1.1 This agreement is the appendix of contract, and regarded as the integral part of the contract. This agreement shall become effective on the date when the contract has been duly executed.
1.2 Classification society Rules船级符号: 
1.3 Put up banner (Ship registry) 挂国旗(船籍): 1、SINGAPORE FLAG 新加坡旗;2、PANAMA FLAG 巴拿马旗;3、UNITED ARAB EMIRATES FLAG 阿拉伯联合酋长国旗
1.4 Rule and Regulation规范及规则:
All machinery and devices of this vessel shall be constructed in accordance with the following Rules and Regulations (the edition and amendments thereto being in force as of the signing date of this Contract or which notice has at the signing date of the Contract been promulgated and which come into effect after the signing date of this contract but before the delivery of the vessel)
1)The rules and regulation for classification of sea-going steel ships 2009. 钢质海船入级规范2009.
2)The rules and regulation for materials and welding 2009. 材料与焊接规范2009.
3)The rules for lifting appliances of ships and off shore installations 2007, CCS.
4)The technical regulations for statutory survey of international seagoing ships 2008, Maritime safety administration of the P.R. China
5)The technical regulations for statutory survey of lifting appliances of ships 1999, Register of shipping of the P.R. China.
6)International convention for the safety of life at sea consolidated edtion2004
7)The international convention on load lines, 1966 and as modified by the protocol of 1988, IMO 1966年国际载重线公约和经1988年议定书修订的1966年国际载重线公约
8)The international regulations for preventing collisions at Sea 1972,
IMO 1972年国际海上避碰规则
9)International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution国际防污染公约
10)International convention on the control of harmful anti-fouling system on ships.
11)International Tele Communication Convention, 1973 and Radio Regulations, 1974
12)OCIMF, Standards for Manifolds and Associated Equipment, 1991. (for reference only) 1991年石油公司国际海事论坛(OCIMF)关于集油管和相关设备的标准(仅作参考)。
13)Rules and Regulations of Authority Government政府主管部门的规范和规则
14)Regulation for bunkering vessel of Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)
15)ISO 6954 Guidenlines for Vibration on board ship. 船舶振动ISO6954要求.
16)IMO Resolution A468 (XII) Code of noise level on board ship
船舶噪声IMO A468 (XII)规则要求
1.5 Certificate证书
1)The equipments should be delivered with the product certificates issued by the China Classification Society.
2)Builder’s Certificate. 船舶建造者证书
2.Drawings and documents图纸及文件
2.1 Approval drawing认可图:
2 sets hard copy+ 1 set AutoCAD soft copy(2套图纸+1套CAD电子版)
2 sets hard copy(2套图纸)+1 套CAD电子版
1 sets hard copy+ 1 set AutoCAD soft copy(1套图纸+1套CAD电子版)
1 sets hard copy+ 1 set AutoCAD soft copy(1套图纸+1套CAD电子版)
2.2 Working drawing工作图:
2 sets hard copy+ 1 set AutoCAD soft copy(2套图纸+1套CAD电子版)
2 sets hard copy(2套图纸)1 套CAD电子版
1 sets hard copy+ 1 set AutoCAD soft copy(1套图纸+1套CAD电子版)
1 sets hard copy+ 1 set AutoCAD soft copy(1套图纸+1套CAD电子版)
2.3 Catalogue and reference drawing目录及相关图纸                         
Outline size & mounting dimension & Weight list外形参数、安装尺寸及重量表    3     Components list构件列表     System diagram系统图     
Electrical principle diagram电气原理图      
Outer elec. wiring diagram外部电路图      
Spare parts list备件清单     
Test program试验纲要
Test report试验报告                                
Class certificate & manufacturer certificate船级社及制造商认可           
System function installation
Operation & maintenance manual系统性能安装、操作及维修指南         
2.4 The Biography to contain particulars of all machinery main components (e.g. pumps, consoles, etc.)and equipment main components
2.5.fter the contract is executed, Vender should submit the approval drawing to shipyard/owner/design institute within 2 weeks and one set of drawing in AutoCAD by e-mail. Approval comments to be gathered by fast far design company, and to be supplied to vender ASAP. 合同生效后,设备厂应在2周内向建造方/船东/设计公司递交认可图纸,并通过电子邮件发送AutoCAD版图纸。各方审核意见由速远船舶公司归口处理,并尽快发送至设备厂商。
2.6.After shipyard/owner/design institute supply the comments, Vender should modify the drawing and submit the working drawing with CAD copy to Owner/shipyard/design institute within 2 weeks. 船厂/船东/设计公司提出审核意见后,设备厂应根据意见进行修改,并在2周内向各方递交工作图纸以及CAD版图纸。
2.7 Final drawings should be sent to shipyard/owner with equipments. 完工图纸应随设备一同送至船厂/船东。
3.Technical Standard技术标准
3.1 Standards: 标准
CBM/GB/CB              Chinese standard中国标准
DIN/ISO/JIS               International standard国际标准
Metric system measuring units公制计量单位:
Volume体积              立方米(m3)或升(L)
Weight重量              1吨(t)=1000千克(kg)
Pressure压力             巴(bar)或兆帕(Mpa)
Temperature温度          摄氏度(℃)
Velocity速度             米每秒(m/s)或节(knots)
3.2 Painting喷漆
The outer painting of electrical and machinery equipment should be accordance with ship owner’s requirement (no-luminous paint to be used for the equipment placed in wheel house).
