电热保暖鞋(出口)买卖合同 (中英文)

CONTRACT OF EXPORT TRADE OF ELECTRIC WARM SHOES 本合同为美国卡洛驰有限公司(以下简称买方)和中国广州国际贸易有限公司(以下简称卖方)于广州签订 This Contract for purchase is made on Guangzhou,by and betSelleren American Crocs Company Ltd.
This Contract for purchase is made on Guangzhou,by and betSelleren American Crocs Company Ltd. (hereinafter called Purchaser)and Global International business Company Ltd.(hereinafter called Seller).
产品名称Name of commodity  电热保暖鞋Electric warm shoes
价 格  Price        900 RMB
数 量  Number      150 Pairs
总 价  Amount      CNY 13500
The shoes are comfortable with 5 hours’ heating time, battery life span is more than 3 years and can repeatedly charging for more than 500 times.
Switch of temperature is controlled by microcomputer with good quality and high stability temperature control system from Taiwan.
The shoes are made by high quality leather, noble and generous. the whole shoes warranty for half a year.
Seller have independent brand and independent patent, Seller have our own factory to make the quality reliable and high-quality after-sales service.
It is on this date that mutually agreed betSelleren the undersigned parties on the terms and conditions as follow:
1. 执行船舶:黄河号,1982年造,船长/型宽:106/17m,载重吨/吃水 6644mt on 7.745m,总吨/净吨3905/2905mt,散装舱容/包装舱容8778/8205cbm,2船舱2.舱口 ,单甲板,吊杆12mtx4
Performing Vessel:  Yellow river, blt 1982,loa/bm 106/17m, dwt/dft 6644mt, on 7.745m grt/nrt 3905/2905, g/b capa 8778/8205cbm, 2ha/2ho,sid,derriks 12mtx4
2.货物:150双电热保暖鞋的鞋Cgo:150 pair of shoes
3. 装港:中国香港 1个安全港口1个安全泊位L/P:1sbp Hongkong,China
4.卸港:美国丹佛 1个安全港口1个安全泊位D/P:1sbp Denver,America
5. 受载期:8th----31st/Dec.2010 Lycn:8th----31st/Dec.2010
6.装卸效率:按港口习惯速度尽快装卸L/d Rate:CQD bends
Detention charges at the rate of USD2500 per day or pro-rata, if time lost in waiting for cargo and/or documents at both ends.
Detention charges incurred at loading port, if any, to be settled together with freight payment and which incurred at discharging port, to be settled before commence of discharging.
8.运费:(船东不管装,卸,理舱,平舱),一装一卸 Freight:usd9/mt,FIOST,basis 1/1
9. 所有运费在装完货并签发预付运费提单后两个银行工作日内付至船东指定帐号。所有运费在装完货后即视为已赚取,不得扣减,无须返还,无论船舶和/或货物灭失与否。
Full freight shall paid to owrs nominated bank acct w/i 2 bank-days which marked‘frt prepaid’. Full freight to be deemed as earned with discountless and non-returnable on cargo shipped on board whether ship and/or cargo lost or not lost.
10.两边港口由船东指定代理。Owrs agent bends.
11.捆扎/加固/垫舱费如有发生,由租船人承担。L/s/d if any chtr’s acct
12.驳船费/过驳费如发生由租船人承担。Lighterage/lightering if any chtrs acct
13.船边理货/岸边理货分别由船东/租船人承担。Shipside /dockside tally tbf owrs/chtrs acct
14.关于货物/运费的税费分别由租船人/船东承担。Taxes/dues on cgo/frt tbf chtrs/owrs acct
Fumigation:Fumigation if any to be for chtr’s acct. Owr allow 24hrs for fumigation, chtr should compensate owr usd1500 for crews hotel/traffic/ accomodation charges.
16.保险由买家自行负责。The insurance is to be covered by the Buyer
三.质量保证与检验Quality insurance and checkout
In case the quality is found to be not in conformity with the Contract after arrival of the goods at the port of destination, the Buyers may lodge claim with the Sellers supported by survey report issued by an inspection organization agreed upon by both parties, with the exception, however, of those claims for which the insurance company and/or the shipping company are held responsible. Claim for quality discrepancy should be filed by the Buyers within 15 days after arrival of the goods at the port of destination. The Sellers shall, within 30 days after receipt of the notification of the claim, send reply to the Buyers.
It is mutually agreed that the Certificate of Quality issued by China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The inspection fee shall be borne by the Buyer.
The buyers shall open with the Bank of China, Beijing, an irrevocable L/C in favor of the seller payable at the issuing bank against presentation of the shipping documents as stipulated under the general terms and conditions of this contrast after departure of the carrying vessel. The said L/C shall remain in force till the 15th day after shipment.
五、违约及索赔Default and claim
1若买方违约:liability for breach of contract by Purchaser
Loss of freight shall be the buyer`s responsibility if the buyer did not follow the steps as L/C required.
2若卖方违约:liability for breach of contract by Seller
The shoes can be mended, exchanged by the seller ,or returned to the seller as a result of situations as followed:
without the function the Seller declared in the contract
Not up to the standards notated in its pack
Inconformity to the quality description in the contract 
Within 20 days after the arrival of the goods at the destination, should the quality, Specifications or quantity be found not in conformity with the stipulations of the contract except those claims for which the insurance company or the owners of the vessel are liable. The Buyers shall, have the right on the strength of the inspection certificate issued by the C.C.I.C and the relative documents to claim for compensation to the Sellers.
六、不可抗力 Force Majeure
The sellers shall not be held responsible for the delay in shipment or non-delivery of the goods due to Force Majeure, which might occur during the process of manufacturing or in the course of loading or transit. The sellers shall advise the Buyers immediately of the occurrence mentioned above the within fourteen days there after. The Sellers shall send by airmail to the Buyers for their acceptance certificate of the accident. Under such circumstances the Sellers, however, are still under the obligation to take all necessary measures to hasten the delivery of the goods
凡有关执行合同所发生的一切争议应通过友好协商解决,如协商不能解决,则将分歧提交中国 国际贸易促进委员会按有关仲裁程序进行仲裁,仲裁将是终局的,双方均受其约束,仲裁费用由败诉方承担。
All disputes in connection with the execution of this Contract shall be settled friendly through negotiation. In case no settlement can be reached, the case then may be submitted for arbitration to the Arbitration Commission of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in accordance with the Provisional Rules of Procedure promulgated by the said Arbitration Commission. The Arbitration committee shall be final and binding upon both parties. And the Arbitration fee shall be borne by the losing parties.
八、其他约定 Miscellaneous
The contract shall be limited by International Rules for the Interpretation of Trade Terms.
This Agreement is written in English in two originals. Each Party retains one copy.
As a token of acceptance,both parties have set their respective hands on this _____ day of _________ with understanding and knowledge of the contents stated hereinabove.
The Seller(signature):                    The Purchaser(signature):
卖方(签字):                            买方(签字):_________