本期译博小编为大家介绍关于柬埔寨金边第2号市政供水工程(净水厂)设备招标公告的文章,希望对各位读者带来帮助!秉承着打造立足与合肥翻译行业内:专业、优惠的翻译公司理念, 安徽译博翻译 一直在不停的摸索!



Date of Issuance Of Invitation of Bidding1st April 2012 


Tenderee: Phnom Penh City Municipal Engineering Construction Company

招标人: 金边市政工程建设公司

Address:  通信地址: 1215 Norodom Bolevevard, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Telephone:  电 话: +855-23-221977

Facsimile 传真:+855-23-221978

1. Bidder shall, under the approval of municipal authority, implement the construction of No. 2 water supply project (drinking-water plant) with the capacity of 150,000 cubic meters daily water supply, and it is intended that part of the proceeds of the loan from World Bank will be applied to eligible payments for the purchase of equipment in accordance with the contract of project (Brief Description of the Goods herebellow ).


 2. Now Bidder invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the supply of the Goods for the purposes of the Project.


The extension of this tender include but not limited that the whole set of supply and installation of water the pump house, the bounce-back flush pump house, the reservoir of clean water, water pump , the electrical machinery, the air blower and the air compressor manufacture for the house of chlorine adding for the project (only water works) and debugging of system, the software establishment, the personnel training and the service for maintenance and so on..


The main equipment also include: 主要设备包括:

Double-suction horizontal centrifugal pump,  ten sets双吸卧式离心泵10套;

Backwash horizontal centrifugal pump, four sets反冲洗卧式离心泵4套;

equipments for filter pool, one set滤池设备 1 套:

Air blower 4 sets, 鼓风机4套;

Electric butterfly valve 4sets being compounded with air blower电动蝶阀4台(与鼓风机配套);

Air compressor 3 sets空气压缩机3套;

Double flange pneumatic butterfly valve  20sets双法兰气动蝶阀20台;

valve, strobe and electromotive butterfly valve 40 set阀门、闸门:电动蝶阀40台;

hand / electromotive butterfly valve 40 sets手电动蝶阀40台;

double flange hand butterfly valve 8 sets双法兰手动蝶阀8台;

Cast iron gate valve  20 sets铸铁闸阀20台; 

equipment for Flocculation and sedimentation equipment  2 sets絮凝沉淀池设备2套;

whole set of strain equipment 2 sets滤池成套设备2套;

Electric single-girder suspension axle-lift device  7 sets电动单粱悬挂桥式起重设备7套;

Pipeline mixers  1 set管道混合器1套;

Electromagnetic flow meter 1set电磁流量计1台;

Spiral steel pipe or longitudinal roll-welded pipe  about 100 kilometer

螺旋钢管或直缝卷焊钢管 数量约100千米

Specific specification and technical requirement as detailed in Reference for Technical Criterion ( Reference to Appendix )

以上货物具体规格 、技术要求详见技术规范书(另附)

3The conditions of bidder投标人条件:

Condition of bidder: The product manufacturer or specialized supplier for equipment of water supplying.


The bid of unified body shall not be accepted.   本次招标不接受联合体投标。

Bidder should have the capacity of independent designation, manufacture and operation of water pump and electrical equipment and, within latest 5 years have experience of supply of pump and electrical equipment for water project with capacity of ≥ 200 thousand m3/d. Bidder should, in the specialized technology, equipment / establishment and personnel, have corresponding competency, ability, achievement and experience of designation, manufacture, quality control / maintenance, technical training, technical guidance for on-site installation and technical service.



A complete set of bidding documents may be purchased by any interested eligible bidder on the submission of a written application to the above address upon payment of a nonrefundable fee USD 500. 00. (Mailing Address of Issuance of Bidding Documents)


The bidder should, at the time of biding, submit the documents other than the tender as follows :


The documents on applications for prequalification being submitted, paper file for one origin and one copy, and with one copy of electron version, shall be signed by the commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Cambodia or the Competent authorities of commerce of the country where the bidder locate in. The submission deadline is on 17:00, 16th May, 2012, served overdue time is invalidation.



Two copies of technical specification of each bid product shall be attached the version of English.


The Product Manufacture Permit and the Product Quality Certification issued by the competent authority, paper file for one origin and one copy, and with one copy of electron versionshall be submitted by bidder.


A list of equipmentnames Of manufactures and technical documents


Price schedule.投标价格表

All documents adding to Tender of Bids must, be accompanied by a bid bond of  two per cent (2%) of Total Bid Price or the amount fixed by the rate of Bid price stated, or bank guarantee issued by the bank which is firmed by Tenderee, be delivered in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders on or before the ruled time.

The bid opening shall be proceeded in publish at 1215 Norodom Bolevevard, Phnom Penh Cambodia on the 10 Hours of morning of 10th July, 2012.


兹定于2012 年7月10 日上午10 时在1215 Norodom Bolevevard, Phnom Penh 公开开标。

4Tenderee will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by bidders in connection with the preparation or delivery of bid


5. The promises and guarantees shall be made in the Tender of Bids as follow:


I.  Bidder shall, if Bid being acceptedcommence the first batch of delivery within fifty twenty (50) days from the date of receipt of Notification of Awardand complete the delivery of all the items specified in the contract within the term provided by contractcalculated

投标人保证在收到授标通知后的50 天内开始装运首批货物,并且在合同的规定期间内完成全部货物的运输。

II. The bidder shall, if the Bid is acceptedprovide the performance security in the sum of UDS which equal to 2 per  cent of the contract pricefor the due performance of the contract

如果招标人接受投标人投标,投标人将提交数额为合同总额2%的履约保函,共计  美元,以保证合同的顺利实施。

III. The bidder agree to abide by this Bid Notice within the period of bid validity. If bidder withdraw the Bid before the expiration of the period of the bid validity, or if , as the successful bidder, fail to enter into contact with the purchaser or furnish the performance bond within the period stipulated in the contract after the notification of award is made, the said bid bond shall be forfeited to the tenderee.