of the leased car returned. According to the floating regulation of Shanghai third person liability risk insurance, Party B shall undertake the responsibilities for the increased insurance expenses caused by the reason mentioned above. Moreover, Party B shall be responsibilities for penalty and expenses if the leased vehicle cannot pass annual check and even are stopped running.
五、 违约责任    Liabilities of Breaching the Contracts
1、 乙方如果不履行合同条款,甲方有权收回车辆,终止合同,并有权收取赔偿金。
    Party A has the right to terminate the contract and take back the leased vehicle if Party B fails to carry out his important obligations under this contract and may claim indemnification from Party B.
2、 合同期满后,乙方未办理延期手续,也未按时归还甲方车辆的,甲方有权提交司法机关,依法处理。给甲方造成经济损失的,按合同第一条第4款予以赔偿。
    When the deadline of this contract reached, Party B shall return the leased car or expend the contract immediately, or Party A has the right to report to judicial office and decide according to law. Party B shall take the responsibilities for Party A’s economic damages according to 4 term of Article 1 of this contract.
3、 在合同期内因乙方原因提前终止合同,乙方须首先付清实际租赁期间的相关费用并赔偿相关费用。租期壹月及壹月以上的,赔偿甲方不低于合同总金额的30%费用,租期壹周以上壹月以内的支付合同未履行部分总租金40%的费用补偿给甲方。
    In case of terminate the contract in advance caused by Party B, he shall pay the total rent and be responsible for related expenses. Party B shall pay Ten (30) per cent penalty of the total rent if the leased term covers one month or above. And Party B shall pay to Party A Twenty (40) per cent penalty of the remaining rent if the leased term covers One Week to One Month.
4、 乙方应严格按照本合同履行其义务,由于乙方未能完善履行其义务而造成的损失,均由乙方自行承担,造成甲方任何损失,乙方应付赔偿责任。
    Party B shall strictly carry out his responsibilities of this contract and bear total responsibilities voluntary for damages and expenses caused by incompletely fulfilling responsibilities. And Party A is entitled to claim indemnifications from any damages caused by Party B.
六、 其他    Others
1、 本车使用 93 型号燃料,因未使用指定燃料造成的车辆损失等后果由乙方承担。车辆燃料费用由乙方自理。还车时,若车内存油低于出厂时存油,乙方要按市场价向甲方缴纳所差油费。
The leased vehicle suits  93 (model) gasoline. Party B shall bear all damages cause by misusing gasoline. Party B itself shall take the gasoline cost during leased term and pay the balance gasoline fee compare with outcome time according to the temporal gasoline price.
2、 因车辆行驶中发生故障给乙方造成保险责任范围以外的经济损失,甲方不予负责。
Party A does not take responsibilities for Party B’s damages out of insurance force caused by machine conk out.
3、 履行合同中发生异议的,由双方协商解决,协商不成而提出诉讼,由甲方所在地人民法院受理。
Any disputes arising from or in connection with this contract shall be settled through amicable consultation. In case no settlement is reached through consultations, the two parties agree to refer the disputes to the People’s court for settlement in Party A’s area.
4、 合同期间,乙方司机发生电子警察违章抄报者,乙方应积极配合处理违章,否则甲方有权按乙方租赁时登记司机的驾驶证上报交通管理部门,由交通管理部门负责催办,直至吊销驾驶证,其后果由乙方自负。
In case of recorded by Police CCTV, the drivers designated by Party B shall positively take the treatment and pay the penalty in time. Otherwise, Party A is entitled to report the drivers’ information to traffic administration office and ask for insistence. Party B shall bear the responsibilities to the damages including revoking driver license.
5、 本合同自双方签字盖章后立即生效,合同壹式贰份,双方各执壹份。
This contract has its legal effect after both of the parties signature. This contract is done in duplicate, with each party holding a copy, and shall take force on the date of its signing and stamping by both parties.
6、 乙方还车时间超过预定时间壹小时以内,不收取超时费用,超过壹到肆个小时按照超时半天计算,超过肆小时以上按照一天计算。
Party B will not be charged the extra rent if the leased vehicle are returned in time or one hour overtime, and be charged extra half day rent if the leased vehicle are returned during one to four hours overtime, and be charged another one day rent if the leased vehicle are returned beyond four hours overtime.
7、 乙方租用的车辆,必须在甲方指定的:江苏、浙江两省范围内使用,如驶出以上区域,乙方必须报甲方业务部门批准,签订附加协议,方可使用。
Party B can use the leased vehicle in Shanghai, Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province. It is necessary for Party B to get Party A’s permission and sign attached agreement if Party B drive the leased vehicle out of areas mentioned above.
8、 若乙方在使用车辆过程中发生交通事故而造成车辆无法使用的,因无责事故者,甲方提供5天以内的同类型的代用车,不再加收费用,5天以上的加收更换车租金的60%,对于有责事故的,甲方不免费提供替换车;因车辆正常维修而造成无法使用车辆的,甲方将为乙方提供同类型车辆供乙方使用。
In case of the leased vehicle out of function caused by accident, Party A shall provide free substitute vehicle for Five (5) days to Party B who has no liability and charge Sixty (60) per cent rent of the substitute vehicle rent beyond five days, party A will not provide free substitute vehicle for Party B who bear liability of the accident. In case of vehicle general repair, Party A shall provide substitute vehicle for Party B freely.
9、 租借时,双方确认的车辆交接单是合同不可缺少的组成部分,与合同具有同等法律效力。经办人身份证、信用卡、驾驶员身份证和驾照的复印件作为本合同附件(需在所有复印件上加盖印章)。
The “vehicle hand-over sheet” is one part of the contract recognized by both parties and is entitled the equal legal effect. The copies of ID for person in charge, credit card, drivers’ license and ID are the attachment to the contract after each party’s stamping and signature.
七、特别约定:   Special promises:                                                            
甲方:                    乙方:           
Party A:                   Party B:
开户银行:   Bank of Deposit:
帐号:   Account Number:
盖 章:Seal:                                 盖 章:Seal: 
授权代表:Authorized Representative:     授权代表:Authorized Representative:
年  月   日    D    M    Y             年  月   日    D    M    Y