3.3 Name plate铭牌:Material材料: Brass plate黄铜;   Letter文字:  Chinese &English 中英文
3.4 Instrument指示计
Amperemeter, voltmeter, frequency indicator and Revolution indicator etc. shall have red-line index marks on their respective rate value. The class of accuracy is not less than 1.5.
3.5 Supply供电
Ship’s Power supply system船舶动力供电系统      AC440V three phases 60Hz three wires三相三线制
Inter communication system内部通讯系统 AC 220V, single phase, 60Hz单相
Navigation and Radio 导航及无线电通讯  
Communication system 通讯系统       AC 220V, three/single phases, 60Hz三相/单相DC 24V
Control and monitoring system控制及监控系统
全船共整体式卫生单元 15 套/船;其中双开门淋浴式 1套、单开门淋浴式 12套、单开门带浴缸1套(医疗室)、单开门无淋浴式 1套(公共卫生单元)
Prefabricated sanitary unit: total 15 sets per ship(including one set double door shower type unit,, 12sets of single door shower type unit, 1 set of single door bath type unit(hospital) and 1set of single door non-shower type unit(public toilet).
4.卫生单元洁具及设备配置见附表。For accessories and hardware, see the attached list.
5.技术要求:Technical Requirements
The total height is 2230mm; inner clear height is 2030mm. The whole layout should on the principle of beauty, practicality and durability.
6.2.卫生单元钢质底盘表面采用地砖。表面平整、美观并保持水密和不积水;单元内配水封式地漏2个,按本船的倾斜原理设置。地面的倾斜度在淋浴区应大于10mm/m 而在洗漱区应大于5mm/m
The base plate material used for the sanitary unit is steel, which form a flat surface in good appearance and keep watertight. 2 watertight SUS scuppers should be arranged in the unit. The scuppers should be arranged at the lowest point. The slope of the floor on shower area should be more than 10mm/m and on washing area be more than 5mm/m.
6.3.卫生单元内壁板、天花板采用表面贴PVC的复合岩棉板,其表面应平整无气泡、毛刺、 划痕等。复合岩棉板与底盘之间均采用硅胶密封。
The wall panels and the ceilings in the sanitary units are composite rock wool panels with PVC laminated. The surface should be flat without air bubbles, burrs and nicks. The bottom plate should be sealed with silica gel.
The fire class of the sanitary unit door for public toilet is “B0” class, while others are “C” class. Clear opening size is 600mm*1700mm. The surface of frame should be powder sprayed by electro-static method and the door leaf will be laminated with PVC film. The locks should be C-4 type. Door closer & stopper should be fitted to door. The gap between the door bottom and the door frame should be 15mm. The hinges should be stainless steel.
Inlet pipes for cold and hot water should be installed in the sanitary unit. Copper pipes ¢15X1 are to be used. The connection joint of the pipes should be arranged in the maintenance area. The pipe outside surface should be covered with insulation. ¢15 copper ball valves are to be used for connection with the vessel.
6.6.卫生单元设两路排水:灰水、黑水,灰水管为管径¢48 不锈钢管;黑水管为管径¢89的PVC管。排水管与船上管路用软橡胶管,卡箍联接,球阀、橡胶管及卡箍均由设备方提供,连接由船厂自行完成。
Drain pipes for grey and black water should be installed in the sanitary unit. The grey water drain pipe is ¢48 SUS and the black water drain pipe is ¢89 PVC pipe. The drainage pipes should be connected to the piping system in ship with rubber hose and clamp. Ball valve, rubber hose and clamp should be supplied by the seller. All connections should be done by the shipyard.
A waterproof cable junction box (4 sockets, 4 cables, IP56, 220V) should be mounted above the maintenance area. A waterproof ceiling lamp should be arranged. A cabinet lamp of 1X15W、60HZ. All cables should be of marine type with a 800mm free end for connection. The switches outside the sanitary unit should be provided by the shipyard.
Ceiling of the sanitary unit should be equipped with a ¢100 exhaust louver. The joining work of the exhaust louver to the exhaust duct should be done by the shipyard.
All equipments, small hardware, pipes, valves and cables should be fixed in good order and have no loose. All equipments such as water closet, wash basin, grab rail, etc. must be well mounted. The material strength of base plate, ceiling and so on should be ensured so that there is no water leakage.
6.卫生单元性能试验Acceptance test
7.1.底盘渗漏实验;Watertight test of the bottom structure.
pressure test of the water piping with a pressure of 0.6Mpa
7.3.洗脸盆冲水试验;Flushing test of the wash basin
7.4.座便器冲放水试验。Flushing test of the WC
The seller should notify the buyer and the Ship Owner by writing to make an inspection of the unit in the seller’s factory when finished. It can be delivered after accepted by buyer. If there is no reply within 10 days after the notice received, the unit can also be delivered.
Before the delivery, the sanitary unit must be labeled with followings: shipyard name, ship name, deck name, room name and number etc., so it can be lifted in the right position.
Take some necessary protection and packing to avoid damage during the transportation, if happens, the seller should take the responsibility.
The protection of the products should completed by the seller, and the door frame and door to be protected by galvanized sheet metal from dirty or damage.
The shipyard should lift the units according to the instructions of the seller:
(1)所有吊装点都在天花板的顶角处The lifting points are at the corners of the top of unit.
(2)必须单个吊装卫生单元。Toilet unit must be lifted individually.
During installation work, the seller should provide technical assistance free of charge when necessary. It will be the seller's fault if there are any defects found. The seller should modify it in time or replace the defective products when necessary.
8.6.产品保修期为甲方交船日起十八个月。.      未尽事宜,双方协商解决。
Matters not covered above should be compromise settlement among all parties.